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Edmonton Business Consultant | Sales Process

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Excited To Get Solid Advice?

I think it’s step one. I think until you could write it out simply, you really haven’t thought critically about it. And you know, you know the, this, the Shakespeare coding, brevity is the soul of wit. Uh, it, you know, if you can explain it simply, you understand it well, right? But if you can’t explain it simply step by step, if you can’t explain it to a fifth grader, um, you, chances are you’re not ready to actually sell anything to anyone because customers appreciate simplicity. Yeah, I can see why with these two I can be you and I cause it’s not. Hi, thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask Spiro CPA. Today as the Edmonton business consultant, we’re talking about the business plan sales process section. Um, so I have Denise here with me again, Denise. These business plans that we see that the clients bring into us first, how many of them ever walk through systematically, step-by-step, their sales process? Very few. How important are sales to most businesses? Well, that’s critical, right? So yeah, that’s one of the things. So the, the Peter Drucker quote in all 39 business books, I think he said it best, and it says nothing happens until somebody sells something. I’m 50% and it’ll statistic as 50% of all Canadian businesses. We’ve got a business in the first five years, 42% of these failed businesses will list the inability to attract customers as one of the primary reasons for their failure, making the inability to attract customers at 42% as the most common reason for business failure from lack of a Business Consultant.

And the story that we have here, even though sales are, you know, if they’re so important, most businesses, they’re not specific about their sales process, even though the sales is the, it’s the lifeblood of their entire business. So, you know, to get it right in the business plan that he’s of regarding that sales process, what should, what are the questions that these business owners should be asking? So does writing out your sales process force you to think critically about it? I think it’s step one. I think until you could write it that out simply, you really haven’t thought critically about it. And you know, you know, the, this is the Shakespeare quote in brevity is the soul of wit. Uh, you know, if you can explain it simply you understand it well, right? But if you can’t explain it simply step by step, if you can’t explain it to a fifth grader, um, you, chances are you’re not ready to actually sell anything to anyone. Because customers appreciate simplicity. They really like a simple sales process where they can understand everything and if you don’t understand it, we’ll have to write it out simply step by step trying to sell your customer isn’t going to understand the solution very well and they’re not going to purchase it. So I think it’s step one and thinking critically about to actually write it out. Yeah. Okay Edmonton Business Consultant is really here to help you.

And should the sales process normally involve a checklist for new client intake? Yeah. Normally every new client that you have, you want to have some sort of checklist. Unless this is a web based sales process where it’s completely automated. If there’s any human interaction at all in the sales process, you want to know what are the questions that we’re asking these new, um, you know, prospective clients and you know, is it significant that we’re actually recording the answers as they happen? You don’t know if it’s a retail location, maybe we’re not doing that. Uh, if it’s small item sales, but if it’s, you know, bigger ticket items and we’ll, a lot of times there is a checklist of all the questions you want to ask these new clients and you want to write the answers down because the sales process may take awhile. So the sales process normally involve templated agreement almost all the time. They should have templated agreements, you know, if we’re going to sell things, you know, if there’s terms and conditions that we’re going to use, let’s just write those terms and conditions at once. You know, we want to make sure that way we can deliver a, a professional looking agreement each and every time. You know, we’re not just going to staples and, and writing the estimate on the, the estimate book that they give us their let, let’s brand those things. Let’s get our terms of condition, let’s get our GST number printed out. Um if you need the most incrediable Edmonton Business Consultant then call us now, let’s make it as professional as possible and also reduce the risks that we’re going to miss. Anything critical in that agreement. So there’s no miscommunication and people are happy with the solution that they purchase.

Should the sales process normally involve templated emails? Yes. Templated emails if it’s any sort of multistep process. So some of the books and appointments and later on you, you follow up, um, that’s really going to help you, you know, communicate with people at a high level. You know, it’s very difficult when you’re really busy to give a really professional, energetic sounding email all the time where you’ve got the commas and exclamation points in the right place and you’re, you’re sending an email that’s not likely to get questions back cause you don’t want to, you know, if a piece of written communication should be used to close the communication loop, not, you know, not that open a new one, it’s going to be a massive time suck. So if you can template those things, you don’t want some of the books in initial appointment with you, bang, you automatically send them the, the agreement of what they need to bring with it. Um, you know where they’re going to be meeting, set their expectations for an answer, any common questions rate in that email. Uh, if you can template that, you’ll just a appear of slick and smooth and then you’ll start to gain the customer’s trust right from the Gecko.

