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Edmonton Business Consultant | What Questions to Ask During an Interview

When entrepreneurs are trying to find employees to work in their business says Edmonton business consultant. They may realize that they are not finding great people. But often blame their interview style, techniques or the questions that they are asking.

And in fact, many business owners may spend considerable amount of time. Trying to figure out the best question to ask the candidates the interview. In order to be able to find who the best candidate is.

When the problem is not with the questions that they are asking. But the problem is with the style of interview they are conducting. Because they are not meeting enough people to ensure one of them is the right candidate.

However, business owners often utilize the one on one interview method. Simply because it is the only one that they are familiar with. Even if it is not helping them find the right quality of people.

This is why Edmonton business consultant teaches entrepreneurs how to conduct group interviews. Because it can help entrepreneurs meet a larger number of people. To increase the chances of one of those people that they meet, being the right fit for their business.

In order to conduct a group interview, business owners need to ensure that they are structuring it the right way. To ensure they are maximizing the opportunities to identify the right people.

The first thing that they will do in the interview itself, is read to the company overview. Including the mission, vision and values of the business. So that all the candidates know exactly what the business is about, and what the business is accomplishing.

The next thing that business owners will do during the interview. Is ask the candidates to ask whatever questions they have. So that they can be as comfortable as possible. With the business, and the job.

Often, many candidates will have the same questions. And by asking them in a group setting, can help a business owner minimize the duplicate questions. They would likely have to spend a lot of time on during one-on-one interviews.

The next thing that business owners will do, is simply ask each candidate one question. And look for the answer that will tell them if the candidate would be a good fit for their business or not.

And that one question is: why do you want to work here? While it seems like a very simple question, is owners need to understand the answer that they are looking for says Edmonton business consultant.

And that answer the business owners are looking for. Will be if the candidates connect with the mission, vision and values of the business. And if they share those values.

Because the candidates that do share the values. And want to help the business owner accomplish their goals. Are going to be the right candidates for the business. And will likely work harder, and stay longer at a business.

If they are doing work that they feel has substance, and is accomplishing a goal that is important to them. They will be less likely to quit, because they have been offered a job making one dollar an hour more.

And that will help business owners not only have the right people in their business. But the right candidates will also stay longer in their business. Making it is likely that a business owner will have to replace them after only a short amount of time.

If entrepreneurs are still conducting one-on-one interviews, Edmonton business consultant says they are most likely struggling. Because this is not an effective form of finding employees for small businesses.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not being able to find or keep staff is one of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Causing 23% of failed businesses to close the doors to their business.

And while this is an extremely common struggle for small businesses in Canada. It is an extremely easy problem to avoid says Edmonton business consultant. If business owners are able to learn how to conduct group interviews instead.

While many business owners may hesitates. They often say that large organizations can conduct one-on-one interviews. And are able to find extremely talented staff. So they reason that they should be able to do the same.

However, the reason why large organizations can utilize a one on one interview method effectively. Is because they have the resources, and the time to be able to make this effective.

Large organizations will have an entire HR department. Who will be able to interview as many candidates as they want or need. To be able to find the right candidate for their business, and the most talented staff members.

Whether they interview every day, every week or every month. They have the time to be able to do this. While small Canadian entrepreneurs not have the time to do that. Especially because they barely have the time to be able to do all of their strategic priorities.

Therefore, small business owners should not hold onto one-on-one interviews. Because they are effective for some businesses. But learn what is an effective interview strategy for small businesses.

This is where the group interview is very beneficial says Edmonton business consultant. Because it can help entrepreneurs meet a larger number of candidates. In a shorter amount of time. So that they are more likely to meet someone who is the right fit for their business.

And figuring out who that candidate is can be very easy. When business owners know what question to ask during the interview process. The entire interview should last about an hour.

Whether business owners are meeting two or three candidates, or if twenty or more people have shown up to the interview. And the one question that they should ask. Is why do you want to work here?

They are looking for people who have the same values as the business and the entrepreneur. And candidates who align with the mission and vision of the business. Because they will work hard to help an entrepreneur accomplish that.

While they may need to interview hundred people or more to find the people who align with their own values. When they conduct group interviews on a regular basis. They will eventually meet the right person. And by asking the right questions during the interview. Business owners will know who those candidates are.