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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Should Businesses Get Google Reviews

Business owners should understand that one of the most common reasons why businesses fail, is because they are not able to find the right customers for their business according to Edmonton business consultant. While they may be able to identify that they have a cash flow issue in their business, oftentimes business owners start thinking that they need to minimize the expenses in their business in order to save money, when the answer is actually attracting more customers and generating more sales in their business.

One way that they can address this issue, is by getting Google reviews. Not only is getting a Google my business page or Google places site absolutely free, once an entrepreneur has set it up accurately, but Edmonton business consultant also says that they can start getting Google reviews their business instantly. This is the page that shows up when customers are googling businesses, and it will appear above the organic search results. Therefore, it has an extremely good return on investment simply to get noticed by customers.

Once an entrepreneur has a Google places site, the next thing that they should concentrate on is getting Google reviews. When entrepreneurs were asking their Edmonton business consultant why Google reviews were so important, they explained that an extremely high number of customers, eighty-eight to be precise not only look at Google reviews of businesses that are thinking of buying from, but they actually factor those reviews into their purchasing decision.

It is not enough for a business owner to get just a handful of Google reviews on their Google sites listing, the number that business owners should be aiming for is forty reviews. Not only do customers start giving a lot more weight to the reviews in business once there is approximately forty, but the ten business consultant says that Google rankings give more weight to businesses that have a minimum of forty reviews as well. Therefore, they can start appearing higher in search engine results when people are googling that business.

Once an entrepreneur has reached forty reviews, they should not consider themselves done. In fact, in order to continue giving weights to their business, they have to continually get reviews as well. When asking Edmonton business consultant how many, they recommend entrepreneurs aim to get one Google review per month on an ongoing basis. In order to achieve that number, business owners need to get into the habit of asking their customers on a regular basis for Google reviews. They need to keep in mind that asking once does not guarantee that they are going to do it and to ensure that they and their staff are continually asking for reviews on a regular basis to all of their customers can help ensure that they can reach forty reviews, and continually receive them.

Not only is getting Google reviews an effective way to convert leads into customers, but it is absolutely free for businesses to take advantage of. There is no reason why all businesses should not immediately set up a Google my business page, and start to get reviews for their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Should Businesses Get Google Reviews

When entrepreneurs open their business for the first time, they often are running very low on money says Edmonton business consultant. Therefore, they try to maximize all of the free and inexpensive marketing opportunities they can to grow their business. The failure rate for entrepreneurs is 50% in Canada, and the most common reason businesses say that they fail is because they were not able to find customers. Therefore, it is a race against the clock for entrepreneurs to find leads and turn them into customers as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs utilize Google reviews to help turn leads into customers. Not only are getting Google reviews free, but they can factor in greatly into consumer’s decision to purchase with the business or not. Even businesses that say they get all of their leads by word-of-mouth or referrals still need to get Google reviews. The reason why is because those word-of-mouth referrals are still looking at a companyís Google reviews prior to contacting that business and prior to entering into that buying decision. Even businesses that get all of their leads through referrals will close fewer sales if they do not have any Google reviews for their business.

Google is not the only place where customers can leave reviews for businesses. There is Facebook and yelp just name a couple. However, business owners need to keep in mind that these other sites are not going to be able to make up for no Google reviews. They are a great supplement, but an entrepreneur would need to have an extraordinarily large amount of those reviews in order to make up for not having any on Google.

If entrepreneurs believe that they can avoid trying to rank naturally on Google by purchasing ads, this is not going to help convert leads into customers according to Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is even if an entrepreneur spending a lot of money in order to rank higher if they do not have the reviews, those leads will not convert into buyers. Therefore, an entrepreneur will be paying money to not convert leads into buyers. It is not an effective use of an entrepreneur’s limited cash.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to getting Google reviews, business owners will have to ask their customers, and to keep asking their customers to submit Google reviews. They may strike a deal with one of their clients to give work for a reduced rate, or even free in exchange for reviews, and that can be effective. However, with how important it is to a business, Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs create a system for asking for reviews. By creating a system that ensures they and their employees are consistently asking for reviews can be the key to ensure that entrepreneurs are able to achieve forty reviews, and then keep adding. By doing this, entrepreneurs can avoid going out of business because they were unable to find customers for their business.