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Edmonton Business Consultant | Word-of-mouth Referral Businesses Still Need Google Reviews

When entrepreneurs start their business, they often have limited money and limited resources say Edmonton business consultant. Therefore, they utilize many free or inexpensive marketing methods as possible. They may go to business mixers, networking events, and engage in sales calls and cold calls as well. Even businesses might choose to join organizations that teach them how to get word-of-mouth referrals in their business. These are all good, but they should not overlook the importance of getting a Google my business page and getting Google reviews as quickly as they can. This is one of the most important ways that entrepreneurs can market their business, and it does not cost a dime.

However, many businesses believe that do not need to generate Google reviews in their business, because they’re engaging in other inexpensive marketing initiatives like learning how to generate their leads by word-of-mouth referrals. When these businesses talks to Edmonton business consultant, they say that they do not need Google reviews because all of their customers find them through referrals. However, these businesses need to understand that customers still look at Google reviews prior to making that purchasing decision. The matter of how many leads a business able to generate for themselves through a variety of ways, they will still be able to close more leads if they have more Google reviews.

Other businesses think that they do not need Google reviews, because they are very active on Facebook or yelp for example and they have a lot of reviews there. However, Edmonton business consultant says studies were done, and Google bushel to be the single most relevant review site on the Internet. Will having great and many Facebook or yelp reviews is not a bad thing, they are not going to be able to convert leads into customers as effectively as Google. Businesses should take all of the efforts they are putting into getting reviews on Facebook and yelp and put that time into getting Google reviews instead.

Edmonton business consultant says they even recommend entrepreneurs do this before spending money on a website, or spending money getting Google ads. The bottom line is, an entrepreneur be spending all of this money to drive traffic to their business that will not get converted into customers because they do not have enough Google reviews. Therefore, not only does it make economic sense for entrepreneurs to start off with the marketing activity that will cost them anything. But everything else that they do from that point on is going to build on the work that they did getting Google reviews early on in their business.

The only is getting a Google my business page great for businesses who want to be found on Google, but it is the only way an entrepreneur is going to be able to start getting Google reviews in their business, which is going to help turn whatever leads they get through any method into customers. This is important for businesses to do early on in their business. However, if businesses have been open for several years, it is never too late for them to increase their customer base by obtaining more Google reviews and growing their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Word-of-mouth Referral Businesses Still Need Google Reviews

Many businesses struggle with finding customers in their business says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, industry Canada says out of the 50% of entrepreneurs that fail, 42% say that the reason why they failed as they were unable to find customers for their products. Therefore, one of the first things a business owner should be focusing on the soon as they start their business is creating a plan on how they are going to find leads, and turn those leads into customers. There are several different ways that entrepreneurs can do that, but one of the most important ways that they should include is creating a Google my business page.

Not only Google my business pages allow entrepreneurs to be instantly searchable by Google, it also allows businesses to start generating Google reviews for their business. While businesses use to need a website in order to be searchable by Google, this is no longer the case. In fact, Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs do not spend any money on a website at all until they get forty reviews for their business. Therefore, they should get a Google my business page before a website, and not even were an able website yet.

Business owners need to understand that studies were done, and they found that 88% of customers will look for businesses Google reviews prior to visiting that business. And not only are they simply looking at the reviews, but those reviews are also factoring into whether they purchase from the business or not. Therefore, it does not matter how many leads a business has, they do not have Google reviews, they are going to lack the ability to turn those leads into customers at a high enough level to grow their business.

Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs should keep in mind the number of Google reviews their aiming to get. They need to have a significant amount in order for customers to give serious weight to the reviews that a business has. It might be very easy for a business to get to and or even twenty reviews from family and friends, but once a business has around forty, there were reviews are authentic. The or authentic the reviews are, more likely Elliot is going to buy from that business.

When entrepreneurs understand how important getting Google reviews are, they can develop a strategy and a script on how they are going to ask customers for those reviews. When they are new in business, they might offer giving advice in their field of expertise in exchange for Google review or do free or discounted work in exchange for reviews. Once they start gaining more customers, they will have more opportunities to ask for reviews, and as long as they are seizing the opportunity to ask every customer that they get for review and keep popping up until they do, that is how entrepreneurs is going to be able to grow their business.