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Edmonton Business Consultant | What Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Reviews On Google

Many entrepreneurs are often searching for the next great way to attract customers with no money and no effort says Edmonton business consultant. However, industry Canada says that one of the largest problems that entrepreneurs face in business is the inability to find new customers. Therefore, they should look at what works, so that they can do the same thing in their business in order to find new customers and grow. One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do, is getting a Google my business page and start obtaining reviews.

Many entrepreneurs have no idea why it is so important for their business to have a Googleís places listing, and to start getting reviews. However, Edmonton business consultant says that 88% of all customers making a purchasing decision look at Google reviews and factor those reviews into their decision-making process. Therefore, it is extremely important that not only does a business have a significant number of Google reviews, that they simply have a Google places site to start, so that they can start asking for and receiving Google reviews.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they can either spend money on a great website or drive traffic to their business they purchasing Google ads and therefore bypassing the need to get Google reviews. However, not only does this not work, but it also ends up wasting entrepreneurs money. Especially if the business is new, they should avoid spending money unnecessarily in their business. It does not matter how much money they spend on a great website, or on Google ads if the business does not have Google reviews those customers that are looking for that service will take the lack of Google reviews into consideration.

One of the most important considerations to getting a Google places site on Google according to Edmonton business consultant is that it does not cost anything to create. This is great news for business owners, especially when they are new in business because they typically are running. Short on funds. Therefore, everything that they can do that is inexpensive or free is great. Not only is Google places free, but it is also extremely effective.

By understanding how important Google reviews are to a business, entrepreneurs can start building it into the culture of their business to ask and get their employees to ask for reviews. Edmonton business consultant suggests getting a script that their staff can follow that asks customers for review. By engaging in the script on a regular basis, can build the habit of asking customers for reviews. The next thing that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind is asking customers once it does not guarantee they will leave the review, therefore they need to ask and follow-up until they do.

Asking customers repeatedly for reviews takes work, but the return on investment is absolutely huge. Businesses may be able to avoid the single most common reason why businesses in Canada fail, and be able to grow their business very effectively simply by learning how to ask their customers for Google reviews.

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Reviews On Google

One of the biggest questions that Edmonton business consultant gets from customers is what expenses they need to cut and their business when their revenue starts decreasing. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not about expense minimizing, but instead, a business owner needs to focus on generating more sales in their business. By generating more sales, and converting more leads into buying customers is going to help ensure that an entrepreneur starts increasing their cash flow.

One of the most effective ways that entrepreneurs can convert leads into purchasers is by increasing the number of Google reviews that a business has. Most customers not only look at Google reviews but take those reviews and consideration when making their purchase. However, there is a certain number that entrepreneurs need to have in reviews before customers will give those reviews significant weight. Edmonton business consultant says that the number is around forty or more reviews. The reason why is because the fewer reviews a business has, the more likely that those reviews are the businesses employees, friends and family. Once a business has more than forty, it starts becoming more difficult for those reviews to be simply friends and family, and customers start paying attention to them more.

In addition to ensuring that customers are paying more attention to the reviews, but when an entrepreneur has forty or more Google reviews on their Google places site, Google algorithms will start ranking them higher in search engine results. Therefore, it is not only important for entrepreneurs to focus on simply getting reviews for their business, but get to that number of forty, and to do that as quickly as possible.

There is no fast way for entrepreneurs to get to those Google reviews over and above asking for customers to give them reviews. They can offer to teach their clients how to do so, and even offered to give them discounts of their service if they leave a Google review for their business. Business owners who are very brand-new may even be offered to do work pro bono in order to get Google reviews. The important thing for entrepreneurs to note says Edmonton Business Consultant, once they start getting Google reviews, Lee able to convert more leads into customers, which will increase their ability to ask those customers for reviews as well.

By learning how important it is for businesses to have Google reviews, entrepreneurs can create a plan that can help them get to forty reviews as quickly as they can, and then continue getting more reviews as they grow. By continually asking for more reviews, entrepreneurs will be able to convert more leads into consumers and continue to grow their business. all entrepreneurs in a matter of how long they have been in business, or how new they are benefited by setting up their Google places site and start generating reviews.