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Edmonton CPA | About Google Reviews


While many business owners have often heard that Google reviews are important says Edmonton CPA. They still have a lot of questions about this process. In order to encourage them to do this.

In fact, when business owners go to their Edmonton CPA. Complaining about weak revenue. They might think that the solution is minimizing expenses. When the solution is actually increasing revenue.

Business owners can increase revenue. By increasing the number of Google reviews they have in their business. Which is why Edmonton CPA recommends doing this.

One of the first questions that business owners have. When it comes to Google reviews. Is what is Google my business and Google places?

Ultimately, they are two different names for the same thing. Which is a page that businesses can have on Google. They allow businesses to put photos, a list of products and services.

As well as their store hours, their address and phone number, and how to get to their location. This will allow them to show up in the map listings on Google search results.

The next question that entrepreneurs often have for their CPA regarding Google reviews. Is how much does making a Google my business page cost them?

One of the most beneficial things about a Google my business listing. Is that it is absolutely free. Not just to create the listing. But put pictures or other information on the page is always free.

The third question that business owners often have about reviews. Is if you have one of these listings, can customers leave you reviews?

The only way for business owners to start generating Google reviews in their business in fact. Is to have a Google my business page. Therefore, as soon as it is up and running, business owners can start getting Google reviews themselves.

The fourth question about getting Google reviews is about the customers. Business owners want to know what percentage of customers are looking at Google reviews?

This is where many business owners are convinced. That they should start getting Google reviews. Because 88% of customers look at Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, by not having any Google reviews, or only having a few Google reviews. Can negatively influence customers. And can be very detrimental to a business.

The last question that customers often have when it comes to understanding google reviews. Is why should businesses who generate leads by referral also get google reviews?

The reason why businesses who get referrals should also get Google reviews. Is because no matter how a customer finds out about a business. They are still searching Google first. Before they make their purchase.

Therefore, having many Google reviews. Can help convert those word-of-mouth referrals into close to business. In fact, the matter how a customer finds a business.

The more Google reviews they have, the more efficiently they can be converted into paying customers. Instead of people who are looking online, and then choosing to go with a competitor.

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While some of the most effective marketing strategies include Google reviews says Edmonton CPA. Many people are not convinced. And often want the answer to their questions. Before they will utilize this strategy for their business.

One of the first questions they often ask Edmonton CPA. Is: are Facebook, yelp or other review sites a substitute for Google reviews?

In fact, many business owners have a significant amount of Google or yelp reviews. And they think that this can be as good, or even better than Google reviews.

And while Facebook and yelp reviews are not going to be bad for business. They are not the same thing as Google reviews for a few different reasons.

One of the first things that business owners should take into consideration. Is that Google reviews specifically help ranking on the Google search engine website.

And since the Google search engine website is the largest and most used search engine in the world. Need to rank high on Google search results in order for customers to find them.

While Facebook and yelp results will eventually show up in the search engine results. They are not going to help an entrepreneur rank higher in the results.

So while they look very good to a business owner. They are not going to help a business owner be found by customers. And it is not going to help convert those people into customers either.

The next question that business owners often have for Edmonton CPA. When it comes to understanding Google reviews. Is what is the minimum threshold of Google reviews they need in order to be relevant?

This is extremely important to note, because under that when one threshold. Is is owners may be doing more harm than good, convincing customers to go elsewhere.

Therefore, business owners need to know that forty is the minimum they should aim to get. Not only because that number in which customers are inspired.

But that forty Google reviews, business owners can start ranking higher in the search engine results. As well as start getting a better price on Google AdWords. To help them spend less on their online marketing.

The third question about Google reviews that business owners ask. Is should business owners spend any money on creating or updating their website before getting forty Google reviews?

This is an important one to know the answer to. Because often business owners think that in order to compete in business, they need a website. But this is not necessarily true.

Having an online presence is important. But if they are not yet ranking in Google search results. Having a website does not help them do that. And it can cost a lot of money to create a website.

Therefore, it is recommended to create a Google my business page. Give business owners that online presence. As well as the ability to generate to Google reviews.

And once they have a minimum of forty reviews, all other marketing efforts will be much more effective. Including getting a website created.