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Edmonton Business Consultant | You Want Top Building Brand Trust?

Edmonton business consultant | brand trust

Customers usually look for brands that are reliable and trustworthy as the Edmonton business consultant we are here to help you build a brand like this one. Creating a brand strategy is important for all businesses. Just like marketing, a solid brand can help you gain a lot of clients. Getting to create solid brand will take a lot of time and effort from the business owner. Most big companies took decades of branding in order to create an identity that involves customer trust and reliability. It’s human nature to stick to what is familiar and avoid the unknown.

Speaking of big companies, a perfect example of a solid brand is Microsoft. Branding strategies can last for years or even decades. Even Microsoft, one of today’s biggest technology company, started small. In fact Bill Gates started Microsoft in a garage. If you are shopping for an operating system at the time, you probably wouldn’t look at some random guy’s garage. However over time Microsoft was able to develop the windows operating system. This product help them create a brand around a reliability, ease-of-use and flexibility. It became the most popular operating system around them even almost true to this day. This took decades of effort to create but it paid off as they are one of the biggest technology companies in the present day.

Our work as the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is inspired and driven by our goals and mission. Our team consist of like-minded employees who have the same values and goals as ours. According to statistics, 50% of small Canadian business fail within the first five years the most common reason for this failure is the lack of client intake. Our goal is to reduce these odds especially for small businesses. Our mission has led us to create a one month free consultation program. Those who sign-up will also receive a free copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. Contact us today and get a free consultation at or 780-665-4949.

The Edmonton business consultant for small businesses knows that it’s impossible for smaller brands to compete with bigger ones. As mentioned before, it’s only natural for people to stick to what they know and avoid the unfamiliar. This is a big problem for small companies because customers are naturally drawn to bigger companies. A great example would be with the food industry. Imagine that you’re on a trip and you need some food. Along the way you see the McDonalds golden arches and right beside it as a small restaurant. You know what you are getting with McDonalds, it’s safe and consistent experience even if the food is average. The small restaurant on the other hand, food could be the most amazing thing or the opposite.

This is one of the few reasons why creating a solid brand can be beneficial for business. Creating reliable and trustworthy brand will get your customers coming back for more.

Edmonton business consultant | building brand trust

Reliability and trust is important for creating a brand identity according to our Edmonton business consultant. Marketing strategies will also contain branding initiatives. It’s important to create a brand that consumers can trust so that they would keep coming back for more. They would trust that you will do the job right. This will create a solid client intake generation for both new and existing customers. It’s only natural for people to stick to what they know and avoid the unknown. In this article we will talk about the importance of brand trust and how to build it.

We realize as the Edmonton business consultant that small business owners aspire to become one of the business giants. Creating a brand identity that is a reliable and trustworthy is one of the few factors to how businesses like Apple became the way they are. This took decades of brand building. Apple never started big in fact, just like Microsoft, both started in a garage. For computers became mainstream, the most famous operating system is Windows. Apple has been trying to compete with Microsoft for a while now. There computers, the Macintosh was not very known during that time. But fast-forward in the present day, they became one of the biggest tech companies around. They directly compete with Microsoft. Ever since the rise of the MacBooks and iPhones, their brand is known to be reliable, sleek and easy to use. These products put them in the mainstream market.

In today’s day and age it’s hard to compete with big businesses. Almost downright impossible in some cases. However as the Edmonton business consultant we are dedicated to helping out small businesses beat the odds. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have a group of like-minded people with the same mission and values. Our passion has led us to create a free consultation program for new clients. This will include not only our professional consultation advise but also a free copy of the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber called “e-myth.” If you should know more please contact us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

If you are looking for to create a big business. It’s important to create a trustworthy brand. One of the few ways to create a relatable brand is by having a face for the company. Even established brands use this strategy by hiring famous actors and celebrities to associate themselves with a particular product or service. This brings a certain status to this particular product or service. However as a small business owner, you probably lack the resources to do this. Instead you can use the CEO to be to face of the business. This creates a certain sense of trust and human element to the company. The customers know that there is a person behind the business. Companies today even use social media as a way to solidify their brands. Often times you can see them posting relatable stuff in between their product advertising.