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Edmonton Business Consultant | Our Websites Really Important

Many businesses believe that the most important thing that they can have as a tool to grow their business is a website says Edmonton Business Consultant. While itís true that an online presence is extremely important, websites donít need to be the very first thing that a business owner gets in order to start generating business online.

Statistics show that 88% of ideal and likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making a purchasing decision. Itís extremely important that the first thing that business does online instead of a website, is creating a Google my business page. What a Google my business page will do says Edmonton Business Marketing, is allow business to be searched on Google without having a website, and more importantly generate reviews. Since consumers make their purchasing decisions based on how many reviews a business has, itís extremely important that business creates that Google my business page and start generating reviews immediately.

There are several ways that businesses can generate those reviews, but the number that they should aim for is 40 reviews. The reason why 40 is such an important number to get says Edmontons Business Consultant, is because a website with 40 reviews is seen as a serious business, that is good at what they do. Businesses that have fewer than 40 reviews are seen as often weak or bad at what they do. Also it can be easy for a business to get 5 to 10 Google use simply by asking their friends and family to go online. The reviews donít carry any actual wait until you get to about 40.

Once a business owner gets to about 40 Google reviews or more, that son they can start thinking about creating a website. The reason for this is Edmonton Business Consultant is because one of the ways that Google will rank their website is how many Google reviews they have. The more reviews means the higher that website gets ranked. It will be extremely hard for businesses to get a higher Google ranking if they create their website with only existing Google reviews.

Some entrepreneurs believe that even if they donít have any Google reviews, they can simply by Google ads in order to help them appear at the top of the Google page. While buying ads will definitely make the business appear closer to the top says Edmonton Business Consultant, since most consumers check out Google reviews before they make their purchasing decision, once they click on a businesses ads, and see thereís not enough Google reviews, they will not make the decision to purchase from tha business. Therefore, a business will have paid for that click, and not and the sale. Itís a pretty efficient way of wasting money.

Business owners can keep several things in mind when they open the doors to their businesses Edmonton Businesses Consultant, that while an online presence is important, it doesnít need to be a website in the beginning, at least until they have generated a minimum of 40 Google reviews on their Google my business page.

Entrepreneurs used to hear that in order for their business to be taken seriously, they needed to have a website says Edmontons Business Consultant. While it is extremely important that businesses have a website, itís even more important that a business has an online presence.

Thatís online presence can come in the form of a Google my business page. The reason why that should be one of the first things that a business gets even over a website, says Edmonton Business Consultant, is because I Google my business page will allow business to start getting Google reviews. Itís extremely important that businesses get Google reviews especially if they are planning on creating a website later on. The reason for this is because 88% of potential customers will make their purchasing decision based on Google reviews they see when they search a business. Businesses that have no Google reviews or very few Google reviews often are passed over for businesses that have more. One of the reasons why businesses should have many Google reviews, is because those consumers that look at the Google reviews will see a business that has only a few reviews as not being serious at what they do or even not being good at what they do. The number of reviews that is seen as being serious to a consumer is 40. Business owners should make reaching 40 Google reviews on their page their top online priority.

Often entrepreneurs claimed that they donít need to have that online presence because they do most of their business through word-of-mouth referrals. While word-of-mouth referrals are very effective and powerful says Edmonton Business Consultant, those word-of-mouth referrals also likely googled the business and looked at their Google reviews. Since 88% of potential buyers will look at the Google review before purchasing, even more of these word-of-mouth referrals can be turned into actual clients if a business had more Google reviews. Any business that claims to do most of their business through word-of-mouth referrals, should have a very easy time generating Google reviews for their page because if people are willing to verbally refer people, they should be willing to give an online review. An online review can be far more powerful than a simple word-of-mouth referral.

Often entrepreneurs believe that they can bypass the need to get 40 Google reviews by purchasing Google ads. Unfortunately says Edmonton Business Consultant this is not an effective strategy. The reason for that is because while they will rank high on the Google search, when their potential buyers click on their ad and see that they donít have any Google reviews, it will often click on a competitor and see they have more Google reviews, and decide to purchase from them instead. That can be a great way that a business owner waste their money by paying for clicks that donít get turned into business.