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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Businesses Don’t Need Websites

Generating traffic for their business is the number one goal for most businesses when they open says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is because 42% of failed businesses say that not be able to generate enough customers was the primary reason for their business failure. Business owners market their business in several ways in order to avoid this situation, and many believe that simply by creating a website for their business will be all the online marketing they need to do in order to attract customers to their business.

Unfortunately, itís not as easy as creating a website and getting clicks says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for that, is because of the way Google generates their search engine results. There are two ways that a business owner can influence how Google will make their website. Business owners should work on this even before they have a website in order to increase the effectiveness and help them rank higher on Google search engine results. These two things that business owners can work on, is creating content for the website and generating Google reviews.

The reason why generating content for the webpage is so important says Edmonton business consultant is because webpages with the most HTML content will receive a higher Google ranking. The reason for this, is the more content a website has, the more they are seen as a relevant website to a search. The more relevant search results will appear closer to the top. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 6000 words for a website. But business owners shouldnít just stop at 6000 words. Itís already daunting enough for most businesses to think of trying to light that many words says Edmonton business consultant. However business owners can take into consideration that it is much easier to speak those words then to write to them. If business owners make YouTube videos, then transcribed them and post them on a website, that can help them create the content they need. For each 10 minute video, business owners can generate about a thousand words. The more videos they create, the more words they will be able to have on their website eventually. By creating content first, business owners can be ready with a lot of content when theyíre ready to start their website.

The next thing that business owners can take into consideration before they create their website, is that they will rank higher in Google searches if they have more Google reviews. Business owners may be wondering how they can create Google reviews for their business if they donít have a website. This is very easy says Edmonton business consultant. All you have to do is set up a Google places page, or a Google my business page. This will take business owners under the day and even less money to create instead of website. This will allow businesses to start appearing in Google searches and generating those important Google reviews that can help them grow their business.

Often, business owners believe that just by having a websites will be all thing to do online in order to generate new business is business consultant. Fortunately websites are not the way that businesses can generate online interest. In order for potential customers to actually see that website, businesses need to be able to rank high up in Google search results.

Businesses that donít appear on the first page of Google search results are rarely going to be seen by their customers, because customers donít search passed page 1. In business owners need to realize that just by creating a website does not guarantee that they will appear on page 1. There are many factors that Google takes into consideration when they are creating their search results, and business owners need to have these things in the websites in order for Google to search them higher up on the list.

One of the ways that Google rates websites higher up in search results, is by taking into consideration how many Google reviews that business has. Since Googleís search engine wants to put the most relevant links highest at the top, they will see the most Google reviews for business as being a way to ensure that people are looking for that product or service going to be happy with the results. Itís very important that a business starts generating Google reviews for their business not only to get higher ranking by Googleís algorithms. The other reason why itís very important for business owners to have Google reviews is because 88% of their potential customers will take those Google reviews into consideration they are making their purchasing decision. By not having any Google reviews, or having very few Google reviews will negatively affect those customers, and the business at attracting customers.

The next thing that business owners should take into consideration before they even start thinking about creating website, is whether or not they have enough content to have a website. Many business owners donít realize how much content is needed their websites, as Edmonton business consultant says the most HTML content a website has, the higher up itís going to be ranked by Google search engines. The more content website has, the more relevant that websites will appear. Since Google likes to ensure that the most relevant search results appears at the top of the page, having a lot of content will help the business appear more relevant to Google. A good rule of thumb is to have approximately 6000 words for a website is even started. This translates into six pages on the site with approximately 8000 words per page. Business owners should not get scared away from writing that amount of content. If they realize that itís much easier to speak the words then to type them, they will be able to create content easily by making videos, then transcribing them and posting them on their website.