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Edmonton Business Consultant | Now Does Brand Value and Its Importance Matter?

Edmonton business consultant | importance of brand value

Creating a brand identity is important for any business according our Edmonton business consultant. This goes hand-in-hand with marketing. A concrete brand identity can help you win clients easier and even generates new clients if it’s popular enough. Try to craft your brand identity around being reliable and trustworthy. A lot of big companies try to relate their brand to being reliable and trustworthy. However necessary, brand initiatives are not overnight projects. If you look at bigger companies, you will find that day have been around for at least a few decades. Some of them even more. In his article we will discuss the importance of having a solid brand identity.

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are dedicated to helping out small business owners. We value your time and effort in creating a business. We have a team of like-minded individuals who are inspired by our corporate mission and values. It’s discouraging to find out that half of Canadian small businesses do not last for more than five years and according to 42% of entrepreneurs, they failed because the inability to attract clients. There is the most common reason to business failure. In order to help our small businesses we have created a free consultation program on their first visit in which they will also receive a free copy of the best-selling business called “e-myth” by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more please contact us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

It’s impossible for small businesses to compete with larger brands. This is due to their overall popularity in brand value. It is important to note that consumers tend to go for the more familiar brand and does giving small business the disadvantage according to our Edmonton business consultant. This holds true in any industry. We will take the food industry for example. If you are on a trip and needed a bite to eat would you rather go to an established fast food chain or a local diner? Statistics have shown that even if people know that the fast food chain as average food, consumers are still more likely to go there due to the consistent and familiar nature of the franchise. The same cannot be said for local diner. Unless people are looking for local delicacies, they are less likely to gamble for an unknown experience.

This is how important brand value is in the current day and age. In order to create such a brand identity, business owners need to attach a face to their company. This is one way to solidify your brand. Consumers often look for something to relate business to. This can be done by having a human element in your company. This tactic is so effective that even established brands continue to do this. Large corporations often hire famous people to advertise their product so that consumers can relate this particular product to the actor. This is the sense of status for the consumers.

Edmonton business consultant | brand value and its importance

Brand value cannot be underestimated as it can potentially drive your business this future according to our Edmonton business consultant. The marketing strategy should have a branding initiative. These two go hand-in-hand in order to generate enough clients. Differences in these two are marketing is the act her actively advertising yourself while branding is your company’s identity. It’s important to create your brand around reliability and trust. These are the two factors that consumers want and they will keep coming back for your business if they need your services again.

It is important to note that branding cannot be done quickly. It is not an overnight project nor is it a weeklong project. If you observe industry leaders today, the companies they created are at least a few decades old. Let us use one of the biggest tech companies today is an example. Microsoft is one of that technological behemoths in the modern era. They own the Windows operating system, the Xbox gaming division and the surface line of laptops. However they never started this big. Even Microsoft started from the bottom and slowly worked its way up. Bill Gates started Microsoft in a garage. In this very garage, he developed the Windows operating system. Slowly but surely he took over the market and Windows became the most popular operating system in the 90s. And even today it is still the most used operating system. This has led Microsoft to create a brand all about reliability, ease-of-use and flexibility.

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are here to offer business coaching, effective marketing strategy and professional consultation services. We have a team of like-minded people who are inspired and driven to achieve our goals. Our firm is dedicated to helping out small businesses succeed and beat the odds. However the odds of business failure is 50% in the first five years. And the most common reason for this failure is the inability to attract clients. This situation has led us to create a free consultation program in the first month. This will also include a free copy of the best-selling business book called “e-myth” by Michael Gerber. If you wish to register for free consult please email is that the or call us at 780-665-4949.

In order to create an effective brand value, it’s important to have a human element in your company for customers to relate to. As the Edmonton business consultant suggest having someone or percent your company. This strategy so effective that even well established brands still continue to do this. Often times famous actors and celebrities are hired to promote certain products. This is a way for companies to relate a sense of status and wealth in under products. Small business owner however you cannot do this due to the lack resources. The CEO is usually data face of the business for small companies. This allows for a genuine five to radiate from your company