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Entrepreneurs who have not taken the time to create a business plan for their business, may not believe that they are planning to fail in their business, however statistics show that businesses that don’t create business plans in their business, are less likely to succeed then businesses who do have a business plan says Edmonton CPA. It’s extremely important that all businesses should have a business plan in order for them to set their goals and understand what they need to do in order to achieve those goals. However, many businesses are operating without a business plan, and this could contribute to the fact that 50% of all entrepreneurs who open their business in Canada will close them within five years. Business owners can immediately increase their chances of success, as well as increase their likelihood of growing the revenue in their business simply by creating a business plan.

While business owners could utilize business plan templates from several sources in order to create their business plan, Edmonton CPA recommends that business owners put a bit more time and effort into the document that is going to help them grow their business. By utilizing the business professionals at Spurrell and Associates, business owners can work with a team of people who have identified that helping business owners beat the odds is important to them. These professionals genuinely are interested in helping business owners succeed, and their business plans show that. They have worked for several years with hundreds of business owners, helping them develop plans that will help them succeed. The way they do this says Edmonton CPA, is because they are in accounting and consulting firm, so they are able to look at the entrepreneurs business as a whole. Most other businesses that create business plans often have a focus of financial the point, or strategy viewpoint, and sell them to the to strategies work together. But Spurrell and Associates believes that all aspects of businesses work together in order to create a cohesive plan that a business owner will be more likely to execute.

One of the benefits of having an accounting and consulting firm work on their business plan says Edmonton CPA, is that the accountant that works on their cash flows, will have to work extremely hard in order to have a deep understanding of the business. Rather than developing the cash flow and handing it to the business owner to take it to another place to work on the rest of the business plan, at Spurrell and Associates says Edmonton CPA, the accountant that works on a cash flows, continues to work with the business owner to develop the rest of the plan. This way, they will be able to understand how all of the pieces work together to create a document that a business owner is not only able to execute, but will actually help the business owner achieve success in their business.

Having business plans in the business, is extremely important for entrepreneurs to have in order to help them succeed says Edmonton CPA. As Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. And while business owners may not realize that they are planning to fail, by not having a business plan, can mean that a business owner not only does not have goals defined in their business, but by also not having goals, they don’t know what tasks they need to do on a daily basis in order to increase their business. Since business owners tend to work extremely hard an extremely long hours in their business, they should work to ensure the time that they are spending, is effective.

Business owners can immediately increase the chances of business success by creating a business plan says Edmonton CPA, however not all business plans achieve the same goal. Many business owners believe that the business plan templates that are supplied by their banks will be adequate for them. Unfortunately, most financial institutions’ business plans are developed in order to help a business owner qualify for financing from that institution. They are extremely finance specific, and less likely to address all the other facets of the business. Those business plans are not designed to help a business owner actually succeed in their business. There’s a number of free templates that business owners can use, but very few of them have all of the information that a business owner should have in a great business plan.

Edmonton CPA recommends business owners who are serious about increasing their business, get business planning help from Spurrell and Associates. They are an accounting and consulting firm that look at the entire picture of the business, including finances as well as strategies and processes. They believe that all aspects of the business work together to create a comprehensive plan that works. One of the ways that Spurrell and Associates is different from other organizations, is that they utilize a collaborative team in order to create those business plans. That way, a business owner has someone who is in the know in order to act as a sounding board. They can talk through various scenarios and initiatives, while giving the business owner ideas of what have worked for business in the past as well as what hasn’t worked.

Since Spurrell and Associates do accounting as well as consulting, the accountant will take several things into consideration while creating their cash flow projections. By understanding all of the goals of the business, and what the business owner is going to do to achieve those goals, the accountant can come up with a forecast that is more accurate. By creating more accurate cash flow projections, Edmonton CPA says the business plan and being more solid and executable. Which is what a business owner should be looking for in terms of creating a business plan that can help them grow their business. All we want at Spurrell And Associates is for your business to flourish like we know it can. fruition