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Edmonton Business Consultant | Website Strategies For Increased Traffic

Many business owners think that one of the most significant things they can do in order to increase their business is to create a website says Edmonton business consultant. Generating new business is extremely important for entrepreneurs because 50% of all Canadian businesses will go out of business in the first five years, and out of all of those entrepreneurs, 42% of them will say that not have enough customers was the reason for their failure. Since not having enough customers is huge reason why business owners out of business, they needs to do everything in their power in order to generate business and market their company as soon as they open the doors to their business. Unfortunately, merely creating a website is not the solution to instantly generating traffic for their business. The reason for that is because even with an amazing website, if that website does not appear in page 1 of Google search results, consumers will not be able to find that website to click on it.

Business owners also need to consider if creating traffic to their website is the most important thing that they need to spend money on immediately in their business. One of the better strategies says Edmontons business consultant is helping business owners generate Google reviews for their business as quickly as possible. The reason for this says Edmonton business consultant is Google reviews can help businesses close deals. Ideal consumers and likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews while making their purchasing decisions. Businesses that do not have any Google reviews, or have very few Google reviews will be less likely that they will get those purchases then if they have more Google reviews. In fact, Edmontons business consultant says a business that has 40 Google reviews that are five stars will outperform a business that has a great website but no Google reviews.

Another reason why creating Google reviews is extremely important to businesses, is because that is one of the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking businesses in their search engine results. The more Google reviews a business has, and the higher up they get ranked in the search engine. This is extremely important for businesses to know so that when they are ready to create their website, they will be able to start the website with a higher Google ranking than they would if they did not generate any Google reviews first says Edmonton business consultant.

There are many reasons why business owners should immediately start generating Google reviews for their business, and ranking higher in Google search engine results is only one of them. Potential customers will make their purchasing decisions based on how many Google reviews a business has, and simply by having Google reviews in place can ensure that a business can outperform businesses that have a great website but no Google reviews. With this information in mind, entrepreneurs should take special consideration whether that they should pour their money into a website first, or if they should save their money and maximize their review potential.

One of the struggles that entrepreneurs have in business today says Edmonton business consultant is trying to find customers for their business. The reason why this is so difficult for so many businesses, is 50% of all Canadian businesses will close the doors to their business within five years, and that 42% of those failed entrepreneurs will go on to list the lack of customers as a reason for their business failure. Business owners need to generate business for themselves as soon as possible and there been new business, and then never stop.

Many entrepreneurs believe that one of the ways that they can accomplish this, is by creating a website. Websites may be an important business tool, but they donít necessarily need to be the very first expenditure that a business has once they open the doors to their businesses Edmonton business consultant. The reason for that, is because websites donít guarantee traffic. And if customers can find or arenít finding that websites, the business owner has spent a lot of money and not getting a return on their investment. A much better return on investment says Edmontons business consultant, is by creating a Google my business page. This is often a better place to start not only because it takes far less time and money, but because same day that a business owner signs up for one, they can start appearing in searches for their business. As well, 88% of ideal customers will look at a businesses Google review in the process of making their decision for to purchase from. This is an extremely high percentage of people who take Google reviews into consideration when spending their money. Business owners need to be ready to take advantage of this fact.

Another way that business owners can ensure that their website is giving them the biggest bang for their buck, is by creating a lot of content for it. The reason for this is Edmontons business consultant, is because the more HTML content a website has, the higher Google winks it in search engine results. The reason for this, is because Google sees more content as more relevant to peopleís search terms. Business owners may be overwhelmed with the idea of trying to create so much content for the website, but it doesnít need to be overly complicated says Edmonton business consultant. What business owners can do very simply, is create videos of themselves talk about important business matters, or something youíre passionate about. They then transcribe those videos, and that creates the content for their website. 10 minutes of talking roughly translates into a thousand words.

There are several things that business owners can do to ensure they maximize their website, and there are several things that they can do before they even create a website that will help them generate business for their company as soon as possible.