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Edmonton Business Consultant | Should A Business Create A Website

Many entrepreneurs may be questioning the effectiveness of websites these days especially with the proliferation of social media says Edmonton business consultant. While there are many options of various online marketing methods that business owners can choose from including a seemingly endless array of social media options, there are several things that businesses can keep in mind to create an online marketing strategy thatís right for them.

Websites are definitely still seen as very important in todayís online world, itís not necessarily the most important thing for a business to create immediately. Edmonton businesses consultant recommends that the first thing that a business owner should create in their business is a Google my business page. Thereís many reasons for that, however one of the most important reasons is that a Google my business page will allow businesses to start generating Google reviews for their business immediately. There are many reasons why Google reviews are extremely important in todayís online landscape, but of the most important reasons is that almost 90% of businesses ideal customers will look at Google reviews in order to make their decisions. If businesses do not have a Google my business page, theyíll have no way of generating Google reviews, and will miss out on this important method of marketing. However, businesses that create a Google my business page should focus on generating as many five-star reviews as they can right away. The reason for this is the same consumers that check companies Google reviews in order to make the purchasing decisions will negatively view a business that has fewer than 40 five-star reviews says Edmonton business consultant . The reason for this is because businesses with a minimum of 40 reviews will be seen as authorities in their business, and is also much harder for a business to create 40 fake reviews, whereas it may be very easy for a business to create have a dozen to a dozen reviews that are less than honest.

In addition to helping consumers make their purchasing decisions, Google reviews are also extremely important when it comes to Googleís search engine optimization. Businesses that have the most Google reviews will be placed higher up on their search results than businesses with fewer reviews. Edmonton business consultant says is a powerful strategy to generate Google reviews for many reasons and search engine optimization is one of them. Even if a business does not have a website to get, there Google my business page can rank higher, and these Google reviews will be able to help them out in the future if they decides that they need a website later on.

By tapping into the potential that exists with Google reviews, business owners can effectively increase their business by creating a Google my business page and by generating Google reviews in their business as soon as possible. Itís important that they can develop strategies on how to generate and create reviews from their happy customers in order to help grow their business.

Businesses who are unsure if they should create websites for their business can be well served by understanding how they can create a website in order to get maximize results says Edmonton business consultant. While websites arenít necessarily a businesses first priority when they start to marketing their business online, by keeping in mind certain things about websites and how they rank in searches, business owners can lay the groundwork now that will help them create an effective and high-ranking websites later.

There are four ways that Google ranks websites in order to figure out where they appear in searches says Edmonton business consultant. Two of them are if there website is mobile compliant, and Google canonical compliance, which can be worked out with their web developer. The other two and most important ways are through the most Google reviews, and the most HTML content. Itís not just enough for businesses to have a website, but they need to have a website that is seen as an authority in their business and online. The way they can be seen as an authority says Edmontons business consultant, is by having a lot of content. A good place to start is having a web site with six pages that have a thousand words or more on each page. Typical webpages that exist on a businesses website can include their homepage, a list of their services, their contact information page, and there team page. Business owners should be cultivating content for their website so that when they are ready to proceed, they will have enough content to make the website work for them and rank high in online searches.

Once business owners have that minimum of 6000 words, they should work on getting more. 6000 words is just a minimum starting point, the more words a website has, the more likely they are to be ranked higher up in Google searches. Since a businesses goal should be to always rank on page 1, they should always be working towards increasing their content says Edmonton business consultant. Many business owners may be scared at the prospect of having to create thousands of words of content on their website however Edmontons business consultant says it can be much more simpler than it sounds. An effective strategy is by creating videos. Since itís much easier to speak a thousand words than it is to write to them, if business owners make videos on topics that they are experts in and are passionate about, speaking for 10 minutes about those things can be easy, then the business owner just needs to transcribe the video and post them online. 10 minutes of video translates into roughly 1000 words. The more content a business owner can create in this way for their business can help them increase their ability to rank higher on Google searches and ensure that the time and money they spent developing a website was well-placed.