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Many business owners believe that the key to increasing their business exponentially is by creating a website says Edmonton business consultant. This actually is not a sound business strategy simply because creating websites will not ensure a business owner will get website traffic. Many entrepreneurs believe that they will be able to create a website, and then be on the first page of Google and be able to be searched by all potential customers. Unfortunately, itís not that easy to get on the first page of Google, because Google has a complex algorithm system that ranks various webpages based on a set number of criteria. Business owners need to know what that criteria is, and then create their webpage around those criteria in order to get higher ranking.

Two of the criteria that Google uses are Google canonical compliance and mobile friendly websites. These are things that a good web designer and web developer will be able to help the business owner with, and isnít something that a business owner can alter much says Edmonton business consultant. However, the other two variables that business owners have much more control over is the most five star Google reviews, and the most HTML content. Before a business owner creates a website, they need to ensure that they can maximize these two algorithms in order to have a higher ranking in Google, and be more likely to appear on page 1 of the Google search engine results.

The first one that business owners should be concerned with because it takes the most time, is getting Google reviews. The reason this is the most important says Edmontons business consultant is because 88% of potential customers will look at the businesses Google reviews in order to help them make their decision on who to buy from. Businesses with no Google reviews or very few Google reviews will be impacted negatively. Businesses can start getting Google reviews immediately by creating a Google my business or Google places page. By taking a few hours to set up their page properly says Edmonton best Business Consultant, they may be able to get on page 1 of Google just from that page alone. Theyíll also be able to start getting Google reviews immediately. The recommendation for businesses is to have a minimum of 40 reviews. The reason for this says Edmonton business consultant is because at 40 reviews, a business seems legitimate in the eyes of the consumer. Less than that, is too easy for businesses to falsify those reviews, by getting friends and family to post reviews in order to pump their number up.

By getting Google reviews, business owners will be able to start appealing to customers online, and then when they are ready for creating a website, they will be able to rank higher in Google search engine because theyíll have more Google reviews than they would have they started their website without any reviews, says Edmonton business consultant.

Attracting customers is one of the top problems that entrepreneurs face in Canada today says Edmontons business consultant. Half of all Canadian businesses go out of business within the first five years, and out of those, 42% will say that a lack of customers was the reason their business failed. This is a startling statistic illustrating how important it is that business owners find the market for their product or service as soon as they can. Many business owners believe that creating a website alone is all they need to do in order to create an online presence enough to generate new business digitally. Unfortunately, websites are not a magic bullet to increasing business. Itís not that easy because just by creating a webpage does not mean a business will get on the first page of the Google search engine results. The reason why itís so important to get on page 1 of Google search and results says Edmonton business consultant, is because people will not look on page 2. Consumers will look on page 1 and if they canít find it they will stop their search. This is the reason why just by creating a website doesnít guarantee businesses will get seen.

What works a lot more effectively than a website says Edmontons business consultant, is a Google my business page. It is more likely that a business that has a page set up properly will be able to get Google first page search engine results from the page alone. It will also allow businesses to start getting Google reviews. Why itís so important for businesses to get Google reviews is because almost 90% of all customers will consider Google reviews before making a purchase. By not having any Google reviews, or very few Google reviews, business owners are doing their business a disservice and potentially losing out on potential clients. Rather than paying for a website, business owners need to increase the number of Google reviews they have quickly.

Once a business owner has Google reviews, the next thing they can focus on is creating content for the website. The reason itís so important to have content for the website says Edmonton business consultant, is because Google search engine will consider the most HTML content a webpage has, the higher it will be ranked. The reason for this, is because Google wants to choose webpages that are more likely to have relatable content, and more content there is, the more likely it is going to match the search terms better. A rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 6000 words before website is created. The reason for this is most websites have about six pages to them, and if a business owner can create a thousand words per page, theyíll have a great start to the content in their website. However thatís not a maximum amount, the more words they have, the better. By maximizing their Google reviews, and content, when business owners are ready to have a website, theyíll have a much higher chance that the website will be ranked higher by Google and ensuring more people will be able to see it.