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Edmonton Business Consultant | Multitasking Myths – Part 1

It gives back to the community and encourages teaching and learning. Sophie is a master of his practicum pullers on permits, any encourages apprentices, soap, managing, all of those people. He’s got to have his calendar Bang on. And Josh didn’t intro himself. I know Sonny and Noah, but he’s actually over of CRL and associates also encourages apprenticeship and learning many, many different employees and people from different lifestyles and backgrounds too because they build Canadian businesses to success. So they also need to master their calendar. So who better to teach us? That needs two masters of their trade, Josh, Edmonton business consultant. Okay.

And that’s, yeah, you’re calling back on one of these now. The best height man in the business. Yeah, the owner of the gym gallery. Inter park by the way. So uh, okay. We have seven, seven, nine who is seven seven nine seven seven seven seven nine last three digits seven is [inaudible] seven seven, seven, nine. There we go.


oh, it’s my favorite. Someone doesn’t make it back on that. I misspoke as you get a ticket for handing in the evaluation and then you have to be back on time because or else we do it right away. If you miss me, just try it out. So a Taco soul, we’re going to talk about the calendar and then I’m gonna take away whoever this is area grounding a second. Edmonton business consultant, we’re gonna talk about the calendar. It’s probably the most significant item that I can project someone’s success or not. Some people like to show me their calendar, um, and how they block out their calendar. Um, it’s how many of you have ever seen, how many of you actually had any sort of business school training in here actually went to business school. Okay. How many of you were ever shown calendars of successful people even in your trade trade or business school? They actually showed you successful people in their calendars. Okay. They just don’t show it. And it’s bizarre because it’s like the most common differentiator for success. If you follow successful people around, they start to demonstrate particular habits and they, like I said, it, it spans across multiple industries. Why is 168 the most important number in business?

Number hours a week. You could be bootstrapping your business cause you’re broke or you have $1 million of startup capital. Everyone gets a 168 hours. It’s the great equalizer. Um, researchers estimate that the average person loses 28% of their day to ineffectiveness of multitasking and takes 23 minutes to reach your peak, uh, level of intellectual performance. Once you’ve been interrupted, successful entrepreneurs have focused solitary time in their calendar, blocked out. We know this. You don’t need any stats on it. I don’t approve that. You know it. Okay. Imagine if you went into the cockpit of the airplane, you’re flying on and you saw the pilot texting. What would you think? God, what if you’re in the operating room and you’re watching? No, you’re watching down at a family member in the operating room and that person was updating their Facebook or Instagram.

How would you feel? But we’re okay with it. In our own businesses, our own businesses are life or death, right? I mean, that’s, that’s how we do it intrinsically. We know it’s true. All we don’t need any evidence. The evidence is just, you know, telling us how our false assumptions, you know, aren’t right, but we already know this and I brought up Gary Keller earlier, you know, and it’s amazing because he’s in the industry that you would think would be the most distracted and he’s like the leading expert on, you know, how they block out solitary work. Our Edmonton business consultant, the quote that we have here is multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up, screw up more than one thing at a time. Tackling tasks in the order we receive them as behaving is if the squeaky wheel immediately deserves the grease. But as Australian prime minister, ballpark duly pointed, duly noted.

The things which are most important, don’t always scream the loudest other quotes, leaving some things undone is a necessary trade off for extraordinary results. If you are what you repeatedly do, that achievement isn’t an action you take, but a habit for you in your life. And this one is my, probably my favorite of the best ones is time on a task over time. Eventually beats talent every time. Not just the way it is. Time on task over time eventually beats talent every time. So doesn’t matter how talented you are, someone’s spending more time over and over. I’d be on interrupted again and again, they’re going to beat you eventually. Um, you know, uh, so I mean that’s what it comes down to. Time blocking is the way we do this. Time blocking is the exercise of how you projected. So time blocking is not the calendar that you have in the past.

Time blocking is the calendar that you’ve set up in the future. Um, you know, people sometimes ask me, how’s your day going? You know, how’s your class me and tax time. Well, what’s it like today? It’s like, it’s the exact same thing as every other Wednesday for the rest of the year. I do the same thing over and over and find a calendar that works and they just stick to it over and over and over again. I don’t deviate just because if they will 20th or something like that. In my experience as an Edmonton business consultant, having a disciplined schedule gives you the freedom to take time off for a business. Knowing there is time carved out for everything that needs to get done at a later date. So people think that the discipline schedule is like, I don’t want to discipline schedule. That’s why I started a business. I wanted to be able to work whenever I want.

