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Industry Canada says that 50% of all Canadian businesses will close the doors to their business within five years says Emden business consultant. And out of all of those businesses, almost half – 42% – will say that their business failed because they had a lack of customers. This is an alarming amount of businesses who werenít able to find enough customers in order to make the business viable. Many entrepreneurs believe that we, but that is to create a website. While itís true that websites can be an effective online marketing strategy, websites are not the most important online tool, and not necessarily even the first one that business owners should start with.

Studies show that businesses that have Google my business page with 40 reviews that were five stars or more, performed businesses that had a great website but no Google reviews. This is an extremely interesting number for businesses to consider says Edmonton business consultant. This shows that websites are not the most important things that a business owner needs to worry about in order to generate online business. Itís far more important as well as economical to create a Google my business page and start generating Google reviews.

88% of potential buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making their purchasing decision businesses that have no Google reviews or have very few Google reviews will lose out on potential customers says Edmonton business consultant. They can easily combat this by creating a page on Google and start generating Google reviews. The number to him for is 40 reviews, because thatís the number that inspires the most confidence in customers.

Without having Google reviews, many other online strategies wonít work such as buying Google ads. This might help business get to the top of search results, but if they donít have Google reviews, a potential customer will click on and and still make their purchasing decision based on the number of Google reviews the business has. Entrepreneurs have limited budgets, that they donít need to spend money on paying for clicks that will not help them land the job.

The way that business owners can ensure that when they do create a website it is going to get onto page 1 of Google, is by creating the most HTML content for that webpage. Since Google ranks webpages with higher HTML content higher up their search results, this is an easy way for business owners to maximize that search engine results. A rule of thumb of amount of content to start with says Edmonton business consultant, is 6000 words. Many business owners think that it will be too difficult for them to write 6000 words, but it is far easier to speak those words then to write them. An easy way to do this says Edmontons business consultant is to create 10 minute videos, the entrepreneur talking about their business, their area of expertise and what they are passionate about. 10 minutes of speaking translates into about a thousand words, they can then upload onto their website and create that needed content.