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Edmonton Business Consultant | Successful Businesses Have Business Plans

Edmonton business consultant advises that the biggest mistake business owners can make is to not have a plan at all. Business plans are a great way to ensure that you have planned to overcome the three most common pain points businesses face. Not only are businesses that have a business plan more likely to succeed in business, they are 50% more likely to grow their revenue and businesses that don’t have a plan. Having a business plan is the easiest way to set your business up for success in this economy.

One of the most common pain points in business today is not having a concrete HR strategy. Having a great team doesn’t happen by accident, successful businesses put a plan in place on how to attract the team they want. And what they have a great team in place they have a plan in place on how to keep them. In your business plan you should ensure that you are addressing your HR strategies so that you can attract and keep the team that will help drive your business toward success.

Another common business problem is cash flow. Business owners make the mistake of thinking only unsuccessful businesses have cash flow problems. This is a problem that every single business can face, so by not having cash flow projections contributes to this problem. Business owners who have a business plan are less likely to run out of cash. Edmonton business consultant says that conservative cash flow projections are key. Cash flow projections will help you see trends in your business, and will help you plan for the future so that you have the money you need when you need it.

The last most common business problem entrepreneurs face today is not having customers. Business owners mistakenly believe that simply by opening their business customers will find them. And that any person will be their customer, but the simply isn’t true. By outlining who your best clients are in a business plan will ensure that you are prepared for them. Your business plan should also include a customer retention strategy. Just by opening their doors isn’t enough to attract enough customers, once the right customers to stay in business.

Those three issues addressed you will be more likely to succeed in business and if you don’t have a plan at all. Edmonton business consultant recommends about four hours of time to build your business plan. There’s diminishing returns on spending considerably more time in your business plan. The better use of your time would be whence your business plan is in place, review it regularly about four hours throughout a year. Making sure you are adjusting your business plan as the market changes and as you achieve your goals. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll have to consider all variables in your business plan, as long as the three most common issues are addressed will be setting yourself up for success.

Edmonton business consultant | successful businesses have business plans
Business owners who failed to have a business plan are setting themselves up for failure says Edmonton business consultant, because there are three common pain points in business that can be avoided with the right planning. Entrepreneurs who have a business plan that they use and review are 50% more likely to grow their revenue and business owners who don’t have a plan in place at all. The three most common problems that business owners today run into are completely avoidable with some pre planning.

The first problem is that businesses can run out of cash when they’re not planning. It’s never too late to create a business plan with cash flow projections so you can see where your business has been in the past in the trend of where it’s going in the future. Although it’s not possible to predict all future events and variables, having a conservative cash flow projection that you are reviewing on a regular basis will enable you to avoid cash flow problems in the future. The recommendation is to have a conservative cash flow because it’s easier to change your direction when you surpass your goals and when you don’t reach them.

Business owners also make the mistake of not knowing how to hire the right team, or keep the right team working for them. Edmonton business consultant advises that it’s easy to create great HR strategies with some planning. Creating a hiring strategy will ensure that you are attracting the best people to your team. And your HR strategy can also help you keep retention strategy so the best people will stay with you. When you have a great team working with you they will help drive your business forwards, and help keeping you moving towards success.

Third problem that business owners run into is not having customers. The other don’t know who their customers are are they mistakenly think that every person can be their customer and this isn’t true unfortunately. By researching and putting into a business plan who your most ideal customers are, can help you target how to find them. Once you have most ideal customers your business plan should help you how to keep them. Your most ideal customers will be your best brand ambassadors for your business.

Edmonton business consultant suggests that once you have your business plan in place, you should make plans on a regular basis to review the business plan. If you need to make adjustments or set new goals this is the best time to do it. Plan to spend about four hours throughout the year in reviewing and updating your business plan. Once you have this important document in place, don’t let it sit on a shelf collecting dust. Now that you know what to put in your business plan, know that you will be 50% more likely to succeed. Don’t spend too much time creating your plan, great plan only needs about four hours of time on it. Remember you’re not trying to consider every single variable, just the most common pitfalls.