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Edmonton business consultant | The process for better client intake

In order to create a more efficient and better client intake, our Edmonton business consultant suggest having standardized process using checklist of templates. This will not only boost client retention, it will also make it easier for your employees. One of the most common reasons that businesses fail is the lack of customer intake. This consists of 43% of business failures. At Spurell Associates chartered professional accountants, were a firm believer in Canadian small business. We have dedicated our firm to helping and advising small business owners to help them beat the odds. If created few programs to help them one of which is offering our free consultation services to new businesses. On top of our free professional consultation, they will also get a free copy of our favourite best-selling business book “e- myth” by Michael Gerber. We look forward to partnering up with you, please contact us at or at 780-665-4949.

Standardized systems for client intake is important to make simple and effective workflow. Your average Canadian small business however do not have the systems in place. They prefer “to do things” on-the-fly. This is an efficient and can cause confusion and inconsistencies in the long run. In this article, we will teach you the importance of effective and efficient systems for client intake and now to make one. There are more educational articles like this one in our website at

One of the most effective ways to make standardized systems is a preplanned checklist of questions. Business owners need to take notes of questions from new clients. In time, you will realize that they start to repeat themselves. Compile a phase repeating questions into your checklist and create templates out of them.

These checklist can create phone questionnaires. Phone calls are he most efficient way to get a client’s full attention and focus. Thus making phone questionnaires the most effective way to get information. As the Edmonton business consultant, we have found that an effective phone questionnaires can extract and relay the necessary information effectively and quickly. These questionnaires will help employees avoid stumbling when asked by clients. However some clients often deter the conversation away from questionnaires. We have also found ways to help with this. The line “absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me ask you this…” It’s almost a guarantee that this will steer the conversation back to the questionnaires.

Another way to use these checklist this create email lists. As mentioned before phone calls are the best and most efficient way to get information from clients. However clients aren’t always available in the phone that I can email templates necessary. There are a few ways important email templates to make. One is an email template of your checklist phone questionnaire. The second template would be all about email driven appointments. In the last two would be confirmation email templates.

An email version phone questionnaires necessary if clients aren’t on the phone which is obvious. It’s also possible to use emails to schedule appointments. For client experience and flexibility, you should have at least 10 different meeting times to make less effective. After the appointment is set immediately send confirmation to relay and confirm that information. Lastly remind clients about the meeting the day before it happens.

Edmonton business consultantn | effective client intake process

The professional Edmonton business consultant job is to monitor events around the business industry. One of the shocking events in that 50% of small businesses are destined to fail in the first five years. Having less than optimal client intake is the reason why 43% of these businesses fail. At Spurrell Associates chartered professional accountants we have goals and values that we want to achieve. These goals and values are helping Canadian small businesses to beat this overwhelming odds. We have initiated multiple programs to help small business one of which is free consultations for new businesses. Apart from the obvious free consultation we also give them a free copy of “e-myth” Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book. You can know more by contacting us at or 780-665-4949.

Systems in place to standardized client intake are one of the most efficient ways to earn clients. Big companies rely on proven and tested templates to make this process easier and more effective. However your average small business prefer to do things on-the-fly. Without this systems, confusion and inconsistencies might appear during your client intake process. This article we will explain importance of having systems in place for your clients. If you find this information useful you can find more articles like this one in our website at

First step to creating effective standardized systems is to preplan question checklist. Questions asked by new clients tend to themselves over time as observed by your Edmonton business consultant. Business owners could use this repetition to their advantage by making a preplanned questionnaire checklist. These will help your employees avoid stumbling when asked a question.

One template you can use for your standard client intake process is phone questionnaires. Clients tend to pay attention more over the phone than email. If you make an excellent phone questionnaires can get most of what you need in the single conversation. This allows for faster and more efficient workflow for employees and simpler time for your clients.

Another template that business owners usually to our email templates. While it’s true that they are less efficient than phone calls, they are often times inevitable when clients are not available to speak on the phone. A few examples of email templates that should be created are; an email version of the phone questionnaires, template email for scheduling business meeting appointments and if you confirmation email templates.

The next best thing to a phone questionnaire is email version of it. It may require the business owner to follow-up more to get these questionnaires answered. It can also be used to schedule business meeting appointments. Business owners have to be sure that they have at least 10 different meeting times for clients convenience. After the appointment it’s important to create templates to immediately firm said meeting. They should contain information of upcoming appointment. The sooner you send the better. This will allow the client or the business owner to correct any misinformation earlier. To improve client retention you also need a template to confirm the meeting the day before it happens. This will ensure that most clients will miss the meeting.