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Edmonton business consultant reassures small business owners not to be worried! In business, such as in life, and going to have ups and downs. There are going to be good days and bad days, peaks and valleys, and absent flows. Keep in mind that you are in fact only human. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad day a bad week or disorganized week. That’s part of the process don’t feel bad.

As well, Edmonton business consultant says such as in life as in business going to have certain amount of poor interactions as a business owner. You may feel as though sometimes in her may be everybody plotting against you that particular day or that particular week. As a matter fact, suppliers, customers, owners, etc. won’t be happy with you sometimes, and there’s going to be a certain amount of animosity during certain parts of the day or certain parts the week. Again that’s just part of the process. Except the fact that there is going to eventually be failure and rejection. It’s fact of life that we just can’t control any outward me to getting factors. Get that out of your head. However, we can control is the positive information that we ourselves put in and the hard work that we put into our business. Consider the fact that you will be it on downtime, recreation time and you will be trying to relax. The about what sort of movies, books, TVs, and videos you are watching. What kind of information a consuming with your free discretionary time question mark you can always balance a negative with the positive that you surround yourself with.

As well, says Edmonton business consultant, make sure that you’re keeping your any energy levels as high as possible by balancing and offsetting the negative with the positive decide if this is going to be as a benefit to you are a detriment. Decide if this is going to contribute to your problems or your successes.

Often times what happens is the fact that entrepreneurs will have to make very significant decisions about customers, in regards to their business. Customers will be able to feel as though they can pass along their stress to the owner or the coworker. Sometimes they’re going to pass that stress on to you to. You have to deal with that, as a small business owner. You need to limit your exposure with people who are just negative. Make sure that you surround yourself with positivity so that you may be able to allow positivity into your life and into your business. There are going to be as mentioned many tough parts you need to offer as much positivity as in a very difficult time in your life as possible.

There is a very big misconception in business and in life that you’re going to wait to do work when you get motivated. That is a small business Peter as most motivation will come from progress which never happens unless eventually you start.

It is just a fact of life in business, says Edmonton business consultant that you will in fact have to engage in tasks that you simply aren’t motivated or just don’t want to do you won’t know how to do it you will like to do it you don’t want to do it. Maybe like doing advertising but not marketing. Maybe you have a zeal for sales pitches but not the troubleshooting when things go wrong, for example. You just have to get into the habit of motivation actually occurs when accomplishments happen so for goodness sakes just start as a matter fact it really comes down to starting first thing in the morning. You’re very first task of the day the very first thing you did before you got up, or open your eyes, did you get 100% in that first task? That first task is getting up on your alarm goes off.

As a matter fact, says Edmonton business consultant, if you get up when your alarm goes off as mentioned, it is a win for you it is the perfect time to start your day off right. Imagine how you feel if you start your day off knowing that you are attacking the day with a win and with a positive attitude? Make sure that you are not setting the snooze button over and over and over again and that you get up first time with your alarm.

During and throughout your day, make sure that you are distracted as little as possible. Distractions can be absolutely the killer. Notifications on your phone, social media, etc. etc. will be absolutely the killer in your day and in your motivation. This happens to release a chemical hormone that causes stress as a matter of fact. Every time get distracted we get less motivated every time we get interrupted. Every time we get interrupted we are further away from that tasks completion. Every time get distracted, we come less productive, says Edmonton business consultant. Then it takes a while again to reach our peak mental state. Make sure that you are limiting the distractions to very few so that you get all of your important jobs in order.

Make sure that it would be a good idea if you hired or if you pursued a coach to allow you to feel accountable for your actions. It doesn’t have to be somebody that you hire and pay money for. It can be a coworker, family member, etc. In fact it is easier to break a plan to yourself than it is to other people. That is a way in which you can keep them accountable.. The coach can keep you on track and can quite frankly talk you out of many bad habits such as being late, such as being lazy, such as not finishing tasks, or such as being preoccupied with other things. As well don’t forget to adopt a schedule to keep you on track.