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Edmonton Business For Sale | Is It Possible To Grow A Successful Business Quickly

Sometimes, entrepreneurs want to build the business only for them to turn around and sell it for profit says Edmonton business for sale. They often believe that they will be able to build a successful business quickly, and then turn around and sell it and make it big profit. However, that is not as successful as television shows like shark tanker Dragonís den may make it appear to be. The statistics show that only 20% of all the businesses that are listed for sale will ever end up being sold, and that 65% of all businesses will be around for five years before being listed, and 50% of all businesses around for 10 years before being listed. So clearly, the statistics show that building a business takes hard work, and that only the businesses that are around for a long period of time typically get sold. This should eliminate business owners assumption that they should be able to grow business quickly and then select easily.

Business owners also need to realize that it is much more difficult to grow a successful business quickly. Edmonton business for sale says that if it was that reliable to be able to grow business that quickly, entrepreneurs would be growing businesses a lot faster, and have a higher success rate than 50%. It takes a long time to build a business, especially a successful one. The reason for this, is in the beginning, a business owner has limited amounts of money, therefore they must leverage their own time in order to get things done. This time is a finite resource, and is limiting to at the business can do. If a business has not been in operation that loan, it is also limited by cash on what it can do. Instead of trying to grow very fast and very big, business owners should build their business slowly and measurably, building up the cash that they have in their business so that when they do lend a large job they have money in their bank to tackle it.

It is very important that entrepreneurs understand that when they are marketing their business, in the very beginning they are going to be using their own time and very little money in order to market their business. From networking to cold calling and sales calls, to reaching out to their own of people, business owners marketing strategies are going to depend solely on the business ownerís time. Although, Edmonton business for sale says that entrepreneurs also need to be developing at the same time scalable marketing strategies that are not dependent on the business ownerís time. The reason for this, is the business will not be scalable as long as they are spending their time in the marketing strategies. Developing effective marketing methods that do not require the business ownerís time take a long time to develop, using talent error is a method to detect the effectiveness of those strategies.

If entrepreneurs believe that they can build a very successful business this very quickly, they may be surprised to find out this is not as achievable as they initially thought says Edmonton business for sale. The reason for that, is because it takes time to build a successful and stable business. In the very beginning, entrepreneurs have time to spend in their business, because their money is tied up in other areas. So they use their time to develop everything in the business from the product and services, to the marketing systems, to creating processes that they need to document in order to be able to duplicate their product, service and marketing. As the business grows, the business owner needs to spend less time working on the business so they can accomplish the strategic priorities of the business. As long as the business owner is still doing everything in their business, the business will not be able to grow.

Even if an entrepreneur is able to land large contracts, or if there is a significant demand for their products, that is not going to guarantee that the business can grow significantly says Edmonton business for sale. The reason for this is because business owners need to spend money upfront in order to pay for the materials, supplies, and labour involved in creating those products. Without having that many in place first, a business owner can land large contracts, but be powerless to complete them. Or, if the business owner has just barely enough money to purchase the materials and supplies required to produce them, they will risk using all the money they have in their business in order to get the materials and supplies and pay for labour, if there is an issue with the products, or if the business fails to pay for any reason, that could put the entire business in jeopardy of being forced to close.

For all of the reasons why it is difficult for entrepreneurs to grow their business in the first year, business owners also overestimate what they are able to accomplish in the first year of starting their business. The reason for this is because they believe they will be able to get much more accomplished and grow much faster than they can. Refining their products, creating marketing systems, documenting all of their processes and then continuing to be under a cash crunch is going to limit what an entrepreneur is going to be able to do in their business says Edmonton business for sale. But once they overcome these obstacles, will be able to grow their business even more than they thought possible, often underestimating where they will be able to be in 10 years. Since entrepreneurs will overcome with limiting the growth in the first year, the subsequent years will be able to grow faster than they ever thought possible.