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Edmonton business consultant | template usage client intake process

Corporate mission and values are important for us Edmonton business consultant. This is what drives us to do our work. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants our goal is to help struggling small business owners to beat the odds. Our firm is comprised of like-minded people to help us achieve our goal. One of the ways for us to help small businesses is offering a free consultation during your first visit. This does not only include your professional consultation, they will also receive a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” If you need more information about our free program please contact us at or call us on 780-665-4949.

One of the few ways why big corporations work is having an effective system and process. They usually have an efficient standardize process for client generation. Our Edmonton business consultant found out that day constantly improved the templates used for the systems. However often times small businesses do not have systems in place for an effective process for client intake. Small business owners prefer the on-the-fly method which is unfortunately not scalable. Over time this will create confusion from both your clients and employees. In this article we will talk about the importance of having standardized client intake process.

The first step to creating an effective standardized process client generation is having question checklist. Preplanned question checklist comes from the common questions asked by new clients. Business owners will start to see a pattern about the repeating questions from new clients. They can use this to their advantage and create a preplanned question checklist. There are various ways to use this checklist, but the most effective way to use this is to create templates.

The most effective way to retain your clients attention is over the phone. Phone calls are the most efficient way to handle business conversations. Our Edmonton business consultant suggest that you use these templates to create phone questionnaires. Your employees can use in this phone questionnaire to further increase productivity and efficiency and their workflow. The will allow employees to easily answer certain questions. The great phone questionnaire will allow you to relay and extract information from clients easily.

If you more important templates can be created from these checklist. Email templates can a great alternative if ever clients are not available to speak over the phone. There are a few important email templates to create. One of which is an email version of your phone questionnaires.

Having a template for email driven business appointments can be effective if used created properly. If you have at least 10 different meeting times, client term more likely to show up. It’s important to confirm email appointments. One template should be an immediate confirmation right after you set appointment. They should contain necessary information from the appointment. Another template should be to remind clients about the upcoming meeting. This should be sent right before the meeting day.

Edmonton business consultant | using templates to create the system

According to our Edmonton business consultant, large corporations often use templates to create standardized systems for client intake. They have improve these templates to a point that they can efficiently and quickly generate clients. However small business owners do not usually have a system in place to generate clients. Without a standard process to use, the business cannot be scalable. Confusion and inconsistencies will often appear in the long run. In this article we will discuss the importance of having standardized process for consistent and effective workflow. If you find this article useful in our website at to learn more.

Our goal as the Edmonton business consultant is to give small business owners a chance to beat the odds. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are driven by our corporate mission and values to help small businesses succeed. And thus we employee like-minded people to help us achieve our goals. One we can help small business is my offering them a free consultation on your first visit. It also includes a free copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

Small businesses do not have the resources of larger company to conduct the research. However there are a few ways to create effective templates. One of which is to create preplanned question checklist from new clientele. You can create these checklist by observing the questions asked by new clients. Over time you will realize that they will ask the same questions over and over and thus will give you a chance to create this checklist.

One of the most effective templates you can use this checklist for our phone questionnaires. As the Edmonton business consultant we found that phone calls are the most convenient and efficient way to talk to clients. Creating phone questionnaires this checklist can help create an efficient standard process for your employees. This can help employees avoid stumbling when asked a difficult question. Good questionnaires can extract information from clients with a single conversation. Can also relay information effectively if used correctly.

Few more ways you can use these checklist create email templates. While it’s true that emails are less effective way to communicate they are sometimes inevitable. People aren’t always available to answer the phone but can always see emails later. However will require more effort for email templates to be effective. It’s important to create an email template based off your phone questionnaires. It will be a good alternative to extract information when phone calls are out of the question.

Another way to create an email template is by having email driven business appointments. Templates like this one requires at least 10 different meeting times for your client’s convenience. This will raise client participation. You should immediately can confirm this appointment via another email template confirmation. The sooner you send this email to better, it will allow clients and business owner to review the existing information and correct any misinformation. And lastly a reminder for client appointment. It’s important to have an email template to remind clients the day before the meeting happened.