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Edmonton Business Consultant | Valuable Online Marketing Strategies

Many business owners who may be wondering if itís actually important to create a website for their business, and if it is important, when should they plan on creating that website for their business says Edmonton business consultant in this age of social media, many business owners are wondering if creating a website is the most effective online strategy for their business, and if it is a good strategy, when is the best time for them to create that.

Edmonton business consultant says that while websites are still a great tool that businesses can use in order to increase their business, itís definitely not the first strategy business owners should worry about in their business. A much more effective strategy, and it great first step for businesses is to set up a Google my business page. The reason for that says Edmontons business consultant is because it can allow businesses to easily appear on page 1 of Google searches, it will allow customers to find them, but most importantly it will allow customers to leave Google reviews for the business.

Many entrepreneurs may wonder why generating Google reviews is so important for their business. Edmonton businesses consultant says the reason that it is so important is because almost 90% of likely buyers of a businesses products or services will look at that businesses Google reviews before they decide to make their purchase. The number of Google reviews a business has or not can and does greatly influence that purchasing decision. A great effective online strategy for businesses should be to generate as many Google reviews as they can for their business as quickly as possible.

Many businesses wonder if they can bypass the needs to have Google reviews by purchasing Google ads. Edmontons business consultant says while purchasing Google ads can help business appear higher up in search results, it will help them complete the sale, because potential buyers will click on that ad and see the Google reviews and still make their purchasing decision.

Another reason why itís so important for businesses to have online Google reviews right away says Edmonton business consultant, is that when they are ready to create their website, one of the ways that they can increase the possibility of landing on the first page of Google, is by having more Google reviews. Google takes into consideration how many Google reviews a business has, and factors that into how far up the search results they get. The more Google reviews, the higher up they are. By working early and often to generate many Google reviews for their business, entrepreneurs can tap into this search engine optimization tool.

While there are many online marketing strategies that businesses can utilize to increase their business, they should not overlook the very important Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant says this is definitely one of the more important aspects businesses should aim for. Whether they decide to create a website or not, this strategy will be effective for businesses now and in the future.

Entrepreneurs have so many choices when it comes to different ways they can market their business online says Edmontons business consultant. They may be faced with a plethora of choices including creating websites, that business owners may truly wonder if websites are important for businesses any more these days. While it is extremely important for businesses to be online as a part of their marketing strategy, Edmonton business consultant says that creating a website can be an important tool, but must be done in a strategic way in order to maximize its effects.

When businesses are developing their website, they should understand some basic rules about how Google uses search engine optimization to rank various websites in their search engine. Two of the ways that Google ranks businesses is through the most Google reviews, and the most HTML content. The more content a website has, the more Google sees them as an authority and of relevant search results and ranks that websites higher. Business owners should be prepared in order to start their website, they will need to have around 6000 words. Business owners should start creating content for their website early and often in order to get as much content as will be helpful in their Google ranking. Many businesses have the homepage, a page highlighting their team, a list of services, contact page. All of these pages can have over a thousand words on them, to give the website a good start at having a high amount of content. Business owners may be very daunted by the task of trying to create even more content than that.

Creating content for website doesnít need to be difficult if business owners know how to do it says Edmonton business consultant. Itís much easier to speak words than to type them. So by utilizing that theory, if business owners made videos of them speaking about their business, they would be able to transcribe the videos and post them online to create their content. A good rule of thumb says Edmontons business consultant is for every 10 minutes of video, that translates into about thousand written words. It should be fairly easy for a business owner to speak about topics that they know very well and are very passionate about. Business owners can aim to start to with 14 ten minute videos on YouTube, which will give them 14,000 words further website and a great start.

By maximizing the amount of content that they can create for the website, business owners can ensure that when they are ready to launch their website, they will be able to rank high up in the Google searches and be able to generate a lot of traffic on their website easily and naturally. Until business owners have this content ready to go, they donít need to worry about rushing to get their websites off the ground.