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Edmonton Business Consultant | When Should Businesses Get Websites

New entrepreneurs often believe that one of the first things that they need to do in their business to help them market their business is a website says Edmonton business consultant. While having websites can be extremely important for business, is not the most important thing.

Businesses need to have an online presence, but they donít have to do that with a webpage. A More economical and faster option that businesses can utilize immediately is by creating a Google my business page. The reason why this is so important says 10 digital marketing is because this will allow business owners to be able to start generating online reviews immediately. This is extremely important for several reasons. The first reason is because almost 90% of a businesses ideal and likely buyers will look at Google reviews before making their decision. The more reviews a business has on their Google my business page, the more likely those potential clients will make a purchasing decision in favour of the business. Another reason why itís so important to have many Google reviews, is because one of the ways Google ranks websites is by number of Google reviews it has. Before a business should worry about creating website, they should ensure that they have a minimum of 40 Google reviews.

Once a business has 40 reviews and they believe they are ready to have a website, there are several things they should keep in mind says Edmonton business consultant. Having 40 Reviews Is Important Way that they can get ranked higher by the Google search engines, but another way they get ranks is by having the most HTML content. Businesses should aim for having a minimum of 6000 words on their webpages in order to get ranks higher by Google. The more pages they have with over a thousand words on them, the higher they will be ranked.

Business owners can achieve content on the page number of ways, but one of the most effective way says Edmontons business consultant is by creating videos. They can make videos as a way of creating words by speaking them. Itís much easier to speak a thousand words and the right to them. A business owner can create videos and then transcribe them. When they post them on the website that creates the thousand words they need to. The more videos they have, the more words their website will have. Not only is an effective tool in making videos says Edmonton business consultant, but creating many videos can allow the business owner to effectively communicate who they are and what they do.

By learning how to maximize the number of reviews a business has on their Google my business page, and by creating a large amount of content, business owners can be prepared for when they are ready to spend the money on a webpage. Once they have this information, they can create a webpage knowing that they will be able to rank higher on Google, in order to maximize the number of clicks they can get because they will be more likely to appear on page 1.

Entrepreneurs often think that websites are the magical tools they need in order to increase their business says Edmonton best business consultant. Unfortunately just by creating a website, doesnít mean that website will be effective. Websites need to have a number of things in order for Google to rank them higher on the search engine. Websites that do not appear on page 1 of the Google search may as well not exist, because no one will look on page 2. If what consumers are searching for doesnít appear on the first page, they donít look further than that.

There are four ways in total that Google ranks websites for their search engine. These four ways include, Google canonical compliance, website mobile compliance, most Google reviews, and most HTML content. That leaves to mean things that are in a business owners control for helping their website get ranked higher on the search engine. The first is the most Google reviews. Edmontons business consultant says if the business has no Google reviews, even if it is an amazing website, it will not rank as high as a business that has 40 five-star reviews but no webpage. Itís extremely important that a business has not only some Google reviews, but many of them. Until a business has a minimum of 40 reviews, there is no need in creating a website says Edmonton business consultant.

The second way that business owners control how to get ranked higher by Google says Edmonton business consultant, is through having the most HTML content. This can be achieved by creating the most pages with over a thousand words on each page. A minimum starting point should be a website that has six pages with over a thousand words per page. Once they have created their website, they can keep adding content to it. The easiest way to get to a thousand words is not by writing them says Edmonton top business consultant but by speaking them. Business owners can create videos, then transcribe them and post the video and the transcription on their websites. Itís quite easy to get to a thousand words, so the more videos, the more words.

These are two great ways that businesses can increase the effectiveness of their website. But they must start the work before they create the website says Edmonton business consultant. By starting to get reviews as soon as they open their business is key, and working to get Google reviews should be and effort that a business never stops working to achieve. Once a business owner can tap into this, they will be able to rank higher on Google searches, making their website actually function the way they are hoping. By communicating their brand and what they do, and helping them land customers.