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Edmonton Business Consultant | Need A Business Boot Camp For Criticism?

Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Need A Boot Camp To Help You?

It’s not Starbucks. You know what, it’s, it’s happened. Desire to be the best. And then the other secret sauce is the haterade I call it the haterade. I love it. I love it. You get that haterade don’t get down into that. Haterade the haterade is okay. You got that. You know, you have this difficult client and they want him to fire you or you know, this person leaves you a bad review or something like that. Well guess what? I’m going to get up at four in the morning to be a Edmonton Business Consultant. I’m going to get six more reviews. I’m gonna make that person look like an idiot because I don’t want to give you a bad review. Um, you know, they, they think that doesn’t work. I’m going to scale my teammates so big and we were going to be booked two months old. Um, and they’re gonna search for a new accountant and they’re going to look online and say I’m the number one ranked accountant in western Canada and they can’t get back in for an appointment.

Yeah, I can see why with these two I can add, cause it’s not [inaudible]. Okay, here we go. Where’s the, who do we got one, one four. Who has one? One, four, one, one. got some good questions. Thanks guys for your getting these [inaudible] in here. So one of the questions was how much do you, you invest in personal development? I was actually pretty good questions. So anyone there asked me that I had to do a little bit of populations in between. One of my things is you get all these, uh, business coaches, some of them drive me nuts, business coaches, um, in going a whole grant, which is, um, but the first thing you want to ask about is I want your business, but how much do you spend on coaching for a Edmonton Business Consultant? That should be your first question. If they truly believe in business coaching, will, do they spend money on business coaching or they just think you should spend money on business coaching? Uh, my business coach is north of $2,000 a month. And a lot of you guys, if you think I’m intense, you would not like him.

So I went out in the night, shadow him. There was one day I was shadowing him and uh, uh, he said, uh, Hey, do you mind starting at six those second, you want to start at six? We’re gonna start at six tomorrow. I was like, yeah, sure, whatever. We’ll start at six, right? Um, and this is, you know, kind of his, his desk and I got there, it kind of quarter to six, they have been working for an hour and a half, sorry, on the podcast. Be sure to use a Edmonton Business Consultant next time you want to work with these guys!

So sometimes I don’t even like podcasts that much and I listen to his podcast everyday cause that’s my reminder yet every single day someone else can do a piece of content today, so why can’t, you know, he does his hour, two hours podcast and, and I got into my 10 minute video and I’m whimpering about my 10 minute videos. So it’s hard. So, um, I do like some quick goals in between, you know, books and trips and seminars and coaching and I would say it’s probably north of [inaudible] $4,000 a month. That’s what I spend on personal development. Be sure to call us now at 780-665-4949 or head over to as soon as you can!

Edmonton Business Consultant | Looking To Revamp Your Business?

What are the criteria we hired? Great. [inaudible] love it. Find someone more successful than you’re selling that they have. I don’t know, like you’re trying to find, if you’re finding a life coach, it’s taken me a one man show. You’re finding a business coach who’s trying to scale, help you scale a business unless they’re retired from the business that they scaled and sold with a Edmonton Business Consultant.

I know, or unless they have a support team that the information is coming from, right. I would rather hire a teammate, uh, in, you know, a business that’s scaling than a one man show. Like I just, I just think it’s, um, yeah, you got to find someone, if you’re trying to get to 20 employees and you’re at five, find someone who’d been there before you work with a Edmonton Business Consultant. Right. That, that maybe is, is, is one of the few options. So, um, yeah, they’re, they’re, they’re different, uh, different tastes.

You get a lot of business coaches, you know, I have, you know, different metrics of what we’re going to do in terms of content and reviews and people, you know, show up to meetings and, and I’m, I’m pretty intense, but, uh, if I showed up without any Google reviews to him, I told you, you meet the course, you mean is just over and we’re just not having a coach or anything like that’s it. Let’s just go do what you said you were going to do. So is that sort of that thing street, uh, that’s not a right for it. Probably something in the middle is a little more right for it people, but probably not something on the other end where you’re hand holding and you’re talking about, you know, seeing Kumbaya all we eat each other all the time and not accomplishing anything. I’m just going to have to be some, some hard conversations in there. Um, how do you become disciplined?

I kinda got, uh, I got a little lucky that I didn’t, uh, I didn’t, uh, I didn’t grow up with rich parents by any stretch of the imagination and grew up in Clairview. Um, so some of the stuff I’ve seen now that I’m a CPA was completely foreign to me. You know, people when they come in and they say, well, yeah, I have two McLaren’s and I just look at my team and it was like a 20 clearance and I’m thinking to myself, did I just act like, well, yeah, let’s do it. Clients need a Edmonton Business Consultant.

Yeah, you can’t buy a woman Claire. And they’re like kittens, they get lonely if you only have one scroll with it. But you know, I got lucky in a certain sense that, um, my, my parents had incredible work ethic and I didn’t know it enough when I, when I was growing up, like they, they moved from, uh, from, uh, from Newfoundland, like five bucks in their pockets here. Now be sure to call us now at 780-665-4949 or please go to for more info!