So how do templated emails help you achieve the optimal point? A point of contact. So they say that, you know, a lot of times people have to have seven points of contact before they buy anything. Yeah. So let’s look at that. We want to make seven effective points of content. And a lot of times before they arrive to you, you’ve already had a couple of points of contact. They have probably a senior ad and be gone to your website. And now hopefully if they’ve been listening to our channel, they have, you know, seen an ad. Um, they’ve had a retargeting ad because they know that the average person has to see your ad 4.3 times before they do anything. So they seen an ad, seen a retargeting ad, now they’ve seen your Google reviews and now they’ve seen your website. Um, and maybe they’ve seen some other content, like, you know, a youtube video, but now let’s say they finally call you, we’re at 0.6 at this point a lot of times, and then you’re going to file backup. You’re going to fire back up a Polish email after they call in the first time or after they email you for the first time that they, exactly what you need for them. And it’s going to appear super organized. Um, and you know, even before the appointment, you’re going to send another super polished email, uh, confirming the appointment or a call up script that you’re going to confirm the appointment and then they’re going to come into your place of business and you’re going to put on a laser show, have a presentation that’s templated because you’ve thought about it, uh, you know, what’s the most effective way to walk customers through. Now we’re at like nine points of content. We’re exceeding that seven points of contact and that person’s like the kit, you know, uh, actually become a customer at that point. So having those templated emails gives a levels effective points of contacts that you otherwise might just maybe just don’t confirm or maybe you don’t, uh, you know, you don’t send them an email following the initial phone call because it takes too long. Go to or just call now at 780-665-4949 and be amazed!

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Needing A Consult?

Uh, you don’t confirm the appointment cause it takes too long or you do a bad job of it, but now you’ve done a good job of it because of those, you know, template emails. Should the sales process normally involve a templated sales package. A lot of times, a lot of businesses, they need a templated sales package. So this is exactly what you showed them. Nieces in the, exactly the agreements that what you showed them. Um, you know, depending on if it’s an on location, you know, our sales package, we can show them when they get here. Right? Yeah. But if you’re, if you’re going on location to someone’s house or someone’s place of business, you know, you need to wait to actually display that. And if you can’t do it digitally, you know, you need to be able to have it in paper. So a lot of times there’s a sales package. Don’t just tell them things, show them. Yeah, that’s what you need for sure. And which should most construction businesses include in their sales package. So a lot of times your construction professional, what you want them to include is you have a templated agreement, number one, and it’s, you know, Polish it, it has EOL your terms and conditions. It has, you know, the advantages, you know, your warranty. Um, it has your brand and kind of nicely on point, right? Uh, but let’s go a little deeper. You know, you’re telling people you have liability insurance. Don’t just tell them, give them the insurance certificate. You pay through the nose to vet your insurance every year. If you don’t want to pay, you know, a 5 cents for a piece of paper to show the customer to prove that they have it and you’ll be the, you’ll probably be the only one who gives them an estimate and proves that they have shown that you have vehicle insurance too and get Edmonton Business Consultant today!

A lot of people don’t realize that you have to have commercial vehicle insurance. The homeowner, if you’re doing a job on a, on a site, the homeowner can get sued if you’re driving the materials to their site, even if you have general liability but just don’t have a vehicle insurance. So show them that. Don’t just tell them you have WCB coverage. Show them that you have WCB coverage. Bring the clearance certificate for the WCB. Um, it’s just going to set you apart dramatically. Bring a security clearance checkup, police security, clearance check. You know, um, because they’re thinking it. Trust me, they’re thinking, you know, I should I let this person end in my house cause they look trustworthy or not in they’re thinking of every other person who came in there and gave them a quote. Just bring it with them, right? If you have a bunch of reviews, a bunch of Google reviews, bring it with them. Don’t even make them search it. Just bring them printed out. Um, you know, those sort of things. You just print the same document. Just print a hundred copies of all of them and give them to every person that you walked through the door. And just dramatically, it’ll, it’ll take you a couple of hours to assemble that package and a bunch of copies and you just include it with everyone every time. It just dramatically increase your closing rate, uh, for the projects. Should most sales processes provide for in-person presentations when practical? Yes. Yes. So a lot of people think, well, I’ll email you the quote after. Okay, yeah. Here, here’s my, my thought on this, and this is the polarizing thought. I think of a job as a certain size. If it’s too small, just bidding on the phone. If you think it’s less than one day, most construction trailers bid on the phone, qualify it and say, if I get there, if it turns out to be more than this, we’ll adjust the quote.

