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Many business owners struggle with finding customers for their business according to Edmonton CPA. Enough so, that it causes many businesses to fail every single year because of it.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only are 50% of all small businesses in Canada failing. But the most common reason why these businesses are not successful.

Is because they are unable to find enough customers. In order to increase the revenue. Which is why 42% of all small businesses in Canada fail.

However, any business owners think that when they have a lack of revenue. The problem that needs fixing is cutting expenses. Instead of increasing revenue.

However, many business owners are not sure what they need to do. In order to start growing their revenue. Which is the reason why they are unable to grow the revenue in their business fast enough.

However, Edmonton CPA recommends entrepreneurs get a Google my business page. As early as possible in their business. Not only because it is free, but because it will allow them to generate Google reviews in their business.

This is so important. Not only because the more Google reviews a business has. The higher they are going to rank in search engine results. When people search for their industry on Google.

And more people search on Google than any other search engine in the world. Making it very important to rank high on this search engine results. But also, the more Google reviews they have.

The more they are going to be able to attract customers. Since 88% of all customers who make purchasing decisions. Not only look at Google reviews before making their decision.

But use those Google reviews as a way of influencing that purchasing decision. No matter how customers hear about the business.

Many business owners think that since they have a lot of word-of-mouth referrals in their business. That they do not need to focus on getting Google reviews. But this is simply not true.

In fact, even word-of-mouth referrals. Also go online, and look at the Google reviews of the business. Before they use them. Making it very important for a business to get Google reviews.

Even if they get word-of-mouth referrals, they can still close anymore sales. If they have Google reviews in their business. However, the number of Google reviews they get is important.

The number of Google reviews they should aim for according to Edmonton CPA is forty. Because not only is this the amount that gives confidence to customers.

That is also the amount that helps an entrepreneur rank in Google reviews search engine results. To help get her people to find them by keeping them on the first page of Google results.

Therefore, the faster an entrepreneur can get to forty Google reviews in their business. The more that is going to positively impact their business. By finding more customers to buy their products and services.

The faster they can do this, the faster they are going to be able to generate the revenue they need in their business. Stay viable longer, and succeed.

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There are many obstacles that business owners face when they open the doors to their business according to Edmonton CPA. And one of the biggest struggles that they are going to have. Is finding customers for their business.

And while many business owners think that a great website. As well as pending a lot of money on online advertising. It is going to help them find customers. These will not work as effectively as they should.

If a business owner did not get forty Google reviews in their business first. And while an entrepreneur might think that they do not need to generate forty reviews in their business.

They might find that their ability to attract customers is more difficult than they expect. Then if they had taken the time to create the right number of Google reviews in their business first.

One of the first things that business owners should keep in mind. Is that the majority of all customers who make purchasing decisions. Look at Google reviews to influence those purchasing decisions.

If there is less than forty Google reviews. They might lack confidence that the business knows what they are doing. Or might think that the business is brand-new, and does not inspire confidence.

Or, many people think that since they are on Facebook or yelp. That those reviews are going to be more effective or more important. Then the reviews on Google. But this is also not true.

The reason why Google reviews are so important. Is because the vast majority of all customers search on Google. More than any other search engine in the world.

Which means more customers are searching businesses on Google. Then any other web browser. Which means they will see Google reviews before they see any other style of review.

And while Edmonton CPA says having yelp reviews or Facebook reviews are not harmful. The may not be as effective as people assume they are. Which is why they recommend Google reviews to entrepreneurs.

Getting a Google my business page allows people to get Google reviews. That will ensure that business owners can land on the first page of Google search results.

They will appear in the map listings, underneath the Google ads. And before the organic search results. As soon they complete their page whether it is a Google my business page or Google places page.

And because it is free, the return on investment is infinite. And will always give back to a business owner. By allowing them to be found on Google. And allowing them to start getting Google reviews.

Once an entrepreneur gets the minimum number of forty reviews in their business. They need to ensure that they are getting about one every month on average says Edmonton CPA.

So that they can continue ranking in the Google search engine. When people look for their industry. Doing this, can help business owners find more customers for their business than they could without.