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Edmonton CPA | Conducting Effective Group Interviews

Even though many business owners are not having a lot of success conducting one-on-one interviews says Edmonton CPA. They do not know any other interview method. And so they continue to do this, even when it is not working.

In fact, it is such a struggle for most business owners. That it is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada in the first place. Industry Canada conducted a survey. In order to find out what the success rate for small businesses in Canada was.

And discovered that half of all small businesses failed within five years of opening the doors to their business. And while this was shocking enough, industry Canada also conduct a survey to find out why small business owners were failing.

What they discovered was that there were three reasons why business owners were not only struggling. But failing in their business. Starting with not being will defined customers divided products and services, being the number one reason why entrepreneurs failed in their small business in Canada.

And running out of money, was the second most common reason why entrepreneurs failed. But the third most common reason why entrepreneurs were not successful. Is because they said they were unable to find or keep enough staff in their business.

Which shows that many business owners are struggling with this. Which is why Edmonton CPA works hard to help entrepreneurs find people more efficiently.

And they do this, by teaching the group interview method. So that business owners can stop utilizing the one on one interview method. That really only is effective for large corporations. Or businesses that have a lot of time on their hands.

Since small businesses do not fit that description says Edmonton CPA. Of organizations that have a lot of time on their hands. The group interview method can help business owners have a lot more success at their interviews.

The first thing that business owners can do differently with their group interview. Then they were doing with their one on one interview. Is the fact that business owners can write the advertisement on the job seeking website. To eliminate many of the questions they need to ask.

They can do this by detailing the hours, the salary, and the job description. And by being as specific as possible. Entrepreneurs can ensure that only the people that are truly interested in those specifications. Will apply for the job in the first place.

That way, business owners can feel free to invite everybody who applies to the group interview. Without even having to read everyone’s resume. Especially because resumes are a very poor indicator of how good a person might fit within their business.

Then, what this will do. Is allow business owners to meet as many people as possible. During the group interview. Instead of choosing a handful of resumes to conduct one-on-one interviews with. And potentially missing meeting someone who is the right fit. Because the resume was not arbitrarily chosen.

Many business owners may not realize that a one on one interview is what is not working says Edmonton CPA. And tend to think that their ability to choose resumes, or ask questions is what is not working about their interview process.

However, Edmonton CPA says entrepreneurs need to consider. That no matter how great their questions are. If they are not asking the questions to the right candidates, they can never help business owners the right fit of employee to hire in their business.

And the only way that they are going to be able to ensure that they do have the right candidates chosen. Is to simply interview everyone who is interested. Which is where the benefit of the group interview comes in.

They will read out the job description when the interview starts. To ensure everybody is still there for the right reasons. And to set expectations of what will be expected of the staff if they are hired. And then, the business owner can move on to reading out the company overview.

This is a great place to talk about the mission, vision and values of the business. And to share with the candidates what is most important to the business, and what traits they value in their staff. This way, the candidates will start to get a great idea of not only what the job is, but with the business is as well.

The next thing that business owners will do. Is simply open the floor to questions from the candidates. So that the candidates can ask whatever they want about the job, or the business. An entrepreneur needs to make sure that all the candidates have the opportunity to ask all the questions they want.

After that, Edmonton CPA says entrepreneurs simply need to ask one question, and the same question to each candidate. Which is why do you want to work here? The idea is to find out which candidates align with the mission, vision and values of the business.

And not why they want to job, why they want to work in the industry. Or why the business would benefit from having them. Understanding this, can help entrepreneurs identify the best candidates. And end up with better people being hired, because they align with the business.

Only when they identify people in the interview that would likely be a good fit with the business. Should entrepreneurs actually start reading their resumes? And if they are qualified, they can be contacted to come in for a second interview, or a job shadow.

At any time, if they do not appear to be the right fit for the business. An entrepreneur can discount that applicant. Knowing that the very next week, and the week after that. They will have great candidates coming in again.

By learning how to conduct group interviews. Can help entrepreneurs be more prepared to get the best people in their business. Which will help them significantly overcome obstacles, and grow their business.