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Edmonton Business Consultant | Typical Questions Entrepreneurs Have About Google Reviews

Many business owners struggle with finding customers for their business says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, industry Canada did some research and discovered that there is an extremely high failure rate of entrepreneurs in this country. 15% of all entrepreneurs fail within their first year of business, 30% of all entrepreneurs fail within their second year, and 50% have failed by year five. This is extremely high, but the number one reason why businesses fail is that they are not able to find customers for their product or service. With this being the most common reason why businesses fail, all businesses matter how long they have been in business or how new they are to come up with a plan to overcome that problem so that they can succeed.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do is generate Google reviews for their business. The reason for this says Edmonton business consultant is because 88% of customers not only look for Google reviews in business but use those Google reviews to guide whether or not to purchase from that business or not. Therefore, business owners will simply be maximizing the number of customers that will go to them and by-product if they simply increase the number of Google reviews they have for their business.

Even though this seems like a simple thing to do, especially when the price point is free, Edmonton business consultant says the reason why more businesses do not take this approach is that there are no shortcuts to get this accomplished. There is nothing that they can buy, they can download, no service they can employ that is going to be as effective as an entrepreneur simply putting time and effort into increasing the number of reviews they have for their business. There are many questions that entrepreneurs have about generate Google reviews for their business that can help them accomplish this goal and increase their business.

The first question that business owners have for Edmonton business consultant when they hear about Google reviews is how many Google reviews do I need. While the exact number is not entirely known due to the secrecy of the Google algorithms, the generally agreed-upon number is forty Google reviews in order to be relevant. That number is important for a couple of reasons. The first being that is the number of reviews business needs in order to be taken seriously by customers. The fewer reviews and entrepreneur has in their business, the less likely customer is going to accept those reviews at face value. The second reason is when a business has forty reviews, they will most likely be able to start appearing higher up in Google search results. This can help ensure that entrepreneurs are getting seen more often, which will help them convert more leads into purchasing customers.

When entrepreneurs are able to understand the reason why Google reviews are so important for their business, they can put the time and effort required into accomplishing this goal, so that they can grow their business, and help all of their other marketing efforts become even more successful.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Typical Questions Entrepreneurs Have About Google Reviews

One assumption entrepreneurs often make when it comes to seeing the cash flow in their business says Edmonton business consultant, is that when their revenue is sliding, they need to cut expenses wherever possible. Instead, what they should be doing instead is focusing on generating more sales in their business. One way that they can do that is to engage in more marketing activities. When the most effective marketing activities that they can engage in, is increasing the number of Google reviews they have in their business.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs have questions about this from not understanding how effective it is, to think that they have come up with a marketing system that is more effective. Therefore they ask Edmonton business consultant several questions that can help convince them that this is the route they want to take. The first question is should an entrepreneur spend money on developing a website before they focus on getting Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant would recommend against this. Not only do entrepreneurs have very limited cash flow when their new in business, but it does not matter how nice or fancy their website is, if they are not able to get people to purchase their product because they do not have enough Google reviews to give confidence to consumers, it is a waste of their money.

The next question that entrepreneurs often have is can they bypass doing Google reviews for their business and instead spend money on getting Google ads in their business? Edmonton business consultant says this will be the same answer as the website. Do not recommend entrepreneurs spend any money on Google ads before they have a minimum of forty reviews on their website. The reason why is because they can drive a lot of traffic to their business, but if those consumers are not seeing the Google reviews necessary, they will be using those businesses services.

Even entrepreneurs that say that they generate all of their leads through word-of-mouth referrals, Edmonton business consultant would recommend that they also focus on getting Google reviews for their business. Even though their generating leads in a different way, those leads are still going to be looking at the businesses Google reviews in a way to guide their purchasing decisions.

When entrepreneurs understand how vital having Google reviews are to their entire marketing initiatives, they can spend the time and effort required to get as many Google reviews as they need. However, Edmonton business consultant says business owners should never get complacent and think that they have enough. Once they get forty, they should continue adding Google reviews consistently for the lifetime of their business. By doing this, entrepreneurs will maximize their chances of turning leads into customers and continuing to grow their business.