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Edmonton CPA | Conducting Group Interviews

While many business owners understand that individual interviews do not always result in the best employees being hired says Edmonton CPA. However, they are at a loss to understand how they can make their interviews more effective. And result in better candidates being hired.

Often, business owners place the blame on themselves. For not being able to find better-qualified candidates. By writing the help wanted ad better, to reading resumes more effectively. And asking better questions during the interview.

And while it can be very tempting for business owners to place the blame on themselves. Edmonton CPA says that is not where the problem is. The problem actually is in the fact that a one-on-one interview does not allow a business owner to meet the right number of candidates.

In fact, studies have shown that people need to meet approximately one hundred candidates. In order to have found one right person for an organization. Whether it is a large corporation or a small independent business. However, entrepreneurs are not going to be able to meet that number of people.

If they are meeting people one-on-one. Because they simply do not have the time to interview many people in their business. And the reason why large corporations are able to do this much easier. Is because they have more time at their disposal because they have an HR department.

However, since small businesses do not have this at their disposal, Edmonton CPA recommends learning how to conduct a group interview. This way, business owners can increase the number of people they are meeting. Within the same one our timeslots.

The first thing that business owners need to do. Is craft a well-written job advertisement? That specifies exactly what they are looking for. From job description, to number of hours per week. And salary range, so that only the people that are truly interested will apply.

This is the first thing that business owners need to understand. That they are not trying to appeal to as many people as possible. But appeal only specifically to the people that are interested in those specifications. So that they do not end up having people apply that are not interested.

And the reason why this is very important as a first step. Is because whoever does apply. Will get an invitation to the group interview. Regardless of what the resume looks like. And that can save a business owner a lot of time from having to read resumes.

Especially since resumes are a very poor indicators of who would be a good employee. And part of the reason for that, is because a majority of applicants line, or stretch the truth on their resume to begin with.

By inviting all applicants to the interview. Business owners can eliminate several problems. The time spent reading resumes, choosing the wrong resumes to call for an interview. As well as avoid wasting time trying to organize one-on-one interviews.

And by meeting everyone who is interested in the job. Entrepreneurs can be far more likely to meet the right people if they conduct enough group interviews. On an ongoing basis.

Even though entrepreneurs have a difficult time conducting one-on-one interviews says Edmonton CPA. And rarely have great results when they utilize this hiring strategy in their business. They also do not know other methods. This is why they continue to conduct individual interviews.

And when they hire an Edmonton CPA, and hear about group interviews. They are also very skeptical. Because they are not sure this is going to help them find better quality people. They are even more skeptical when they hear that they have to conduct group interviews year-round.

And while the theory behind conducting group interviews regularly. This is because entrepreneurs need to increase their chances of meeting the right person. And the only way they can do that is to increase the number of people that they need to meet.

It can seem like a large waste of time to many business owners. Who are very short on time to begin with. However, their business consultant says entrepreneurs need to consider how much time is spent trying to find one employee utilizing the one-on-one interview method.

According to Glassdoor, the average amount of time a business owner spends looking for a new employee. Is twenty-three days from taking out the first ad, to actually hiring them in their business. While the group interview method only take fifty-two hours, the entire year.

And it is even more beneficial says Edmonton CPA. Is that utilizing the group interview method. They can hire one person, or hundred people. And it is the same amount of time spent. Interviewing people, so in the long run. Group interviews are much more time effective.

Ultimately, business owners are looking for people who say that they align with the mission, vision and values of the business. Because when business owners are able to find someone who shares the same values as they do. Or feel very strongly with helping the business owner accomplish their goals.

Not only will they have a great, hard-working employee. But this employee is more likely to stay with the business owner longer. Because they are feeding into their own need to help business larger than themselves. Accomplish an important goal.

This is not going to be something that candidates will take lightly. They might get offered a job making a dollar an hour more somewhere else. Or getting offered a job that is closer to home. And they still will not take it. Because they truly believe in the mission of what they are doing.

Which is how entrepreneurs can not only find great quality staff. But find people who are going to be committed to working in the business, in the long term. Reducing the amount of turnover that a business owner has in their business. This is why business owners should conduct group interviews.

Not only will they be able to meeting more people. But they will get very good at identifying those people. And if great people did not stand out in one set of interviews. They know they will have an opportunity to meet more people next week. So they never have to risk hiring the wrong person.