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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Entrepreneurs Need To Always Recruit New Staff

Despite what many entrepreneurs attempt in their business, it is not a realistic goal to keep an employee for life says Edmonton business consultant. While this is an admirable goal, entrepreneurs need to understand that reasons why employees leave often have absolutely nothing to do with the business. Entrepreneurs may find that their employees get sick, injured, have a change of career, the spouse gets transferred, and no matter how positive and great the relationship is between the employer and the employee, it is not possible to keep that relationship for the life of the business. Because of that, entrepreneurs need to understand that losing great staff is an inevitability, and they need to build into their business how to minimize the effect that losing one staff member and bringing on a new one can be to their business.

One of the ways that entrepreneurs can ensure that the transition between losing one employee on hiring another is minimized says Edmonton business consultant, is by ensuring that no matter what tasks need to get done in a business, there is always more than one person who is able to do each one. This cross-training of employees can ensure that no matter which employee leaves, and when they do so, that the operation of the business is not compromised says Edmonton business consultant. This way, the business is never put at risk, and an entrepreneur never feels pressured or rushed into making a decision on who they hire. This way, a business owner can take the time they need in order to find the right fit for their business.

Another way that entrepreneurs can minimize the transition between one staff member leaving and hiring a new person, is for entrepreneurs to always be recruiting in their business even when they do not have an opening. The reason why this is so important says Edmonton’s business consultant, is because employees tend to leave the organization when the circumstances are right for them to do so. Business owners never know when that is going to be, therefore they need to be prepared at all times for the inevitability. Also, business owners need to understand that it might take meeting a large amount of people in order to find the right one, and they can increase their chances of finding them by looking for people at all times.

Business owners need to understand that keeping employees is a great goal, and they can do many things in their business to increase the retention of their great employees, but at the end of the day it is not within their control to employees as long as possible. By working in their business to minimize the effect that has in their business, business owners can be assured that they are having the best staff possible while operating their business to the very best of their ability while looking for the right person in their business.

When entrepreneurs start to lose employees in their business, they may end up doubting themselves their vision or their business says Edmonton business consultant. However, business owners need to realize that losing staff is a normal part of being a business owner. In fact, the average millennial employee only stays with an employer for an average of 2.3 years. When entrepreneurs let that cloud their thought process, they end up trying to hold on to hard to the wrong people in their business, thinking that it is going to be a far worse cost of their business to replace them than it is to keep them. However, business owners need to understand that keeping the wrong people can be extremely detrimental to their business. This is said extremely well by Jim Collins, the author of six business books including the best seller good to great, ì letting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the strong people. Worse, it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustratedî.

There are several things that entrepreneurs can do in their business to ensure that they are always attracting the best people to their business, so that when the need to eventually and inevitably arises, they can be prepared. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs early in their business right out there corporate values and their mission and vision of their business. Instead of trying to make this appeal to a wide variety of people like an advertising slogan, business owners need to be extremely honest with themselves and write the values as they see them. To a certain extent these views and values need to be very polarizing because they should not appeal to everyone. Edmonton business consultant says that by only healing to a certain amount of people, and actually deters the wrong people from applying because they do not value the same thing that the business does. Also, it can encourage the people who do share those same values to apply, because employees tend to want to work for companies that share the same values that they do.

If entrepreneurs want to see evidence of that, they need to look no further than volunteer organizations, that have people working long hours for free, simply because they believe in the mission and vision of that charity organization. By understanding that the values that are important to the company will eventually attract employees with the same value, they need to be communicating those values early on, and always be recruiting in their business to maximize the number of people that see that message.

When business owners are able to understand that losing people is going to be inevitable in their business, they can minimize the effect they have on losing people in their business, so that they can carry on operating their organization while finding someone who is the perfect fit.