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Edmonton Business Consultant | Useful Online Marketing Strategies

Entrepreneurs donít always understand online marketing when they begin their business, and that leaves them wondering what the best strategy is that they should take to generate interest in their business right away says Edmonton business consultant. There are several things that a business owner can keep in mind and learn when they first start the business in order to allow them to make great decisions about how to effectively market their business online.

The first thing that business owners can understand when it comes to online marketing strategies, is that when it comes to Google searches, they need to be on page 1 or nothing else matters. No consumers who are looking for product or service will search passed page 1. If the business canít appear on page 1 of the search engine results, they should understand that customers will not find them says Edmontons business consultant. There are several ways that businesses can increase their potential landing on page 1, but by understanding that that needs to be the goal is the first step in achieving.

Business owners also believe that simply by creating their website they will be able to appear on page 1 of Google searches. This is unfortunately not truces Edmonton business consultant. If it was that easy to appear on page 1, more businesses would be creating webpages a lot more often. Thereís a lot of different variables that go into where webpages appear in online searches.

Even though new websites will not appear on page 1 of Google searches, business owners should know that there Google my business listing will actually be more likely to show up on page 1 of Google that webpage. This is extremely important knowledge to have, because while creating a webpage takes significant time and money, business owners can create their Google my business page very easily in a day and start generating results for their business immediately says Edmonton businesses consultant.

The third thing that business owners should keep in mind when theyíre creating their online marketing strategy, is that almost 90% of their ideal customers will look at businesses Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. Businesses with either low Google reviews are no Google reviews will not be viewed favourably by customers.

Many business owners believe that if they focus on word-of-mouth referrals, or off-line strategies that they wonít need to worry about their Google reviews or any online marketing for that matter. Unfortunately says Edmonton business consultant, even word-of-mouth referrals will go online to review the business before they make their purchasing decision. That 88% of likely buyers is the same percentage whether they are word-of-mouth referrals for online consumers. Business owners should understand that even if their business is primarily referral based, they will be able to get even more referrals by having more Google reviews on their Google my business page.

Edmontons business consultant says these are some simple simple things to keep in mind when businesses are creating their online strategy in order to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing.

Many entrepreneurs are unaware of all of the options that are available to them through digital marketing says Edmonton business consultant, by learning some simple ways they can generate business online, can help them develop a marketing strategy that will see them increasing their business with consistent effort.

Business owners that understand that Google reviews are an effective way of converting potential buyers into customers, can create strategies to increase the number of Google reviews that they are able to generate for their business. Edmontons business consultant says business owners should understand what the optimum amount of reviews they should aim for for reaching social influence and search engine optimization. That magic number is 40. The reason why business owners should get 40 Google reviews on their page is in order to be seen as legitimate and and and industry experts. Consumers believe that it can be much easier for business that is not as good to be able to get some Google reviews through family and friends, however 40 reviews is seen as a much more legitimate number. Itís less likely that a business would be able to create 40 false Google reviews, which gives the business credibility when consumers are looking at the number of reviews a business has. By setting the goal for 40 online reviews, business owners can ensure that they are working towards number that will help them increase business.

Something else that business owners can take into consideration when they are creating their marketing strategy says Edmonton business consultant, is that even if they donít have a webpage, their business with 40 five-star reviews will outperform any business that has a great website but no reviews. Business owners may be surprised to hear that, however that shows the importance of generating those Google reviews over creating websites. By remembering this, business owners can keep top of mind strategy to continually generate Google reviews for their business.

Often, business owners may believe that they will be able to bypass that need for Google reviews by purchasing Google ads in order to increase how high they appear in searches. However, while buying Google ads may help a business owner appear closer to the top says Edmonton business consultant, it will not actually help them close any sales. The reason for that is because when a customer will click on that ad, when they see the lack of Google reviews, they will continue to use that as a guide for their online purchases. It may even work against a business owner, by having that consumer click on their ad, and then utilizing competitors service because they have many more Google reviews.

By keeping these important digital marketing strategies in mind when they open their business, business owners can use Google reviews to increase the number of potential customers into buyers, and continue growing their business.