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Edmonton CPA | Best Structure of Group Interviews

Even though many business owners may have heard that group interviews are better than one-on-one interviews says Edmonton CPA. They still do not know what the best structure should be for these group interviews.

Ultimately, it is very easy to learn how to conduct a group interview. But business owners need to keep in mind. That every aspect of the group interview is important. And if they implement this strategy in their business. They need to not leave any part of the interview out.

The first thing that business owners need to do, is set a time for the interview every single begin their calendar. Regardless of whether they are looking for people or not. And then take out help wanted ad That they are going to run for the entire year.

This will ensure that they can meet enough people. And that they have the right number of people coming to each of their group interviews. That they will be able to meet the right candidates.

And by the time business owners do meet one person that would be the perfect fit for their business. Chances are very high that they are going to be able to hire them. Therefore, they should be always conducting these interviews.

Then, Edmonton CPA says when they start getting resumes. Many business owners may be very curious to start reading resumes, and forming an opinion based on the information. But they should avoid doing this.

Since 80% of all applicants lie on their resumes. Resumes are very poor indicator of who is a great employee. And who would not work out well in the business. So business owners should simply invite every applicant to the group interview, without spending time reading each resume.

Already, this will help business owners save a significant amount of time. Likely dozens of hours. By not having to read resumes up front. And that way, they do not have to worry about discounting potentially great employees. By them not having the best resume.

The next thing that Edmonton CPA suggests doing, is when they do invite each applicant to the interview. Ask for a list of questions that they would like answered. Questions that normally would come out in a typical one-on-one interview.

But they do not want to spend time asking every candidate each of these questions during the group interview. They can ask each candidate to bring the list of questions that are fully answered with them along with their resume to the interview.

Whoever does not follow the instructions, would be considered out of the running of the job. And could be invited back next week for the next interview, as long as they have their questions.

When it is time to conduct the group interview, if people do not show up, business owner may not even realize that not everybody is there. And anyone who is late, simply will not be allowed into the interview. Which can help business owner start to narrow down the list of people.

Ultimately, their business consultant says group interviews can be especially beneficial. As long as entrepreneurs know how to conduct them.

While many business owners understand the concept of group interviews says Edmonton CPA. They do not know how to run a group interview. And think that they have to do all of the exact same things as a one on one interview, but just with many more people.

However, Edmonton CPA advises against doing this. Because not only will they not have time. But that will not help them figure out who better candidates for their business would be. And instead, should conduct the interview differently than a one-on-one format.

The first thing that business owner should do, gives an entire company overview. Specifying what the goals of the business are, as well as the mission, vision and values of the organization. So that candidates know exactly what the business is about. And what it is trying to accomplish.

Then, the business owner can go over the job description. That actually read out the help wanted ad that people were applying to. So that there are no misconceptions about what the job is. Or what the job entails, so when people are hired, they know what to expect.

The next part of the group interview says their business consultant. Would be opening the floor up to questions from the candidates. It is important that they understand exactly involved in the job. Since many candidates may have the same questions. And actually save a lot of time, by just going over them once.

At the end of the questions, Edmonton CPA says an entrepreneur simply needs to ask one question of each candidate. In order to determine who would be the best fit for their business. If any of the people who showed up to this particular group interview.

The one question they need to ask is: why do you want to work here? And they typically are going to get a wide variety of answers. For people who want to work in the industry, why they wanted job. Were even why the business would be very lucky to have them as an employee.

But the answer that business owners are really looking for. Is why someone wants to work specifically for the business. To see if any of the candidates connect with the problem, mission and vision of the business. To see if something goes beyond monetary needs and career goals.

When business owners see that there is a candidate that aligns with their own values. Not only will they get an extremely hard-working employee. But that staff person is probably less likely to want to quit or find another job. Because they are able to work within a company that they share the values in.

When a business owner does identify a candidate who says the right answer. They should then read the resume, and potentially invite them back for a job shadow day. So that business owners can see if they would truly fit in with the organization. Or they should wait for next week’s group interview to see who else shows up.