But developing that discipline schedule is actually the key to working whenever you want because if you know you can get everything you need to get done on a calendar, now all of a sudden you can start to pair it back. You can start to delegate things, you know exactly how long it’s going to take and you’re not actually, you know, going home and still doing emails and then you went home and now I’m doing emails and now I’m trying to do my payroll. Or now I’m trying to do a update. My website, you don’t actually have it on the calendar. You can go home and you can actually turn off for the day because you know, if it’s important, it has a block on your calendar in the future. So when I look at entrepreneurs and they, a lot of times they’ll try to say, I had a business coach once I say, Hey, Josh went up, look at my calendar and were looking for, um, they were looking for approval on how hard they work in with jam pack.

She would, she would, you know, she was busting it and then I look, but I didn’t do what she wanted me to do. I didn’t look back through it. I looked forward and she didn’t have any blocks, didn’t have any blocks in her calendar and said, why don’t you have any blocks? Like, well, I’m the only one that can make my calendar. I was like, well, you’re not going to grow very big. Uh, if you’re the only one that can make my calendar. Because can you imagine when I would get done in the firm if I answered the phone, Laura Hall Day, Laura’s fulltime job is the answer the phone in the emails. Then they never stop. And it’s a challenge just to do it. I would get nothing else done. I mean, it is a full time job to actually do it. Take this Edmonton business consultant, we’re going to review Kevin’s calendar here. Kevin’s a massive electrician and you’re going to see his calendar and then you’re going to start to get some insight into how it’s, you’re not unique snowflakes, sorry, not unique snowflakes. You were business owners and there are certain habits of success that work over and over again and you’re going to start to see some things that um, you know, look very much the same. So

here you go, Kevin, take it away right on. So one thing you’ll see with my calendar is some of the things that are on here might appear to be specific to my electrical business, the supplier orders, permits. But after that, I think everyone here can enroll late too, whether it’s a job site visitor or business admin and marketing. Uh, it’s something you guys likely are all doing to some degree in your business. And this took me a long time to accept that I needed to do this because I always started my day with a list. Does anybody do that? You make a list maybe the night before. What am I going to do tomorrow? Come into the moral case for white. And it wasn’t bad when it was just me. When I started here with power five years ago, it was just me. I was a one man show and I was living the dream, you know?

So I thought, and then I started getting employees, so I’d have my list in the morning and I’d come into the shop and then my guys would start rolling in eight o’clock I had a very clear cut idea of how many it was going to go away at eight oh five I shuck the shit because everybody came in and Oh my God, this guy was falling and I would do an Edmonton business consultant seminar years ago and the guy who put it on, he identified that I was a problem solver and I’m like, yeah man. And so what would happen is I would get so distracted by everything else that was going on first thing in the morning that my list didn’t get done. The other problem, my phone lists is you’re not committing a time to it. You’re just making a list and you think all of a sudden, because I’ve got this list of 10 things I have all day to finish it, and by five o’clock meeting I got through and done, but there was really nothing that was committing me to do it.

I’m going to switch to the time blocking on the calendar. All of a sudden I was able to start populating with my tasks that I needed to do and there’s time allotted for it. This is all of a sudden it’s like, well, I’ve, this is dictating my day. I’ve, I’ve made a commitment here and it will literally changed how I was wearing my day to day operations and it’s not perfect. I’ve been, I wouldn’t be lying if I said this is how my week goes every week because in my industry there’s always things changing. But it is, it was so easy for me to just be, oh, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, and, and all of a sudden the tasks that I needed to do that were so important to keep my business flowing and keep the revenue coming, we’re being neglected because I was being so distracted by these little tasks that say we need a fire to put in.

How many guys are firefighters? But I, and I don’t mean out there actually putting, burning down, you know, what was he down? Burning out as those burning down houses. But you feel like you’re fighting fires every day in your business. Yeah. And it’s, it kills you. It drains you. I was so exhausting. Five years as an Edmonton business consultant I had never taken a vacation. This year was the first time I took any kind of vacation with my family. And because of the calendar, it really helped. It gave some structure to my day. And the other great thing I love about the calendar is when somebody, if someone comes bursting into the office, oh, Cathflo, we’re going to do this. And I’m like, well, you know what? Let me check my calendar and see when we can schedule that in. Same thing when customers call, let me check my calendar because all of a sudden the calendar’s dictating it over. Then you’re not just trying to do it right off the top of your head, because I’d end up double booking jobs or missing out on these imperative tasks that needed to be done because there was only tracking. It’s all in my head. And let me tell you, it’s a tornado tornado in there half the time anyways, so yeah, calendar really changed my life.