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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why You Don’t Need A Website Yet

Entrepreneurs were opening up their business for the first time believes that one of the most important steps in the process is creating a website says Edmonton Business Consultant. However, this is not necessarily the magic bullet to increasing business for entrepreneurs. Itís not that easy to build a website and then have many people view it. The reason for this, is because having a great website wonít get you on the front page of Google. Thereís many other ways that businesses can increase their business before they need a website.

Rather than spending a lot of their hard earned money on a webpage that will then need to have money spent on it to get ranked on Google, a business owner can set up a Google my business listing. Edmonton top Business Consultant says that this listing is going to be far more likely to show up on page 1 of Google with less money spent in getting there. Businesses can maximize their money by creating a Google my business page and start generating reviews there before they have a website.

Itís extremely important for businesses to get reviews on their Google my business page, because Edmonton Business Consultant says that 80% of the businesses likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making a purchasing decision. Itís very important that the first thing that a business has is a Google my business page in order to start generating reviews quickly. Many entrepreneurs have the arguments that they donít need a Google page because they gain all of their new business through referrals. Even when word-of-mouth referrals are the main way business gets new customers, 88% of those referrals will have visited there Google my business page to check reviews before making their purchasing decision. The more reviews, the more those word-of-mouth referrals get turned into actual customers.

Something that business owners should take into consideration says Edmonton Businesses Consultant is that a business that has 40 Google reviews but no website will outperform a brand-new website always. People should understand that having Google reviews is extremely important to attracting new customers. And itís not just enough to have five or six Google reviews, the business should have a minimum of 40. The reason for 40 says Edmonton Business Consultant is because 40 reviews means a business is an expert at what they do, and much harder to get 40 honest reviews. If the business only has five or six, those reviews can easily be friends and family. The more Google reviews on a page, the more weight it has with customers.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they will be able to simply by Google ads in order to drive traffic for they have enough reviews, unfortunately this will not help increase their business. Even if they have people clicking on their Google ads, when potential customers see that there is no or few reviews, they will likely choose a competitor who has more abuse.

Many entrepreneurs believe that a website is the next thing that they need after they opened their business says Edmonton Business Consultant. However websites are not the key to getting on the first page of Google. Thereís many more effective ways of getting ranked that donít involve spending the money on a website immediately.

One of the first things that businesses should think about after theyíve opened their business instead of a webpage, is getting onto page 1 of Google. The way they can do this instead of getting a website is simply by creating a Google my business page. The reason for this is because it has a lower cost associated with it then a webpage, and it can help business start generating Google reviews immediately. Those Google reviews are extremely important when it comes to turning Internet leads into customers.

When people are making their purchasing decisions, they look to see how many Google reviews the business has. Any amount under 40, has the consumer not taking the business seriously. In order to increase the number of clicks that they had gets, business owners should ensure that they have 40 reviews on their Google my business page. Even when business owners claimed that the only do business by word-of-mouth referrals, having 40 or more Google reviews on their page will Influence those potential buyers to make the purchase. Edmonton Business Consultant says that 80% of potential buyers will look at reviews before making that purchasing decision.

When business owners are truly ready to create websites, they should have already received at least 40 Google reviews, and will have to write 6000 words before launching their website. The reason for this is Edmonton top Business Consultant is because there are four ways that websites get ranked by Google. The most important ones that business owners need to worry about is if there website mobile compliant, do they have the most Google reviews, and do they have the most HTML content. In order to get ranked higher by Google in order to appear higher up on on the Google page, business owners should ensure that there website has the following pages: homepage, team page, the services page, a white us page, and content page as well as a contact page. Each of these pages has 1000 words, that will help their website have 6000 words and be ranked higher for Googleís SEO. The more pages with over 1000 words will always rank higher. However, Edmonton Business Consultant says itís not just enough to have only 6000 words on their website, the more words website has, the higher itís going to rank. Thereís several ways that business owners can achieve this in order to get ranked higher by Google and start to get more clicks on their listing. By increasing the number of words on their page, can help them rank higher and make their website purchase more worthwhile.