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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Getting Google Reviews Is Important

Even though many onto manures struggle with getting customers in their business, and in fact Edmonton business consultant says not finding customers is the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. However, when entrepreneurs say that there is a cash flow problem in their business, they often turned to cut expenses in order to become more profitable, when the answer to that problem is actually generating more sales. When entrepreneurs are struggling to generate more sales in their business, one of the first things that they should look at, simply do they have a Google my business page, and how many reviews do they have on it. The answer to these questions can help an entrepreneur unlock the infinite potential to grow their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to understand, is what a Google my business page or a Google places listing is. Edmonton business consultant says these two things are the same thing. They are the map results that people see when they Google a business. This listing has the name of the business, entrepreneurs can put things in like pictures, or hours. But ultimately, by having a Google my business page, entrepreneurs are appearing on the first page of Google search results. If an entrepreneur does not have this page, they might not be getting seen by customers at all.

One of the most important things that entrepreneurs need to understand about Google my business pages says Edmonton business consultant, is not just because they will get them on page 1 of Google search engine results, but this will also enable customers to start leaving the business Google reviews. The reason why this is important is because Edmonton business consultant says studies have shown that will only 8% of all customers look at Google reviews prior to visiting a business. Not only that, but those reviews will factor into a customers purchasing decision. Therefore, if an entrepreneur does not have a Google my business listing, not only are they not appearing on page 1 of Google, they are also not converting leads into customers.

Many entrepreneurs wonder how much this wonderful service that they can get will cost them. Since most businesses know how expensive it is to be able to appear on page 1 of Google paying for ads. However, and business consultant says the best part of this is that Google places is completely free to create. Therefore, business owners crazy to not set up this site for themselves, so that they can appear on page 1, and start generating Google reviews so that they can conclude more leads into customers.

When entrepreneurs learn how important this is, but also how easy it can be schism ten business consultant or people will get Google places is set up, and then use that to start generating more Google reviews for their business. By learning how to do this, business owners can avoid the 42% of entrepreneurs that fail because they could not find customers for their business, by being able to find them much easier and growing their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Getting Google Reviews Important

Entrepreneurs often know how important it is to generate leads for their business, but Edmonton business consultant says if they do not know how to do that efficiently and effectively, there putting their business at risk. One of the best things that entrepreneurs can do, is learning how to set up a Google places site so that they can start getting Google reviews for their business. This is so important, that businesses that do not have Google reviews are actually impacting their ability to convert leads into customers.

With 80% of all consumers using the reviews that they see to guide their purchasing decision, all business owners should understand how important this is. No matter how a business owner gets their leads, they will be able to close more of them simply by having more Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant says they often get protests from businesses that say they generate leads primarily by word-of-mouth or referrals. However, no matter how the business gets those leads, those potential customers are still looking at a business’s reviews prior to making their purchasing decision, and businesses will end up closing fewer sales if they have fewer Google reviews.

Another pushback that Edmonton business consultant has from businesses from time to time, is that they have a lot of Facebook or yelp reviews. However, businesses need to be aware that other reviews can be good, they are not a substitute for Google reviews. Customers pay the most attention to Google reviews. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not abandon those other sites like Facebook or Yelp, but they should also start putting increased focus on Google.

Many entrepreneurs think that they can bypass getting Google reviews because it is difficult, and instead take the easy way to get to page 1 of Google by purchasing Google ads. However, Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs need to take into consideration that not only are ads more expensive for businesses that do not have Google reviews, but they can drive traffic to their business as much as they want, if they do not have the reviews for consumers to look at and guide their purchasing decision, there ending up spending a ton of money to generate leads that there never going to be able to close.

Ultimately, the importance of generating leads and turning those leads into consumers lies in an entrepreneur’s ability to get authentic Google reviews say Edmonton business consultant. And there is no shortcut to that. There might be automated services available that say that they can help an entrepreneur get Google reviews, but these are not as effective as they claim to be. what not nor needs to do, is develop a culture of asking. All of their employees need to know exactly how to ask for Google reviews, and then to engage in it regularly and follow-up. This is the only way that entrepreneurs are going to be able to generate the Google reviews they need to impact their business.