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Edmonton Business Consultant |Need to Know How to Gain Customer Trust?

Edmonton business consultant | building customer trust

The importance of branding should not be underestimated and as the Edmonton business will talk about how solid branding can build customer trust. Branding strategies are important for any marketing initiatives. Creating a solid brand requires a great deal of effort and time. This is not an overnight project. Big companies such as Microsoft build their customer trust and brand identity over the decades. It is not something you can create in just a few weeks. Branding is what business use to identify themselves. It’s important to create a positive vibe around your branding, is will make it easier for customers trust you and will keep coming back to his service. Call us now for the best Edmonton business consultant today!

As mentioned above, Microsoft is not start off big. In fact Bill Gates started Microsoft and his garage. Even today, people probably would not like by a piece of software from someone’s garage. However with his dedication, his company grew and windows, Microsoft operating system, became mainstream and became a wildly popular. Windows created a brand that revolves around ease-of-use, reliability and flexibility in the mid-90s. Even to this day windows is the most popular operating system around. Microsoft used their branding to expand into gaming division and a computer device line. They created the Xbox brand for gaming and the surface lineup for computers. Microsoft fans hoarded this decision due to the customer good-will and trust they’ve garnered. This type of customer trust took decades to create.

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants in our work is inspired by our mission and values. Our firm consisted of like-minded people with the same passion for helping small businesses. Our team is dedicated to help business owners beat the odds. However the odds are against them as half of small business owners fail within the first five years and 42% of these failures are from the lack of clients. It’s important to note that this makes the lack of clients the most common reason for business failure. It makes this article more all the more important since branding plays a big part of client intake. Our passion is lettuce or create a free one program for new clients. They will receive free consultation and a free copy of the best-selling business book called “e-myth” by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more about this program please contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

To build a solid brand, a business needs to have a face according to our Edmonton business consultant. What this means is having a person become an icon of the company. This adds a human element to the business making potential customers relate more to the company. Even large corporations with solid branding identity still use this method. They will recruit famous actors and celebrities to be to phase of specific products and services. This gives potential customers away to relate their products with status and fame. However small business owners do not have the resources to hire expensive famous people. They should instead use the CEO to be to phase of the company. It is a more genuine approach to creating a business identity.

Edmonton business consultant | how to gain customer trust

Almost all small business owners aspire to be as big as Microsoft according to our Edmonton business consultant. These two technological giants have created a brand identity around reliability and trust. However business owners need to realize how much time and effort these big companies had to invest into their branding. It took decades for Microsoft to create a brand that is trustworthy and reliable. Branding is not an overnight or even weeklong project for the matter.

Creating branding strategies is an important part of marketing initiatives. Branding is the identity of your business. It’s important to create a positive branding identity to gain loyal fans. This is owners need to try to create a trustworthy and reliable brand to keep customers coming back. We can use Microsoft as an example. It took Microsoft decades to establish a trustworthy brand. A brand that flocks of loyal fans support. However Microsoft never started big. Bill Gates started the company in a garage. He worked his way up by creating an operating system called Windows. Today Windows is one of the most, if not the most popular operating system that there. Over time windows became the most used operating system in the mid-90s. In the modern day Microsoft is a technological giant. Apart from their Windows operating system, they also have fans in their new gaming division and surface line of devices.

It’s important for small businesses to create a positive and trustworthy brand. As the Edmonton business consultant we are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants has a mission to help business owners to beat the odds. Our firm employs like-minded people in order to achieve our goal. The team is created a free consultation service or first-time clients and they will also receive a free copy of the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber called “e-myth.” If you wish to know more about our services please call us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

As the Edmonton business consultant it’s important to create an identity around the human element. Even well-established brands uses famous actors and celebrities to market new products and services. This allows customers to relate these certain products as a way to fame and status. The same can be said for small businesses however it will be difficult for small businesses to hire famous celebrities. It’s a good way to let the CEO become the face of the company instead. This brings a certain genuine field to your business. It will also let the potential customers know who products are coming from.

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