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Edmonton Business Consultant | When To Get A Website

Many business owners believe that the most important time to get website is as soon as they open the doors to their business says Edmonton business consultant. Unfortunately this is not usually the case. While websites are extremely important and effective marketing tool, there are several things that a business owner should create have in place before the take the time and money to create a website.

The reason why creating website is not the first thing that a business owner needs to be concerned with says Edmonton businesses consultant, is because just because they created a website, doesnít mean that they are going to be ranked high on the search results by Google. If someone has spent a lot of time and money creating a website, they also need to have enough time and money to be able to rank their business hi on Google to make the cost of the website worthwhile. To spend a bunch of money on a website that is not going to be seen by people because it canít rank high Googleís search engines, is a waste of money.

Business owners should understand how Google ranks webpages in order for them to create a website that is designed to get high ranking says Edmonton top business consultant. Thereís for power moves for SCO. The first and most important one is the most five-star reviews. The more five-star reviews that a business has, the more Google is going to rank them higher in their search engine. The second is the most HTML content. Edmonton business consultant says this is obtained through having a website that has the most words on it. For each page that has a thousand or more words on it, guess ranked highest by Google. The more pages with a thousand or more words, the higher it gets ranked on the Google search engine.

Therefore, a business owner needs to understand that until they have enough five-star Google reviews and enough content, thereís no point in rushing to create a website. The first things that a business owner should focus on says Edmontons business consultant, is getting five-star reviews and content. So how does a business owner that doesnít have a website start getting five-star Google reviews asks Edmonton business consultant. How business can start to do that, is simply by getting a Google my business page. This will allow them to be searched by Google, and allow people to rate the businesses as well. This is the first step in creating an important online presence. The number of Google reviews that a business should aim for before getting a website says Edmontons business consultant is 40. 40 is an ideal number of reviews to get because fewer than 40 and a business is less likely to appear serious. It can be very easy for a business to quickly get a few reviews, by utilizing friends and family, however itís much harder to get 40. Once that magic number of 40 is reached, businesses are taken a lot more seriously by consumers online.

There are many things that business owners are trying to do when they first opened their business says Edmonton business consultant. And even more things that are requiring their time and money. Many businesses think that one of the most important things to do is to get a website in order to have an online presence, but simply having an online presence is not enough of a reason to have a webpage. If the business owner does not put time and energy into marketing that website, it wonít rank high Google search engines, and if the business does not appear on the first page of Google, they may as well not appear at all. People stop looking on Google after the first page. Therefore, it doesnít make much sense for business owners to create a website that isnít going to get ranked high on Google.

There are simpler and easier not to mention cheaper ways that businesses can create an online presence in order to get search results, but more importantly to generate the very important Google online review. Edmontons business consultant says Google online reviews are extremely important to businesses, even more businesses than websites. The reason for this is because 88% of ideal buyers will look at the Google reviews before making any purchasing decision. Therefore websites without Google reviews will miss out on this opportunity. Creating a Google my business page is simple and fast and very inexpensive says Edmonton business consultant. Any business in existence should be able to have one and not only is this important, it is even more important than a website.

Edmontons business consultant says that it is definitely more worthwhile business owners to put their time and energy into increasing their five-star Google reviews rather than on creating a website. The reason for that is the way Google analytics works is a business with 40 five-star Google reviews will always outperform a business that has a great website but no Google reviews. Itís significantly more important that a business has 40 five-star reviews then our website. There are many ways that businesses can go about getting five-star Google reviews from their customers, but it should be the number one priority.

A business will be able to tell that they are ready for a website says Edmonton top business consultant when they have a minimum of 40 five-star reviews and they have enough content to create a webpage. How much content does a business need in order to create a webpage as Edmonton business consultant. A minimum place to start is to have 6000 words. The more pages website has with over 1000 words on each page, will rank higher. However 6000 words is just a starting point. The more pages with over a thousand words on it, the better. before getting a website, businesses should focus on increasing their Google reviews and getting content ready to put on their website.