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Edmonton Business Consultant | The Best Interview Questions

There is an extremely high failure rate for small businesses in Canada according to the Edmonton business consultant. And while there are 50% of entrepreneurs that fail in their small business. There are only three reasons why business owners are not successful.

And the third most common reason why entrepreneurs in Canada do not succeed. Which makes up 23% of all failed entrepreneurs of this country. Is that they cannot find or keep the staff they need to work in their business.

Therefore, business owners find that they have to interview more candidates. And think that asking that are interview questions. Will help them figure out who is a better candidate to hire for their business.

However, Edmonton business consultant says it is not about asking the right questions in an interview. It is about meeting enough people to have met the right one for their organization.

In fact, in order to have met one right candidate for the business. Entrepreneurs should be meeting approximately hundred people during their interview process according to Edmonton business consultant.

And while this seems like it would be an impossible task. Because small business owners do not have the time or the resources. In order to meet hundred people to interview.

This is where conducting a group interview can help entrepreneurs meet enough people. In fact, business owners should conduct group interviews even when they are not looking to hire immediately.

And the reason why they should always be looking. Is because this will increase their odds of meeting one hundred people. As well as the chances are very high. That once they meet the one right candidate, they will have a need to hire someone.

The best way to go about conducting a group interview. Is to have an ad running on a job searching sites consistently. And be conducting group interviews every week.

This way, business owners may only meet to three people during the group interview, but as many as twenty or more people could show up.

And in this case, business owners would only have to conduct for five group interviews. To meet approximately one hundred candidates.

The next thing that business owners can do, is avoid asking a lot of the same questions. And if there are questions that they want to have the answer from every candidate.

This is a good opportunity to ask them to bring these questions with them to the interview. when they are asked to bring these questions along with their resume, if business owners find that the candidates do not do that.

Then they are not following directions, and can be considered out of the running for the job. Because they do not follow directions. And business owners should not want candidates who can follow directions.

Ultimately, meeting more people can help business owners meet the right candidate for their business. And that way, they will be able to find better candidates for the position.

Then they could by simply trying to ask better interview questions. Because the right candidate will need to have specific questions asked, in order to have them identified.

Edmonton business consultant | the best interview questions

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding and keeping staff says Edmonton business consultant. And enough business owners struggle with this, that it is one of the most common reasons why Canadian small businesses are failing.

However, it is very difficult for entrepreneurs to meet more candidates to interview. Because they typically do not have enough time in their day to accomplish all of their tasks.

That trying to spend even more time on interviewing candidates. Is something that business owners are not going to do. Which is why larger businesses are often better at finding better candidates than small businesses.

Large businesses and corporations have the time and the resources to meet enough candidates. They often have an entire HR department, whose entire job is meeting potential candidates.

And they can meet as many candidates as they need, to find the best, and most talented. Where small business owners do not have the time to be able to do this, which is why they struggle with finding the right people.

This is where it is very important to learn how to conduct group interview according to Edmonton business consultant. Because it can help entrepreneurs meet significantly more people. In the same amount of time, or less.

In order to conduct a group interview, business owners simply hold a weekly interview. And advertise the position on a job seeker’s website. And as many people as will show up to the interview, will be the number of people business owner meets.

This can save a significant amount of time. Because entrepreneurs will be able to avoid having to say the same things over and over in individual interviews. Such as the job description, and company overview.

And if there are questions that they want to know the answer to, such as what software they are familiar with. Or the reason why they left their last job. They can ask each candidate to bring answers to those questions with them.

In the interview, business owners will typically be able to see which candidates are the most suitable. And the candidates that they are most interested in learning more information about.

Which is why Edmonton business consultant only recommends asking one question of the candidates, and the same question for each of them. And that question is why do you want to work for our organization?

Business owners are going to want to hear some specific answers. Not why they want to work in the industry, or why they want a job. This is not going to tell business owner right information on whether there the right candidate or not.

Instead, business owners are looking to hear if candidates connect with the problem, mission and vision of the business. And if they want to work for the company, because they connect with what they are doing.

When business owners find candidates who do connect with the mission and vision of their business. Not only will these candidates not only will work extremely hard.

But these candidates will also tend to stay a lot longer than other employees. Because they believe in the objective of what they are doing.

Conducting these group interviews can help entrepreneurs not only interview right number of people. And also find to be the best fit for their organization as well