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Edmonton Business Consultant | Recruiting The Right Employee

An extremely important lesson that entrepreneurs need to learn as quickly as possible in their business, that losing employee should not be a reflection of the business says Edmonton business consultant. The average millennial employee currently only stays 2.3 years with their employers, and no matter how great their employees are, and how wonderful the employee and employer relationship is, transition is a normal part of life with businesses, and instead of lamenting how hard it is to lose employees, is this owner should do it they can to ensure their attracting the right employees and minimizing the effect the transition has on their business.

There are several things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when it comes to recruiting the right staff to their business, in order to ensure that they have the best people possible, but when those people inevitably leave, they can ensure their business does not suffer. The first thing that businesses should ensure says Edmonton business consultant, is that entrepreneurs should make sure that they have a minimum of two staff members familiar with any role in their business. The reason that is important, is because if an entrepreneur has their staff member leave for any reason, another staff member can seamlessly fill that role easily. Even if it takes them time to replace that employee, their business does not suffer.

The next important thing that an entrepreneur should keep in mind when they are operating their business, is even when they have a full complement of staff, they should not stop recruiting. The reason for this is business owners are never in control of when employees decide to leave. There could be numerous reasons why a business owner might lose a staff member, even if they have an extremely great relationship with every single one of their employees. Whether their staff leaves because they win the lottery, get hit by a bus or get transferred out of country, business owners need to be ready that at any time they could be needing to replace staff member. When this happens, business owners should not be left scrambling to try and fill the role, if they are always recruiting they can minimize the transition time between finding a great person and having them start in their business.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that business owners also write out there corporate values ahead of time and then communicate those corporate values during the interview process. Instead of trying to make their values appeal to a wide variety of people, it is okay for business owners to understand that there values may not and actually should not appeal to everyone. If potential employees read the businessís values and decide this is not the right fit for them, a business owner should see it as a success that they have properly deterred the wrong employee from even attempting to get hired. When business owners communicate their corporate values properly, it is assisting to way of communicating to everybody exactly who you are and exactly who you are not.

One of the biggest mistakes that employers can make is starting to doubt themselves or their business if they lose an employee says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this is because business owners will find that staff members leave their business whenever it is convenient for them, and entrepreneurs need to learn not to take it so hard. In fact, business owners should pride themselves on ensuring that they are doing what they can to keep the best staff, however working to ensure that they minimize transition when that staff inevitably decides to leave.

Edmonton business consultant says that many entrepreneurs believe that salary is one of the most important things to potential employees, and try to compensate losing staff by having a high salary. Unfortunately, this does not work in ensuring that the right people are attracted to the job. There is many more important things to employees then wage. For example, there are many people who happily work in nonprofits, as well as volunteer. The reason they are happy taking a smaller wage to do the job, is because they believe in the values that the nonprofit stands for. Taking a cue from that, entrepreneurs should realize that by communicating their own values loudly and clearly can attract the right people who believe in those same values to their business.

In the same way that business owners are happy to work for an organization that have corporate values that they believe in, Edmonton business consultant says it can also keep the wrong people from wanting to work in the business. And keeping that in mind, business owners can be sure that when they are having a hard time attracting employees, it is only because they need to find the ones that believe in their own values. Because of this, a great way business owners should approach finding staff is always be looking. Finding the best fit for a business can take time, and business owners should not be rushed into making a snap decision simply because they need to fill a spot. If there are always looking, they can ensure that there seeing a large amount of people, in order to find the best one.

Many entrepreneurs believe that a great way to ensure that there keeping the right staff is to have annual reviews done. However, Edmonton business consultant recommends that annual reviews are not as useful as entrepreneurs think in keeping staff. Instead, they recommend that entrepreneurs work it into their schedule to have a regular time every week to talk to their staff individually. Rather than making it a review of their work over the last year, business owners can use the time to reward hard work and good behaviour in the moment. It is less impactful for entrepreneurs to reward hard work that their staff does a year later in a review. By recognizing great work done in the moment can increase the chances of that positive behaviour happening again.