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Edmonton Business Consultant | Using A Website Effectively

Entrepreneurs often believe that the first thing that they should create their online presence is a website says Edmonton business consultant. While websites can be great tools for businesses, businesses donít necessarily need to develop a website yet. Thereís more important and effective tools that businesses can use that can help them market their business effectively now and for more budget friendly cost.

Businesses often think that simply by creating a website, they will be able to generate traffic for their business and start growing their business immediately. Edmonton business consultant says itís not quite that easy to increase business simply by creating a website. Ring website is an investment both with money and time, and if time is not invested in ensuring that that website can rank high in search engine results, that time and money may be wasted if nobody can ever see it. Instead, a great marketing strategy, especially for branding businesses is to create a Google my business page. The reason why this is effective says Edmontons business consultant, is because this will allow businesses to turn up on page 1 of searches, and will allow businesses to start to generate Google reviews for their business.

When ideal consumers search for a business to purchase from, 88% of them will look at a businesses Google review in order to make their decision on whether to purchase from them or not. Businesses with no reviews or fewer than 40 reviews often donít get the sale. By working as early as possible in the startup of their business, to generate Google reviews in their business, business owners can start to maximize the potential of increasing their business through online search engine.

Entrepreneurs also need to understand that despite how their ideal consumer finds them, whether itís online, through word-of-mouth referrals, ideal consumers will look up the businesses Google review in order to decide if they will purchase from the company or not. Even for businesses that get all their business through word-of-mouth referrals, having Google reviews is a positive thing even for them.

Business owners may wonder what they best or minimum number of Google reviews they should have on their Google my business page is says Edmonton businesses consultant. And that number is 40. Businesses with 40 reviews will be seen as a successful company to have generated a number of reviews that is hard to fake, but also inspires confidence in consumers. Less than 40, and consumers tend to lack of confidence that the business will be able to provide the product or service that they want.

In fact says Edmonton business consultant, businesses that have 40 Google reviews but no website will perform better than a company that has a great website but no Google reviews. Google reviews are that important to businesses online marketing strategy.

Businesses can positively impact their marketing strategies simply by creating a Google my business page and generating Google reviews for their business. This is a much more effective strategy for businesses than creating a website, at least in the beginning of their business.

Business owners are often at a loss for what the most important thing they should work on when they are considering their marketing strategies says Edmontons business consultant. Should they do social media, if so what social media is important, should be create a website, should they get a YouTube channel. There are so many variables that businesses need to consider that it can sometimes be hard deciding what to do and what to do first.

Edmontons business consultant says that out of all of the options that exist, the number one thing that they should do in their business is to create a Google my business page. The reason for that says Edmonton business consultant is because that page will work for them no matter what other marketing strategies they use. By having that page, their business will immediately be searchable by Google, and often they can get ranked on the first page simply by creating that by completing that profile. Not only that says Edmontons business consultant, but it is also cost effective.

Edmonton business consultant says that creating a website can be effective for many businesses, but businesses should be aware of how to rank that website high up in Google searches, in order to get the most out of that website. Many entrepreneurs believe that simply by creating website will allow them to rank on the first page of Google, but it is much more complicated than that. There are people whose entire livelihoods are devoted to helping businesses get on and stay on page 1 of Google. Thatís why having a Google my business page is so powerful, because it allows business to be on page 1 of Google without the cost associated with creating a website.

Business owners often also wonder if they need to get a YouTube channel and Edmontons business consultant says this is actually one recommendation they agree with especially of the websites is in that businesses future. The reason for this is the way they can increase their ranking in Google searches is by creating the most HTML content than anyone else. 1 Effective Way of creating that content says Edmonton business consultant is by creating videos. Business owners can create videos on topics they are extremely knowledgeable about and passion about. By bringing on guests who can ask them questions about their business, business owners can generate a lot of content very easily just by speaking. Once they create a 10 minute video, they can transcribe that and that is a thousand words of content. Every 10 minutes of speaking, that translates into thousand words of content. By working on one video per week, business owners can come up with thousands of words to eventually put on their website which will help them rank very high on Google searches.