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Edmonton business consultant | Streamlining client intake

It’s challenging to be Canadian small business owner, therefore our Edmonton business consultant will provide services to make your life easier. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we dedicate ourselves to helping business owners succeed. We offer our new clients free services such as consultation on their first visit. Learning will be part of the process that we will provide a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-Myth.” Getting touch via email at or call us on 780-665-4949. Let us provide the service you deserve.

Canadian small business owners struggle to survive more than five years. The most common reason for this failure is failing to attract enough customers. Statistics show that 42% of business values are comprised of this reason. Our Edmonton business consultant gives you this article to help you streamline your business and improve user experience of clients. If you find this article useful please visit our website at www.Burrell that’s way to learn more.

It’s inevitable that clients to ask a bunch of questions. Small business owners make the mistake of making up answers on-the-fly. However most of these questions are similar from client to client. It’s important for your workflow to include checklist of questions and templates. Predetermined checklist of questions and templates will streamline your workflow; it will make it more efficient and easier for your employees. Preplanned your checklist can help your employees to avoid stumbling when faced with uncommon questions.

It’s common for new clients to derail from your questionnaire. Are there are few ways to get around this problem. As much as you preplanned your checklist questionnaire, there are always times where you need to answer some questions that’s not in it. As the Edmonton business consultant be found that saying this particular line can almost guarantee put the conversation back on track. If you say “absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me ask you…” If you say this you are more likely to set your clients back on track.

It’s preferable to talk over the phone but in case you need to discuss over email. Business owner should prepare template email is to answer these common questions. Same as questionnaire checklist, an email template will drastically improve your workflow and efficiency. The bigger companies use templates for they are effective and simple.

Email driven business appointments are more common than you think. Preferably you’d want to talk to your clients over the phone more face-to-face. However you can’t always do that, thus email driven business appointments come in. Often times email appointments and get lost and forgotten. Clients often miss appointments and to make sure they don’t, you should offer at least 10 potential meeting times in your email. This is choice and flexibility to your clients. To close the deal you need to immediately confirm said email appointment. They should summarize what is discussed make it easier for client. It’s also important to confirm said appointment the day before it happens. This make sure is that your client will most likely show up during the meeting.

Edmonton business consultant | checklist and templates streamlines client intake

We are focused, as the Edmonton business consultant to give effective advice and proven market research to small businesses. We have dedicated ourselves to helping small business owners beat the odds at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants firm. Having said that, we are happy to announce that he will give first-time clients free consultation service on their first visit. Apart from the service we will also give you a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-Myth.: You can contact us for more information at 780-665-4949 or if you prefer to get in touch via email contact us at

Small business owners have a 50% failure rate in their business, likely to last for at most five years. Our Edmonton business consultant found that 42% of said failed businesses are directly caused by failing to attract enough customers. This is the most common reason why businesses fail. If you found this article informative feel free to visit our website to find more.

Business owners should try their best to streamline workflow for both client and employees. They should be keen and realize patterns. Often new clients have a lot of questions. It’s important to realize most of these questions repeat themselves. A lot of clients, both new and old, have the same questions over and over. It’s important to streamline this process by preplanning a checklist of questionnaires. Creating a preplanned checklist of questionnaires will improve client experience and make it more efficient for your employees. Efficiency will help you succeed more.

It’s impossible to be prepared for every questions. Some objections can be raised during the questionnaire. We have a few way, as the Edmonton business consultant, to get the questionnaire back on track. We know of a few simple lines to get to client back to the questionnaire. The most effective one so far is “absolutely, I can help you with that, but first let me just ask you…”

As much as possible, you’d want to ask these questionnaires over the phone. Phone calls them very effective because you have the client’s full attention. However it’s impossible to assume they are available for phone call all the time. Emails can be a good alternative to ask these questions. Similar to checklist questionnaires, business owner should also create email templates for these questions. This will have the same effect as checklist questionnaires. It’s equally as efficient and effective as checklist. It will save you time and your employees will appreciate it.

However email pointed business meetings are often forgotten or lost. Having only one meeting time can lead to missed clients. Having more than one is preferable. We as the Edmonton business consultant suggest in giving your clients tend different meeting times. First of all, your clients will appreciate it. You will offer flexibility for your clients. You should also confirm said appointments immediately. Confirmation should include all the information from your back-and-forth. This will allow your client to confirm whether or not the appointment is correct. To avoid no-shows, it’s important to remind clients about the meeting again the day before.