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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Set Up A Google My Business Page

When entrepreneurs are new in business, they often try to use as many inexpensive or free methods of marketing their business as possible says Edmonton business consultant. However, there is one thing that a business owner can do that is often overlooked. Businesses should set up a Google my business, or Google places site as soon as they open their business, because not only is this a great method of marketing that is absolutely free, it also can help an entrepreneur actually find more leads, in turn, those leads into customers.

The first thing that business owners should know is what Google my business page is. These are the results that show up on the first page of Google under the paid ads that have the map results. When a customer Googleís a business, if an entrepreneur has the setup, their business should show up in the results. Therefore, as soon as an entrepreneur sets up their Google my business page, customers can start finding them on Google.

Not only to set up a Google my business page allow entrepreneurs to start being found on Google searches, but the Edmonton business consultant also says even more important than that, it allows entrepreneurs to start getting Google reviews for their business. The reason why that is significant because 88% of all customers look at the Google reviews of the business prior to visiting them. Not only are customers looking at Google reviews, but they’re actually factoring those reviews into their purchasing decision. Therefore, if an entrepreneur does not have any reviews for their business yet, they are often missing leads that they did not even know they had.

Not only use the help an entrepreneur turn leads into customers but once they reach a minimum threshold of around forty reviews at a minimum, it also helps a business rank higher on the Google search results due to the algorithms they use in their search results. Therefore, when an entrepreneur has forty reviews, they will be able to be seen by even more potential customers, who will see their minimum of forty reviews, and factor that into their purchasing decisions.

Edmonton business consultant says even though an entrepreneur should focus on getting forty reviews as quickly as possible, once they get that minimum threshold, they should not stop trying to get reviews. In fact, they should continue to get at least one Google review every month on an ongoing basis. The reason why is so that they can remain relevant in the Google algorithms. They factoring not just how many reviews they have, but how often those reviews are coming in.

By obtaining a Google places site, business owners are going to be able to not only appear in search results immediately but start getting the Google reviews that they are going to need to actually convert shoppers into purchasing customers that will allow them to continue getting customers so that they can grow their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Set Up A Google My Business Page

Many entrepreneurs get into business and find that they have a cash flow issue, or that their revenue is starting to decrease says Edmonton business consultant. And when they see this, they often believe that they have to increase the profits in their business by cutting expenses. However, the problem is not that they have two expenses in their business, the problem is they need to generate more sales. If an entrepreneur finds this is their problem, if they do not already have a Google my business page, they should set one up. Businesses that are finding it difficult to generate more sales in order to grow can look at what they are doing online to be found by customers and to get Google reviews as well.

It is important for businesses to have Google reviews for their business because customers use businesses Google reviews to guide their purchases. If not in our does not have a Google places site, it is like a business not having a yellow page ad twenty years ago. Even businesses that say that they generate all of their leads by referrals for word-of-mouth can benefit from getting Google reviews. Even though those businesses say that they get all of their work from referrals, they need to understand that even those businesses who get referrals have those potential customers look at their Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. Therefore, businesses that get all of their leads through referrals will up close more business if they actually have Google reviews on their Google places site.

Many businesses think that they can bypass getting Google reviews for their business simply by spending money on getting Google ads. Edmonton business consultant says while this will allow them to get on the front page of Google, that is not going to help them convert those leads into customers if they do not have the Google reviews. They can spend a ton of money driving traffic to their business, but if they do not have the reviews to back it up, all those people that are seeing that entrepreneurs business and going elsewhere due to the lack of reviews.

Ultimately, there is no shortcut to this process. Businesses cannot buy reviews, and no matter how they get their leads, those leads are still looking at a business is reviews. Therefore, not ignore needs to build it into their business culture to ask customers often and ask repeatedly until they give a review. By getting into the habit of doing this and teaching their staff to do this as well, Edmonton business consultant says business will maximize their chances of getting as many Google reviews as they are able. Once they start growing their customer base, they will have or customers available to give reviews.

Once entrepreneurs understand how important getting Google reviews is to their business, they will be able to set up their Google places site and learn how to ask customers for reviews. Once they master this, they able to not only convert those leads their getting into customers, but continue to use those reviews to grow their business.