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Edmonton Business For Sale | Purchasing The Best Franchise

There are many options available to entrepreneurs when they are making a decision on what business is best for them to buy says Edmonton business for sale. Two of those options available to entrepreneurs is if they should buy a franchise or not. Thereís many pros and cons that come with purchasing franchises, and in order for entrepreneurs to make the best decision for them, they should be aware of all of those things.

Edmontons business for sale says that statistics show that perhaps owning a franchise carries a bit lower of a risk. 50% of all businesses close the doors to their business in five years, but some statistics suggest that only 14% of entrepreneurs who own franchises go out of business within five years. This tends to suggest that franchises can be more successful. This can be a definite plus to an entrepreneur who is looking to become a business owner. The reason why could be Attributed to factors such as a brand already has name recognition even if it has never existed in that community before. That brand recognition also comes with a built-in customer base. Also, entrepreneurs should understand that most franchises come with built in processes developed through trial and error on how to not only run the business, but produce their products and even higher staff. Those are all helpful things to many business owners, but it comes at a price. Not only does it cost more in a franchise fee to buy a franchise, but entrepreneurs should understand that they are going to be paying royalty fees on a monthly basis in order to continue using that name.

While all of the processes developed by a franchise may seem like a huge plus to many entrepreneurs, it can actually be seen as a negative for others. Edmonton business for sale explains that not all entrepreneurs are happy following a system. And if that business owner wants to customize to many of the franchise processes, they may consider that franchise ownership is not the right decision for them. There is no reason for a business owner to pay the increased franchise fee as well as the monthly royalty fees, if theyíre not going to use the system that has been developed. The good news is, if a business owner has decided owning a franchise is not the right decision for them, they know that opening their own business can cost them less money because they wonít have to pay a franchise fee.

When considering purchasing franchises, Edmonton business for sale says by comparing all of the different franchises out there, entrepreneurs can see all of the different ways that different franchises operate, and be able to determine what franchises they like and what franchises they donít like. Royalty fees may be structured differently, different processes as well as different levels of support offered by the franchise or had office. All of these different variables can help an entrepreneur decide which franchise is going to be the right fit for them.

There are several options that business owners need to consider when they are looking at buying franchises Edmonton business for sale. When looking at franchises, many business owners like the idea that franchises have a better track record. Industry Canada says that out of all of the businesses that open up, 50% of them go out of business within five years. However, only 14% of business owners who own franchises close the door to their business in five years. This can make the idea of owning a franchise very attractive to a lot of people. When looking at franchises, there are several things to consider in deciding not just if franchise ownership is the right option, but which franchise will be the right one for them.

The first thing to consider says Edmonton business for sale is that no entrepreneur should ever consider one franchise without comparing other franchise options as well. There are so many franchises that are available to be purchased, that comparing franchises should be quite easy. Business owners should look not only at the types of businesses that they can own, but how different franchises are structured, how they advertise, how much support is given. Those are just a few examples of the best number of variables that different franchises offer. Edmontons business for sale recommends that looking at a wide variety will help the business owner narrow down what aspects they like in a franchise, and what aspects they donít like.

During this process, Edmonton business for sale says that some entrepreneurs will start to get a sense if they are interested in customizing to many of the franchise processes. If this is the case, they should consider that franchise ownership is not their best option. They should open their own business where they can choose all of their own processes and products services and not to pay a high royalty fee.

Once an entrepreneur has now down which franchise they are most interested in, thatís when they should speak to those franchises and get more information. Keeping in mind, that those people to get the information from our salespeople, and arenít necessarily giving the entire picture. But what can help business owner get the entire picture, is an opinion from their accountant. Itís not too early in the process for an accountant to review not only the franchise financials, but the franchise agreement, as well as royalty fees, payroll numbers even lease information. Accountants are extremely well versed in small business financials, making them a great go to when deciding if this business will be viable or not. Accountant can help the entrepreneur ask for more information such as complete year and or accountant prepared financials, questions that entrepreneurs may not think to ask themselves.

If the accountant says this is a great option for them, in the business owner can move on to the next steps of looking at what it would take to purchase that franchise and become an entrepreneur.