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Edmonton Business Consulting | Trying to Find the Right Team

Edmonton business consultant | employee interest: How to understand them

If you need coaching and consultation for your business, feel free to contact our Edmonton business consultant at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants. First-time clients can get free consultation and a copy of the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber called “E-Myth”.

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The odds of succeeding in business is slim at best. Numbers show that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. According to 23% of business owners, they fail because they picked the wrong team which is the third most common reason why businesses fail. Employers often get stuck providing “counselling services” troubled employees which reduces time and energy away from growing your business. On the other hand some business owners fail to understand their own employees personal interests. Which then could conflict with the company mission.

While business owners trying their best to grow their company. Launching new events here, new marketing measures there, networking here and more. Employee interest could conflict with their employers. They could only be focused on their personal satisfaction. This could lead to lower productivity and worse job performance.

There are a few big factors affecting employee performance. We as the Edmonton business consultants found that differing career aspirations can greatly impact one’s work performance. Some employees try to climb the company ladder. Some might progress out of the company. There are those who doesn’t have any aspirations at all.

Having healthy employees plays a big factor in keeping their performance. It’s obvious for employees to be less productive while sick and experiencing discomfort. It’s normal for them to take time off from work when this happens which means zero productivity. We believe that employers should work closely with their employees to help and try to prevent sickness. You can do this by pointing them in the right direction or choosing a better benefits plan.

We found, as the Edmonton business consultant, that selling your corporate values to employees can play a big role in understanding them. Some employees only coming to work to make money and enjoy the great benefits plan. However their performance is directly tied to how they feel. Once work or personal life gets challenging, near productivity and work performance drops drastically. However if your employees by into your company mission. This could lead to more tenacious employees. They can draw inspiration from your mission and values.

We dedicate ourselves to helping small businesses beat the odds and win in business. If you enjoyed his article you can find more videos like this on our YouTube channel. There are similar topics in our website. Remember first-time clients yet free consultation and a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber.

Edmonton business consulting | trying to find the right team

If you need marketing tips, business coaching and business tips, our professional Edmonton business consultant can help you beat the odds of business. You can find our website at and find more articles like this. You can also get a hold of us at or if you prefer to call as her phone number is 780-665-4949. We have the passion of helping small businesses so we offer first-time clients free consultation and the best selling business book “E- Myth” by Michael Gerber. Come find us and improve your chances in the market.

There are a number of studies indicating a business failing within the first five years. Small businesses have 50% chance to fail and so we dedicate ourselves to less this number. One of the most common reasons why they fail, according to 23% of business owners, is having the wrong team. Having their own staff usually stems from conflicting interest. There are employers that try to much at becoming an employee’s “professional counsellor” an in turn takes time, effort and energy away from the business. There are also business owners who are oblivious to their team’s interest in aspirations.

Growing a business is tough. Employers need to constantly try to grow their company. Which means they have to set up events, meetings, initiating marketing initiatives, chasing leads and etc. However sometimes this convenient expense of the team or in employee’s interest. Having conflicting interests with your employees can take time and energy away from their job.

Career aspirations can make a great impact in someone’s job performance. Our Edmonton business consultant found a few common employee aspirations. One of the most common is trying to rise up the company ranks. However there are employees whose progression might lead them out of the company. Business owners needs to understand their own employees aspirations and steer them or align your own interest with theirs. There is another type of employee who just don’t have any aspirations at all. Their work performance is directly tied to how good they feel and if challenges present themselves, their performance will drop drastically.

Speaking of employees without any aspirations. Some of them are just working for the money. While some like to enjoy great benefits packages. Like I said before their work performance and software ones difficulty inevitably comes. This could present itself as personal challenges or career difficulties. Employers can fix this by trying to sell their business values to their employees. If you’re interests lines up with theirs, employees can find inspiration to your mission even when things becomes tough. As your Edmonton business consultant, we found that relying solely on personal satisfaction is not as reliable as inspiring employees through the air corporate mission.

Health also plays a major factor affecting your employees’ performance. Try choosing benefits packages that appeals to most of your employees because if they are sick or experiencing discomfort, they can drastically drag the company down. They are also more likely to call in sick and this means zero productivity. Employers need to understand and work closely with employees to mitigate or at least prevent sickness.