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Edmonton CPA | Businesses Should Get Google Reviews Quickly


Business owners have a lot of odds stacked against them when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton CPA. With 50% of all small businesses that open in Canada. Failing by the time they are in business five years.

Industry Canada did a survey in order to find out why small businesses were failing so often. And what they found, was 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. Said the reason why they failed was because they could not find enough customers to buy their products or services.

There are many different things that business owners can do to combat this problem according to Edmonton CPA. And one of those things, is getting as many Google reviews in their business as possible.

There are many reasons why getting Google reviews is beneficial. But in order to get a Google review, entrepreneurs need to set up a Google places listing or a Google my business page. Which are completely free for all businesses.

What this will allow entrepreneur’s to do immediately. Is start ranking in the Google search results. On the map listings. Which is below the paid Google AdWords.

This will allow customers to start being able to find them online, even before they have a website. Which is only one of the benefits to getting a Google my business listing for their business.

Another benefit according to Edmonton CPA. Is that it is going to allow businesses to start getting Google reviews for their business. Once they have this set up, business owners should have a strategy in place.

On what they are going to do to get as many Google views, as quickly as possible. The reason whites important to get Google reviews. Is not only because it will help them rank higher in organic Google search engine results.

But it will also help businesses turn people into paying customers. Because they will have confidence in a business. That has many Google reviews from other happy customers.

However, this is something that is difficult for many businesses to achieve. Because it means they have to ask for Google reviews consistently. Which can be very hard for a lot of business owners to do.

Also, business owners need to keep in mind. That even if they ask their customers for Google review. They might not leave that Google review initially. Which will require business owners to remind them perhaps multiple times.

Many business owners do not want to continue asking customers for reviews. Which is why it can be difficult for businesses to get. But because it is difficult, that is why it is so valuable for customers to see.

Especially when business owners have more Google reviews than their competition. A can help convert people who are looking into customers, to help business owners find more customers, and sell more products and services.

The sooner business owners get a Google my business page. The sooner they can start asking customers for those important reviews. So that they can start finding even more customers.

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One problem that many business owners bring to their Edmonton CPA. Is that they look at their finances, and think that they have an expense problem. That can be helped by minimizing expenses.

And while minimizing expenses can be beneficial. Typically, Edmonton CPA says that it is usually a problem of not enough revenue. And business owners need to address that situation first.

According to industry Canada, 42% of all failed entrepreneurs struggle with finding customers to sell their products and services to. And one thing that can directly impact that ability is getting Google reviews.

In order to help a business rank higher in the organic Google search results. Google algorithms want to rank relevant content higher in the search results.

And the more Google reviews that a business has. The Google algorithm will consider relevant to those who are searching for products and services that the business offers.

In fact, businesses should aim for forty Google reviews at a minimum. Because that is the amount that Google will start ranking their content higher in search results.

And not only is Google the largest search engine in the world. But 88% of all customers looking for products and services to buy. Will Google those products and services to find a company to buy them from.

Not only that, but those customers will look at Google reviews. And then consider those reviews in their decision-making. And whether they are going to use that company or not.

And when a business has a minimum of forty reviews. That will inspire enough confidence in customers want to buy the products and services from that company.

Under forty Google reviews, and it is often looked at less favourably. With customers making the assumption that businesses either not very good. Or all of the reviews are from family and friends.

And often end up going elsewhere for their purchase. And that is often to a business that has or Google reviews than the business they were looking up first.

Therefore, business owners will be able to convert more people into customers. Simply by having a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business.

And while this can be incredibly beneficial. Edmonton CPA says some businesses that find customers exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals. Say that they do not needs to get Google reviews for their business.

However, it is still very important for businesses to get Google reviews. No matter how they find customers. Because 88% of all customers who are going to make purchasing decision. Will Google that business before purchasing from them.

And if a business has less than forty reviews, they might decide to go elsewhere. Even if they did get a word-of-mouth referral. To purchase from that business.

Therefore, businesses that get Google reviews are more likely to close or business. Even if the only advertising they utilize is word-of-mouth referrals.

The sooner a business can start getting Google reviews, the sooner they can start ranking in Google organic search results. And also converting people into customers of their products and services.