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While it’s true, business owners that have business plans are 50% more likely to increase their business then businesses that don’t have a plan at all says Edmonton CPA. But business owners can increase their odds of success even higher, by developing great business plans. Not all business plans achieve the same goals in business, and business owners should be aware of this when they decide to create a business plan in order to impact the success of their business.

The mandate at Spurrell and Associates is to help business owners beat the odds. Since 50% of all businesses owners that open businesses in Canada, 50% of them close the doors to their business within five years says Edmonton CPA. Those are extremely high numbers, and entire mission of Spurrell, is to change that percentage of success. Because their entire goal is to help business owners succeed, their business plans are extremely thorough and look at the entire business as a whole to help them succeed on all levels. Since they are in accounting and consulting firm, they can look at not just the financial well-being of the business, but all of the other aspects that contribute to a businesses success such as scheduling, marketing efforts, hiring and retention strategies. By looking at all of the various aspects of the business, business plans at Spurrell are much more able to help business owners not only remain open, but grow their business and achieve all their goals.

Another way that the business plans at Spurrell and Associates are different than other business plans, is because they work with the business owner as a team. Edmonton CPA says they collaborate with the business owner to ensure the business owner can be supported in this process. They can talk through ideas, and the professionals will be able to tell the business owner if they have seen various initiatives work, or not. It also likely seen similar businesses, and can make recommendations based on their experience. This collaborative approach is extremely important, and not only can help the business owner develop ideas in their business, but can also help test the business plan for any errors or mistakes, before the business owner starts implementing it on their own.

They also insist on creating a schedule right in the business plan for the business owner to follow. The reason why this is so important, is because the two most limited resources of the business owner is their time and their money. How they spend their time is extremely important in achieving their goals. By creating a schedule with what they are going to work on on a daily basis, whether it is marketing initiatives, things that they’re going to do to grow their business like sales calls or work on estimates, it is very important that a business owner knows what they have to do on a day-to-day basis in order to achieve their goals says Edmonton CPA.

Entrepreneurs without a business plan, are less likely to grow their business says Edmonton CPA. The statistics show that entrepreneurs who have written a business plan, are 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business then businesses with no plan. And while creating any business plan can help business owners succeed to a certain degree, creating an amazing business plan will help business owners succeed to a higher degree. If businesses fail to plan, they are planning to fail says Benjamin Franklin.

The business plans that are offered at Spurrell and Associates are business plans that work extremely well says Edmonton CPA. The reason for this, is because they work on over 100 business plans every single year, and have developed a great process for helping business owners in their business planning. They utilize their knowledge and business as well as their accounting knowledge to create a cohesive plan that is aimed at helping business owners succeed in business. In fact, the entire mission of the business to help businesses beat the odds. The way they do this, is by looking at all of the various strategies of the business, and then ensuring that the finances support those strategies.

Most business plans have a place for business owners to write down their marketing ideas, however the business plan with Spurrell and Associates actually help the business owner quantify those marketing initiatives says Edmonton CPA. It’s not just important for business owners to know what they want to do in order to increase their business, their plans will help business owners figure out step-by-step what they need to do specifically and by what date in order to achieve their goals. Not only is this important for business owners to know so that they can achieve those goals, but it’s also important for the accountants in the firm to know, in order to create a reliable forecast for their business.

Once they have helped the business owner figure out all of their goals, and all of their initiatives and strategies on how to get there, the Associates at Spurrell will help a business owner create their schedule directly in their business plan. It’s exceptionally important for entrepreneurs to know on a daily basis what they are going to do to further each of their goals says Edmonton CPA. By creating that schedule, business owners cannot only know that they are working on each of the tasks that they need to in order to achieve those goals, but that those goals are realistic, because they have scheduled them out.

By creating a great and effective business plan, business owners will be able to not only grow their business, but achieve all of their business goals says Edmonton CPA. And by achieving those business goals, business owners will be more likely to succeed in business, and beat the odds. Since 50% of all entrepreneurs close the door to their business in five years, utilizing Spurrell business plans will help entrepreneurs change that statistic. if you want to beat the odds of your business failing give us a call.