Um, and if it’s go beyond that one day, you know, you go out and give a coat, you know, give a quote, just give them an estimate on the spot up to a certain price. Maybe it’s up to 5,000, or maybe that’s up to 10,000 and you’re going to lose sometimes 100%, you’re going to lose. Um, but you know, you don’t want to take it home unless it’s a certain amount of meat on the bone. And if it’s enough meat on the bone that you took it home, it’s more than 10,000, that’s a, you know, a $50,000 basement development or they’re ripping apart their whole house and it’s $200,000. Do not email that quote book and appointment. Go back and explain to them that quote. And if the client tells you that they’re not willing to give you the appointment, tell them that you’re not willing to give them the estimate. You’re not going to go and spend no two, four, eight hours of your time assembling this detailed quote when they won’t even give you a spot on their calendar to hear about the call. Reach out now if you need the top Edmonton Business Consultant today! I mean, don’t do it. So whenever practical, practical, you want to give that in-person presentation and that in person presentation is practical more often than you think. A lot of times, if it’s not practical, we’re simply just dealing with the wrong customer who’s not going to convert anyways. Um, should a lot more businesses utilize digital signatures in their sales processes. Yeah. So the digital signature is not an excuse to do the in person presentation where practical. Um, but let’s say you have booked at time, you booked the time to go out and see the project. You found out that, oh, this is definitely longer than a day. I need to take this quote home.

I took the quote home, I booked it a, you know, an in person appointment back to see the client. I booked it before I even did the quote and I went and did the quote and then I showed up to that appointment that I said I was going to show up. I present it to them and they still didn’t want to sign in that moment. Okay, now you’ve done your due diligence, you’ve done what you have. Now let’s make it as easy as possible for them to sign. So send it through a digital signature program or immediately, once they sign it, they both get signed copies. They’ll appreciate that professionalism. They don’t have to scan it. You don’t have to drive back and get the signature again. Um, you know, most businesses, there’s any sort of, you know, sales booking. We need your name on a dotted line and people might think about it. You probably should have a digital signature program in place to send contracts. Finally should use standardized times for following up on potential sales. So the trap is, I’ll tell it, it’s the poverty mindset trap. The poverty mindset trap is, well, what time do you want me to follow up with you on this? That’s like, say I’m not confident enough that I’m going to get any more leads. So I’ll do whatever I want. I’ll cancel anything I have on my calendar to call you. Even though you said you didn’t tell me yes. And this appointment I’m going to call, I’m going to drop everything I’m doing on two minutes. And I was like, no, you got to follow up and just going to follow up. Everybody just picked, Hey, every Wednesday afternoon I’m going to follow up on all my, my outstanding leads on my, my potential clients.

Call Up, call them all and next week you call them all again. Um, but you know, not standardizing that time in the sales process is usually problematic. It won’t fit into a calendar because you start plotting that out to a calendar and you all of a sudden it what, I’m going to skip my site visit to follow up on that. Reach out now if you need the best Edmonton Business Consultant! I’m on an estimate or I’m, I’m, you know, I’m going to skip my marketing initiatives so the phone won’t be ringing anymore. So then I have to discount my prices when I follow up with them or also don’t have any work for next week. So, uh, yeah, you want to standardize those times for sure. So I think that’s what we have here today. As always, please hit the Lichen subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds at business and you’ll, we’d love to see any feedback that you have below so we can respond back and, you know, use your collars for future videos. Be sure to contact us now at or call 780-655-4949. Thanks very much.