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Edmonton Business Consultant | What Is A Google Places Listing

Industry Canada says that the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is extremely high, with 50% of all entrepreneurs feeling in the first five years, Edmonton business consultant says that entrepreneurs can alter that failure rate for themselves if they know the right things to do. That same study said that out of those failed entrepreneurs, forty-two of them said the reason why their business failed was that they were not able to find the right customers for their product. Businesses can locate the right customers with the proper sales and marketing approach. However, many entrepreneurs are not aware of it, or their and able to implement it in their business. Therefore, businesses first opened up, the things that they can do that can help them find the right customers as quickly as possible in their business so that they can be successful.

The very first thing that entrepreneurs should do once they open their business according to Edmonton business consultant is to create a Google my business page, or a Google places site. But this actually is, is a listing in Google that shows the business to people who are searching for that business or that service. It contains a map, and entrepreneurs can put things like their hours, and pictures of their business. However, the most important aspect of Google my business page or the Google places site is that it allows customers to start leaving Google reviews for businesses. In fact, an entrepreneur will be able to generate any Google reviews until they have this site set up for their business.

The best thing about this Google my business page according to Edmonton business consultant is that it does not cost anything to set up. Therefore, it gives an extremely high return on investment, and it works whether an entrepreneur has a webpage or any social media or not. A business owner should be able to successfully set up their Google places site in a single afternoon and start appearing in search results as well as start getting Google reviews.

The reason why getting Google reviews is so important for entrepreneurs is because an extremely high number of consumers actually look at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. In fact, studies have shown that 88% of customers are looking at Google reviews prior to visiting a business. With the high number of consumers that are taking this information into consideration, businesses need to ensure that they are staying relevant to consumers by getting Google reviews as quickly as they can.

By being aware of how important Google reviews are for their business, Edmonton business consultant says that entrepreneurs can create systems in their business that will ensure that they consistently as well as their staff consistently ask customers for reviews. By keeping this at the top of everyoneís mind, business owners can be sure that they can start generating new leads and converting those leads into customers simply by asking the consumers for reviews.

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Is A Google Places Listing

One of the mistakes that entrepreneurs make, is seen that they are having revenue problems, and think that minimizing their expenses can help them say Edmonton business consultant. Instead, the answer to their problem is actually finding more customers and generating more sales. This is a struggle for most entrepreneurs, but if an entrepreneur has not already set up their Google places site, then they should.

Business owners should be aware that the more Google reviews they have for their business, the more serious customers are going to take those reviews, and will make the decision to purchase with them over there competition. Knowing what number to aim for can help entrepreneurs keep their focus, and continued to ask clients to leave them Google reviews. According to the Edmonton business consultant, that number is forty. Not only is that important for Google algorithms, in order to help rank that business higher in search results, but that number is also important to consumers as well. If a business has just a few, or even a dozen or more, customers might not take the reviews seriously, because it can be easy for the business to ask dozen friends and family to leave reviews. However, by the time a business has forty or more reviews, consumers start taking those reviews seriously, because of there clearly true reviews.

This is so important to businesses according to Edmonton’s business consultant, that this should be an entrepreneur’s plan even before they start spending money on a website, or purchasing ads online. The reason why is even if they have a great website, or they are able to generate a lot of leads due to the ads, by not having the Google reviews that can help turn those leads into consumers, it is just wasting business owners’ money. Therefore, it is very important that business owners get their Google places site, and aim to get as many reviews as they possibly can.

Many entrepreneurs ask Edmonton business consultant if they need to worry about Google reviews if they generate leads primarily through referrals or word-of-mouth. However, no matter what an entrepreneur is doing to generate those leads, those leads are looking at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. Businesses will simply close less business if they have no Google reviews.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts that business owners can take that will help them get Google reviews more efficiently. The best way that business owners can generate Google reviews according to Edmonton’s business consultant is to ask every customer consistently and follow-up until they say yes. It is not uncommon for consumers to say yes the Lee review and then not leave one. By following up and being consistent can help ensure that an entrepreneur is getting as many reviews as possible can get.

By learning how to get Google reviews, and know that they must get a minimum of forty in their business can help entrepreneurs convert their leads into customers, which will help them avoid the number one reason why businesses fail. By addressing this early on other businesses can help entrepreneurs grow and become successful.