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Edmonton Cpa | Creating Functional Business Plans That Work

Many business owners work incredibly hard in their business, and yet are not able to grow their business says Edmonton CPA. 50% of all entrepreneurs end up closing the doors to their business before they’ve been around for five years, and the entrepreneurs that have failed in their business, give three main reasons why they were unable to succeed in their business. They couldn’t attract customers, they ran out of money, or they couldn’t find the right team. All of these problems can be minimized significantly with the proper business plan. Business owners can increase the likelihood of succeeding simply by creating a business plan and following it in their business. As Benjamin Franklin once said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. When business owners have no plan, and are just hoping somehow that their business will grow, they are actually planning to fail.

There are many business plans that business owners can utilize in their business, and studies have shown that simply by having any business plan, increases businesses chances of success by 50%. However business owner should also be aware says Edmonton CPA that not all business plans are the same, and not all have the same focus. If business owners are going to take time out of their incredibly busy schedule in order to work on a business plan, they should find the best one for them. The first recommendation is for business owners to stay away from free templates. They may be attracted to the fact that they are free, but especially templates that are provided by banks or financial institutions may focus specifically on the finances of the business and little else. Those business plans are often geared towards helping a business owner be approved for financing rather than helping a business owner succeed.

Edmonton CPA recommends that business owners actually seek out the professionals at Spurrell and Associates in order to create a business plan for themselves. Because they have developed their business plan processes through trial and error and refining it, the business plans that they provide are extremely valuable. Not only are they valuable, but they provide an entire team for a business owner to work with, to ensure that the plan that they are creating is functional and achievable.

One of the most important aspects of the business plan since Edmonton CPA is the cash flow projections. It’s extremely important that these projections are as accurate as possible in the business plan. The reason for this is because these projections are going to help the business owner plan out there year in advance, and by having cash flow projections that are less accurate, can end up having the business owner run out of money partway through there year says Edmonton CPA. To ensure that the business owner has as accurate cash flow projections as possible, having them prepared not only by chartered professional accountants, but a CPA that has also gotten to know the business incredibly well.

There are many significant challenges that face business owners in Canada today says Edmonton CPA. The three main reasons that entrepreneurs give for going out of business is being unable to find the right team, not being able to find customers, and running out of money. While having a business plan won’t guarantee that business owners won’t run into those issues, and it won’t guarantee that they will be able to increase their revenue, studies have shown that entrepreneurs that have the business plans are 50% more likely to grow their business and businesses who have no plan at all. With his many problems that business owners face to operating their business, by creating a business plan, business owners can at least be prepared for what they are planning on doing if they encounter those problems. And by being prepared thinking ahead, business owners are going to be much more likely to succeed in their business.

Finding the right institution to work on a business plan with is extremely important says Edmonton CPA. While business owners may be able to find the free templates online, or with their banks, this is not an advisable, since those plans may not be comprehensive. Best practices for business will be to seek out and accounting and consulting firm such as Spurrell and Associates who have several years of experience in developing their business plan processes. Not only do they have several years, Spurrell and Associates have also helped hundreds of businesses with their business plan, and more importantly have seen thousands of businesses. There incredibly well versed in most business situations, and have seen several things work, and not in businesses. Not only can they help business owners create a great business plan, they will be able to help the business owner create their goals, and write out a plan on how they’re going to achieve them.

One of the most important things that a business owner will create in their business plan says Edmonton CPA is quantifying their marketing initiatives. Many business owners have many great marketing initiatives. And while they have great initiatives, they don’t have all of the specifics on how they’re going to achieve those initiatives. A great business plan will help business owners figure out exactly how they’re going to achieve those initiatives. Helping business owners figure out exactly how they’re going to achieve their marketing goals, they will be able to help the business owner create the realistic forecast for their business as well.

Not only is it important to have the marketing initiatives quantified in their business plan, it’s also for the that a business plan includes how that business owner is going to achieve those initiatives. Business owners have hundred and 60 hours in their week and not one hour more, is everything that is written in the business plan actually achievable for a business owner, or is it going to force them to work more hours in the day than they have. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.