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Edmonton Business Consultant | This Is an Ideal Work Week

Some may find that, contrary to Edmonton Business Consultant teachings, freedom lives and running your own business. They may think that being the boss equates to a less stressful week, with less hours worked. However, according to industry Canada, 15% of businesses fail in one year, 30% failed by year two, and 50% fail by year five. Owning your own business can in fact be a means to an end. But it is not an easy road.

Gary Keller is the author of the book called the one thing. He uses the quote “time on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time.” So what does that mean. People aren’t at all perfect. It takes hard work to succeed. Talent all by itself does not necessarily mean success in your life or at work.

There are however a hint to make your week potentially go easier, suggests Edmonton Business Consultant. The term batching tasks means to put in bunch tasks together in order to make them quick and easy to do. As well, don’t forget about the MVP, or the minimal viable product. These are talked about and included in the book. There are some great principles that Mr. Keller talks about that we can all learn from.

As mentioned, time and effort will be talent every single time. Just think about all of the people that you know that have made their millions and are successful entrepreneurs. They did not get that overnight. It took a lot of effort and more time than just the proverbial 40 hour work week.

Quitting your day job or your regular job to start businesses to potentially improve your work life balance can be a very costly and life altering mistake. You will easily not be working any less if you own your own business, particularly in the first few years. Contrary to that, Edmonton business consultant states, you will more than likely be working far more hours. Next paragraph yes owning your own business can be a wonderful dream and goal in the long term. But it is just that, a long-term goal you need to expect when starting a business that it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. You will be expected a lot of hard work and may be expecting a lot of sleepless nights for many years to come.

It is true that we develop motivation from progress, however happiness as well, is correlated to progress, instead of worrying about immediate gratification focus on jobs that you need to get done in order to meet your long term goals. If you ever feel down, remember that you may find small accomplishments in everyday situations.

When you start your own business you should find yourself becoming more disciplined with all aspects of your life. Practice being regimented and getting your routines committed to memory. If you do so you may be able to hire somebody to free up some time for yourself.

Edmonton business consultant | 4 hour work weeks versus 80 hour work weeks

A useful topic of conversation and a dream of many is to be able to leave your day job to start your own business, says Edmonton business consultant. For many, this can be done, but not without many years of disciplined and regimented work and hard hours.

The 40 hour work week does not exist when you own your own business. It may be the wrong decision if you feel as though you want to leave your regular job to decrease your hours and increase your quality of life. As a matter of fact, if you start your own business expects to be working far more hours for the first few years as you attempt to get your business off the ground and money coming in. Expect that revenue will not be coming in while you build your company’s name, it’s product, and its reputation.

Time freedom should absolutely be one of the main reasons why you start the business. It can be a goal, however be aware that should be a long-term goal. Your life, your freedom, and the time spent with your family may become less before comes more. In the long run though, it may be worthwhile.

A good start, says Edmonton business consultant, is that you start a business based on your passions and your hobbies. That way, at least you’ll be working with what you love, and it may ultimately not feel like work.

It’s important however, to think about unplugging once in a while, and to be present in the moment for your family and friends. This will positively affect your business as well. If you are truly present in the moment, you can get a lot done.

Take a bow considering a more rigid schedule, both for yourself, your coworkers, and your family. This may seem harsh at first, but ultimately if you stick to regimented and rigid schedule your family and your friends know where you will be at all hours, and your family knows when to expect you home for dinner. Ultimately it’s important to keep yourself and your loved ones moving in the same direction and towards the same goal. A lot of business owners shrug the idea of regiments they have this idea in their head that once they want a business they can do what they want when they want, untrue, says Edmonton business consultant. There are advices you should be more disciplined. Once you become more disciplined, learn the business, and follow constant routine, it will be easier for you to hire somebody and teach your routine to them so that you may in fact be able to pass on the work to them and you will have more free time.

People truly don’t understand what it takes to own their own business. Yes eventually it can lead to freedom, but there are many struggles along the way.