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At the end the day, don’t feel too hard yourself, says Edmonton business consultant, it’s a fact of life that in life and business, there’s gonna be some good days and bad days. You, and the people around you, both personally and professionally, are going to have some ups and downs, and experience peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. Make sure that you are building other people up, and not beating yourself down over it. That is simple just part of the process. Don’t feel so bad about it and get out of that roadblock.

One of the major misconceptions of motivation is the fact that everyone thinks that they’re going get up off the couch get motivated and then the go to work that’s not how motivation works, unfortunately. Most motivation will come from the progress of people’s actions. The progress of people’s actions will never happen unless, well, they act. If you want motivation, then just start. Start something, anything… Just start. If you expect to be motivated before you start then you probably never start and just won’t get a lot done. Remember, action comes first then motivation actually comes because of some progress on that particular and specific action.

When you consider yourself in terms of wanting to work on your motivation, says Edmonton business consultant, make sure you work towards the motivation of the day, the day before. What that means, is make sure that you are focused and ready for the day ahead by organizing the day prior. Get your lunch ready the night before, get your kids ready the night before, get you closer than it for, and have everything ready so that you don’t have to expect any surprises the morning out. As well, consider waking up a few minutes early just to mitigate any potential surprises in the mornings. Consider leaving your work a few minutes before you usually do in case you run into gridlocked because of an accident, implement weather, etc. Always have a plan. Always be ready for that plan, and always be ready if that plan potentially goes awry.

You’ll often have periods of low motivation as that is just a fact of life.. The low motivation will help you get out of that low motivation if you have a schedule. You can revert back to the habits. When you have low motivation you’re still showing up you’re still starting, and you’re still getting things done, reassures Edmonton business consultant. If you don’t have that schedule, then you just will be productive, and you won’t know what to expect from your day, your week, and your year. Surprises aren’t always good, and can intrude on your productivity. If you have a schedule you aren’t just productive in high motivation times. But now you are going to be productive all of the time. You’re now not just working on work and items. Now you’re working on items that you strategically have outlined in your schedule that you need to get done.

Edmonton business consultant says don’t necessarily be worried if you’re not motivated all the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, let things play itself out and don’t beat yourself up over it. That’s just part of the process! Don’t feel bad!

Zig Ziglar says “motivation gets you going, and habit gets you there.”

It is a sad statistic that industry Canada says 15% of businesses fail in year 130% of businesses fail by year two and 50% of small businesses will fail by year five.

Edmonton business consultant says that there are many factors that you can do to help you not to become one of those statistics. One of those things that you can do and the factors that you can help is the fact that you can be optimistic and be motivated to succeed every day. You can get up, show up, and do the best that you possibly can. Unfortunate, there’s always going to be a certain amount of negative interaction as a business owner. You can’t let that derail your motivation to become a success. Oftentimes what will happen is not everybody is going to be in a good mood all the time. They are also going to try and pass some of that negativity on to you. Don’t let that happen. Make sure that you are staying optimistic, staying positive, and working very hard toward your goals. In particular, make sure that you are doing the goals that will allow you revenue and put forth money in your business the first time. That should be the most important and empirical thing that you need to do as part your daily routine care.

Don’t wait for you to get motivated before you get to work, if that is what you’re going to do, it just won’t work. You have to get up, and you have to at least complete the first step, the first task. Hopefully, that will provide you with the necessary motivation to see through to your endgame.

A successful trait that entrepreneurs often utilize is there’s going to be a certain amount of interaction with customers where you’re going to have to make very significant and very optimistic and positive decisions. Consider always being around positive and optimistic people. Cut the people out of your life that necessarily are not helping you reach your ultimate goal of time and financial freedom. It will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Make sure suggests Edmonton business consultant, that you are getting up, showing up, and getting ready to work to the best your ability. By getting up, one might think about the very first task of your day. Do not hit the snooze button when you hear your alarm go off. When you hear your alarm for the very first time get up. As you do that, that is your first one of the day, your first checkmark, your first accomplishment. You can carry that forth too many more accomplishments for the day.