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Edmonton Business Consultant | Skill Is Overrated

Edmonton Business Consultant | have you considered adversity quotient

Not too long ago I had never heard of the term adversity quotient even though I was the Edmonton business consultant. However, I have come to learned that adversity quotient is often more important than skill. Ordinarily when we think of employees we think that we need to get the most highly skilled employees. Although the team or business with the best employees normally wins, the most skill does not equal the best employees.

What if you had a team of highly skilled individuals who continually gave up every time things got hard? How much would that skill be helping you if it sat on the sidelines when things inevitably get hard?

This is where adversity quotient comes in. Adversity quotient is the measurement of how well someone can keep going when things get hard.

Although people may have a average skill level, adversity quotient may be the reason that they eventually find the answer. Someone with a high adversity quotient is likely to keep going when they don’t know the answer. Someone with a high skill level may move quickly when they know the answer but stop moving entirely, when the answer is unknown. This is why we have found during our work as the Edmonton business consultant, that the adversity quotient is extremely important.

Imagine if you’re on a job site and the weather turns bad. Would you rather the employee with high skill who goes home when the weather turns bad or the employee with average skill who keeps the job progressing. Imagine if you’re looking for an administrator and then administrator can type hundred words a minute but the minute they have a difficult conversation with a customer they stop typing entirely for the rest of the day. We believe that you would rather an administrator who types 50 words a minute but never stops even after encountering a difficult customer.

You can try to find someone’s adversity quotient by digging into their history. Have you ever had any jobs or past experiences that would have exposed them to difficult situations? If they have, you should ask them how they handled these difficult situations. This will help you find out if they are equipped to deal with them.

Difficult situations we found as the Edmonton business consultant happen all the time in business. Although we can develop our systems and processes to minimize these difficult situations, it’s impossible to eliminate them. Thus we always have to be on the lookout for employees who have the ability to deal with difficult situations or in other words employees who have a high adversity quotient.

If you’d like to talk more about hiring employees and trying to find employees with a high adversity quotient we’d love to schedule a free consult with you today. Simply fill out the form on our website and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Edmonton business consultant | skill is overrated

As business owners and as the Edmonton business consultant were always talking about skill. Where can we find employees with more skill?

How after we often find as the one they Edmonton Are Using Justice Edmonton business consultant that our clients come to us experiencing significant difficulties with employees who have all the skills. Even though the employees have all the skills our clients often tell us that they can’t solve problems in the business owner ends up doing all of the heavy lifting. This puts significant stress on the business owner’s time.

In order to free up time as a business owner we have to be look we have to be on the lookout for employees to problem solve and deal with difficult situations. This characteristic can be referred to as little-known thing as adversity quotient.

When reviewing resumes you’ll find that no one ever talks about their personal adversity quotient. This is because adversity quotient cannot be taught in schools. Adversity quotient simply learn through the school of hard knocks.

As the able to business consultant we normally advised to be on the lookout for these types of employees. These employees are going to help you navigate the inevitable difficult situations that will arise in business. They will help take difficult tasks off your plate. This will free up your calendar to initiate more strategic initiatives. In other words this will allow you to pursue more initiatives that are going to further the growth of your business.

As the Edmonton business consultant we found that many business owners are simply spending all of your days putting out fires were solving problems for employees who seem incapable of solving problems by themselves. However this problem, can often be tied back to the business owners lack of care when finding employees who have experience in dealing with difficult situations. This experience in dealing with difficult situations is often more important than skill.

Today were offering free consult. Simply email our office today and request a meeting. We’d be happy to meet with you and give our best practice solutions on growing your business.

As a business owner there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. The best thing to do is learn from people who’ve already climb the mountain. The recipe for success is there. It normally begins with hiring a team who has a high adversity quotient.

Although you can likely see how it is beneficial to have a single person with a high adversity quotient, imagine a team comprised of many individuals with high adversity quotient. Even when one of the individuals falters someone else is likely there to pick them up and keep the moving. This creates an unstoppable army for the business owner. Allowing the business owner to deploy their unstoppable army against any strategic objective and eliminate their competitors.

All you have to do is begin prioritizing adversity quotient in addition to skill when making hiring decisions. The decision to hire a team rests with you. If you want to be the only one who deals with difficult decisions, you’ll spend your entire business existence dealing with them. This decision fatigue will prevent you from seeing the big picture and prevent you from capitalizing the opportunity that are all around us.