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Edmonton Business Consultant | The Best No-cost Marketing Initiative

Many entrepreneurs know that because they have very little money in their business says Edmonton business consultant, that they need to find as many inexpensive or free marketing activities as possible. They often start with going to networking events, and to cold calling and sales calls. However, one marketing initiative that entrepreneurs should not overlook is setting up Google my business page. This is being considered as important and useful in a business as having a Yellow Pages ad used to be twenty years ago. Not only is it very important, but it can significantly help entrepreneurs not only find leads for their business but actually turn them into customers as well.

The first thing that many entrepreneurs want to know is what is a Google my business page. This is also known as a Google places site, and there different names for the same thing. These are the map results that people see when they Google a business. They appear under the paid ads on a Google page and appear above the organic search results. This allows businesses to be searchable, but most importantly setting this up will allow businesses to able to start getting Google reviews for their business.

It is so important for business to start getting Google reviews as quickly as they can, is because 80% of customers not only look at a business’s Google reviews, but they use those reviews in their decision-making process. Businesses are more likely to get those customers to buy from them if they have a minimum threshold of Google reviews.

Edmonton business consultant says that minimum threshold of Google reviews is around forty as a minimum. One of the reasons for this, is because under forty reviews, customers may make the assumption that the reviews are from friends and family of the business owner. More than forty, the reviews have a lot more weight, and are taken more seriously by customers because they are less likely to be friends and family pumping up the Google reviews for the business owner. Therefore, it is important for business owners to get a minimum of forty reviews so that they can start converting the leads that they get into customers.

Another reason why it is important for a business to get a minimum of forty reviews is that the more they have, the higher they are going to appear in organic Google search engine results. Therefore, once an entrepreneur reaches forty reviews, Edmonton business consultant says more potential customers will see their business, and look at their Google reviews to guide their purchasing decisions.

Once a business owner realizes how important getting Google reviews are, they will be able to set up their Google my business site for free, and start engaging in the activities that are going to help them find more customers and sell more products. This going to be able to help entrepreneurs grow their business, become successful and importantly avoid going out of business because they were not able to find customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | The Best No-cost Marketing Initiative

It may be very difficult for entrepreneurs to find customers when they are new in business says Edmonton business consultant. And they may struggle with this, and when they realize that they have a revenue problem, they might assume that cutting expenses can help their business, when the answer is typically being able to generate more sales for their business. When an entrepreneur is struggling financially, rather than looking at cutting costs, they should instead look at how many Google reviews do they have. By getting more Google reviews can be more effective at helping business with their revenue problem in cutting expenses.

As much as business owners have little money, and like to use as many inexpensive or free marketing initiatives as possible, business owners are also very busy, and often believe that they can bypass a lot of time-consuming activities by spending money. However, there is no substitute or not nor getting Google reviews in their business. It is extremely important and can help ensure an entrepreneur is getting seen by potential customers.

If a business owner thinks that they can spend money on Google ads in order to appear on the first page of Google, that strategy will not necessarily work them a ten business consultant. While being able to drive a lot of traffic to their business, they do not have the Google reviews necessary to convert leads into buyers, it will be an expense that will not help them sell products in their business.

Many business owners think that for they do anything else online, that they should spend money on building or fixing their website. However, no matter how beautiful website they have, if they do not have Google reviews, customers are getting the chance to see that beautiful website, or they are seeing the lack of Google reviews for that business, and are not even clicking on that link to go to that website says Edmonton business consultant.

Even businesses that think that they do not need to get Google reviews for their business because they only get leads through word-of-mouth need to understand that even those leads that they get by referral, are still looking at the reviews of that business, and using those reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. Quite simply, businesses that only do business through word of mouth referrals will still be able to close more business if they have more Google reviews.

Ultimately, Edmonton business consultant says that there is no shortcuts to getting Google reviews, businesses just have to ask customers often and repeatedly. Not only should they get into the habit of asking every customer they have to give a Google review, they should come up with the script that they and their staff can use to ensure that every client gets asked, and then followed up until they leave a review. By doing that, entrepreneurs can increase their sales and grow their business without spending a single dime.